Date: 26th February 2021 at 6:00pm
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With Tottenham Hotspur firing themselves past Pellets in our midweek Europa encounter, Spurs now know we will face Dinamo Zagreb in the Round of 16 but before we can get carried away with that, we will be looking to get our Premier League form back on track when we welcome Sean Dyche’s Burnley battlers to White Hart Lane this coming Sunday.

With five defeats in our last six games, plenty of confidence can be taken from Wednesday’s clash and plenty of Spurs fans will be hoping manager Jose Mourinho takes the shackles off and we get a decent run out from Dele Alli and Gareth Bale to further boost Harry Kane and Son Heung-Min’s goal hopes.

We could even potentially welcome back the enigma that is Serge Aurier after his spell on the injury sidelines – but Giovani Lo Celso will remain out of contention for at least another couple of weeks as he comes back to fitness.

Burnley won’t be a walkover, no teams at this level are really, but again, there’s no real reason we shouldn’t be confident going into the game, we just need to ensure we turn up.







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125 Replies to “Match Thread – Spurs Looking To Bust Burnley Open & Get Back On Track”

  • Spurs players and jose must continue to improve their game and v Burnley, we cannot accept anything less than 3 points tomorrow. Hopefully Jose will deploy a 4231 or 433 or a flexible shape of both depending on defending or attacking. Another Bale stunning game with sonny dele HK10 as fwd players, son and bale wide players dele n the hole kane striker… will be exciting…

    Quite likely Burnley will park the bus most of the game and will target our rightside of defence (Aurier) for freekicks around edge of the box, and our poor defending of set pieces. The DMF / back line cannot give away goals by silly mistakes from now on, we must be prepared for the business end of the season. COYS

  • Thank you Danny for another fine thread.

    Game time tomorrow, we are playing the master’s of parking, patience will be needed, keep moving the ball and don’t as b108s said give away free kicks in our defensive area’s which allow them to send in crosses.

    Deli-Boy is that some kind of Yiddish Food, lol! COYS

  • Hi Folks trust you and yours are all staying safe and well.
    Thanks Danny for another thread, I honestly don’t know how you keep it going cheers m8.
    Re tomorrow, I think, hope, that after the W/Ham game where they were defensive for long periods of the 2nd half, we could break down this sides defence, we have (for a change) a nearly fully rested first 11 to take to the field. As usual aiming for the stars. COYS.

  • It’s certainly a sign of the times at Spurs. When supporters are showing concern about how we might concede goals to a team that has the second worst PL goalscoring record this season. Only having scored 18 goals in 25 matches.

    Contrast that to the team we thrashed not so long ago. Man United have scored a whopping 53 goals in 25 PL games!

    I doubt that it’s our defending that we need to worry ourselves too much about. Our defence is still one of the best in the PL right now. At least it hasn’t been as bad as we perceive it to be, in the grand scheme of things.

    But hey, if we concede 2 but score 5, I’ll b e happy enough.

    But i’m going for 2-2 to Spurs. 😉

    No doubt I will change that prediction to something a tad more realistic before we kick-off on Sunday.

    Something like… Spurs 6-0 Burnley!

    Perhaps… A Parrot hat-trick, all assisted by John. And maybe a Bale hat-trick, all assisted by Del-Boy!

    He who dares Jose. He who dares!

    Bonjour and bon appetite!

  • Is Scarlett destined to be our future captain? :- )

    HT, you know how it works with Spurs, if we are facing a side that hasn’t won for ages they are bound to end their losing streak, likewise, if they only score an average of 0.5 goals a game they will no doubt score a hatfull against us! 🙂

    Seriously though, Burnley play in a way that can exploit our weakness at defending high crosses into the box, I think it is to our advantage that Barnes won’t be available.

  • Has Jose got it in him to set us up to win the game rather than worry about what Burnley may do to us. If we take the game to Burnley this should be a comfortable win for us but no doubt it will be safety first trying to grind out a result football.
    Watching West Ham at the moment, defending really well and throwing players forward in numbers when they have a chance. Very refreshing to see.I never thought I’d say that David Moyes is a more progressive manager than Jose but this is where we are now. Has Jose been fired yet. COYS

  • I know TQ. Sods law says they’ll at least score a couple…

    Maybe Jose should park the bus. That should confuse the hell out of Dyche and his team.

    What happens when the whistle blows and both teams just choose to sit deep and park those buses? Do we see Harry and Rodriguez stood either side the halfway line just playing long balls over each other and duelling for the long ball passes returned straight back to them? Or do they just pass it back n forth to each other to at least have something themselves to do on the day, whilst giving their defenders the day off?

    Lets all just stay at home and call it 0-0!

  • Just saw a headline in a newpaper in Boston, Massachusetts. that just about knocked me over. “Son arrested for murder.” Oh, my God, not Son. Impossible. How are we going to replace him in his partnership with our Harry Kane? Life will not be the same. And what was Son doing in Massachusetts? JM won’t be happy at this.

    Then I kept reading. Son killed his parents with a knife. Not our Son, not Son Heung-Min, but someone else’s Son. Too bad for them, it seems. And, can you believe it–this Son’s name was True. It’s true. His name was True. A Son named True was arrested for murdering his parents with a knife. Can’t make this stuff up. It’s not like some Spurs supporter pulling our leg and claiming to be an enthusiast for Trump. Now that’s clearly a made up story. No one here would say something like that except in jest. But the story about the True Son killing his mum and dad, that’s not made up.

    So, tomorrow our Son will be in the starting 11, and some other Son, True enough, will be sitting in a cell somewhere for murdering his mum and dad with a knife. And it wasn’t on 5th Avenue in NYC, like the Trump man said about killing someone and paying to priced for it. And some Spurs supporter, somewhere, is pulling our leg by claiming to be a Trump enthusiast. What a strange sense of humor some people have.

    By the way, any new eruptions from Vesuvius Yid?

    As to tomorrow’s match: a goal to Son, another to Harry K and a match to THFC. Hope to see the Dele man and the Baleful on the pitch too.

  • Funny the memories that can get stirred up. Some politically oriented comment yesterday made me think of Big Cockeral (sic)and Fannie Adams. I think that Big C and Fannie A were the same person. Can’t remember whether it was Big C or Fannie Adams–I think he hadn’t changed from Big C to Fannie yet, who was unhappy when a couple of our lads on THFC showed some support for the N17 community after the famous riots of 2011, especially when Benoît Assou-Ekotto, our LFB, met with locals following riots and got a hair cut at a local barbers. I loved Bennie’s hair, by the way. I think the other player who went into the community was Crouchie, but I’m less sure about that. anyway, memories come back at times in the strangest way.

    I’d prefer Bennie to Davies, by the way. At least Bennie was a real LFB and understood the position. And Dawes–a real Spur–in the back four. Jesus, time flies.

  • Hey TK, you’ve evoked a few memories in me too there, including BAE running around London in his little Smart car. I also recall Big C/FA who could be pretty controversial, didn’t he have another user name before that but changed it to Big Cock(eral) and the FA deliberately to make a point?

  • Just with you guys going back in history. I was thinking on comments about giving players a chance in our team Dele, Bale. It just brought me back to two decent players (I thought) we signed around the time of BAE, I thought that at the time Wayne Routledge and Steven Pinar were never given a fair chance to show what they could do for us, they both seemed to be in and out of our team in less than a season. Have any of you guys got any other players from our history where you think the same.

  • lol

    I don’t remember a name before those two names, but maybe I missed something when it was happening.

    Big C was a person who loved controversy, and his controversies tended to run in the same direction. Shoot the rioters. Take those who don’t think the way he thought and lock them up and throw away the keys and don’t feed them while they’re there. I thought he’d be the perfect supporter for Real Madrid in the days of Francisco Franco. People don’t remember how associated clubs have been at times with politics of one side or another. There’s a reason THFC became known as the Yids.

    We’ve had some varied sorts on VS over the years, and it seems we still do.

    BAE’s smart car. YES! There was something about Benny as a human being that I really liked, but he didn’t appeal to Fanny Big C Adams. Skin wasn’t right, or something, hair. Too African. B. Assou-Ekotto seemed an honest man when he spoke about his job as a football player and as a man in a community.

  • Piennar was great when he played on the South African team when the WC was in South Africa. Didn’t seem to click at Spurs. Got a bad groin injury if I remember. Never really came back from it. Harry Redknapp was another difficult and quirky manager.

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