Date: 18th November 2020 at 6:00pm
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With another dull and pointless international break coming to an end for Tottenham Hotspur fans, the Premier League in particular now have to work out how to bubble the players again given the positive Covid tests we’ve seen from players coming out of their bubbles to line the pockets of the domestic authorities and of course, UEFA.

With the proper game back, if we can call it that, Spurs are set to host Pep Guardiola’s struggling Manchester City side this Saturday and everyone will be hoping for another White Hart Lane based three points to keep our positive start to the 2020/21 campaign going.

If results go our way in this weekends round of fixtures, we could even top the table!

Having paid little to no attention to football for the last couple of weeks, I’ve no idea where we are on injuries but that will become clear on Thursday or Friday when Jose Mourinho addresses the press but according to PhysioRoom we have five doubts with Erik Lamela, Tanguy Ndombele, Steven Bergwijn and Japhet Tanganga all set for late fitness tests for a possible Saturday return – but Matt Doherty is out as he’s self isolating.

We shall see who is fit and ready for battle.

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Tottenham Hotspur's foundations lie in another sport, which one?

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175 Replies to “Match Thread – Spurs Looking For A Peppy Performance Against City”

  • Sorry to be such a Nanny here… But I am concerned about your good health and wellbeing.

    So, please keep us informed as to your well being…. Let be know if and when you are feeling better, please.

    You gotta love football. And, you gotta love a fellow Spur! 😉

  • HT….there is no reply option on your post at 5.34pm…..just to say my posts were meant to be a bit of light hearted banter, hence the smileys on them, sorry if you thought I was questioning your medical knowledge.

  • Thanks for all the concerned advice. I do like HT’s medical opinion but would prefer Bacadi to Whiskey. I assume that would be just as effective. Mind you, by the end of the bottle I won’t care if its effective or not. It has worked before.

  • That takes me back Geof, Bacardi and Coke was my tipple of choice in the days when I frequented nightclubs with my dates! :- )

  • Hi Geof
    Maybe it’s because I’m fekin Irish. But are there two of you sick or what?:-)
    Fek me I dunno who’s sick.
    I’m going for a whiskey and a roll up and I don’t even smoke. 😉

  • ND …. lol Obviously my birth name replaced my user name, and I don’t know why it happened or how to change it back on the drop down list. My name is now the default and I have to deliberately type in my user name …. which means remembering to change it before submitting every time. …. which means retraining my actions for submitting. That isn’t going to always happen because it involves memory. If all of this is clear to you I’d be grateful if you could explain it to me!
    BTW, I do (did) have Irish GP’s …. could that be the problem.

  • Sorry TQ but I probably wasn’t in the mood for banter. I was quite worried for Geof. What with the way things are this year…

    I did make an attempt to be lighthearted though, with my last line about the whisky and roll-up!

    Even if that is actually true… 🙂

  • No worries HT.

    I never could get into whiskey despite my Scottish heritage, if I’m honest I have never really been into spirits. I was very much a beer drinker in my formative years and then became a wine lover as I have matured into later life. I do have to admit to being hooked on nicotine sticks for many years but managed to kick the habit 20 some years ago.

  • Irish is with the E, Scottish without. There is also Welsh Whisky, without the E!

    I spell it both ways because I drink it both ways! 😉 Always straight, no ice!

    Not forgetting a Kentucky Bourbon!

  • Morning all you piss heads lol!

    Aargh! Whiskey cant stand the stuff even with my 50% paddy heritage, Bacardi! well baby’s rum, so for me its Pusser’s Gunpowder proof or Woods, both Navy Dark rums, no mixers, straight as you like, my advice Geof esp for flu, the two rums are very medicinal, always works for me esp before beddy byes, couple of tots and you will sweat like the proverbial pig, thus flu gone in the morning.

    Other than that Geof, as HT said keep us informed of how your doing. COYS

  • TQ, the Japanese are big exporters of the Devils brew. The Scottish varieties… But they do make the stuff as well. I’ve not tried any myself. It tends to be very expensive… But I do also like a nice warm Sake…
    Or a cold one… Or Hot!

  • Yes
    I hope both of you Geofs are getting better stays safe.
    I’m not a whiskey man either.
    I am a wine drinker just like TQ.
    Unfortunately these days it seems to be every nite.
    I hope just like a fine wine, our Spurs team are maturing well and will be very good on the palate.
    With a full bodied meaty defence but with a sparkling zesty midfield and forwards.

  • Sounds like a good vintage Niall. 🙂

    I have to thank Poch for giving me the inspiration to try Argentinian wines which has given me a taste for a nice Malbec.

  • Hi Niall… Or they might just play like they’re all pissed!

    Whiskey for me is an occasional treat….. But yes, also medicinal for me… Especially in the winter months.

    But I like a good wine too with a meal… Lager, Cider or maybe a Guinness with my football… But not when I play!

    Then there’s a spicy rum to warm the cockles. Or a cheeky vodka if I’m in the mood. Or a glass of the old Mother’s ruin can go down well..

    But, I don’t actually drink that much at all these days…. It’s true!

    • HT….you mentioned Spice Rum, well Mrs PY loves the stuff esp “Dead Mans Fingers”, some name eh.

      Red Wine, well that’s every night for me since my Heart attack back in 2005, 15 years ago eh!, orders you see from the Boss, so cannot refuse, no what I mean. COYS

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