Date: 18th November 2020 at 6:00pm
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With another dull and pointless international break coming to an end for Tottenham Hotspur fans, the Premier League in particular now have to work out how to bubble the players again given the positive Covid tests we’ve seen from players coming out of their bubbles to line the pockets of the domestic authorities and of course, UEFA.

With the proper game back, if we can call it that, Spurs are set to host Pep Guardiola’s struggling Manchester City side this Saturday and everyone will be hoping for another White Hart Lane based three points to keep our positive start to the 2020/21 campaign going.

If results go our way in this weekends round of fixtures, we could even top the table!

Having paid little to no attention to football for the last couple of weeks, I’ve no idea where we are on injuries but that will become clear on Thursday or Friday when Jose Mourinho addresses the press but according to PhysioRoom we have five doubts with Erik Lamela, Tanguy Ndombele, Steven Bergwijn and Japhet Tanganga all set for late fitness tests for a possible Saturday return – but Matt Doherty is out as he’s self isolating.

We shall see who is fit and ready for battle.

Man City...







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175 Replies to “Match Thread – Spurs Looking For A Peppy Performance Against City”

  • No excuses now, City won’t park the bus. Also about stevie B, we all knew he would get less game time with bale, but he seems to have just faded away

  • 123
    I believe with Stevie B that there is a possible re occurrence of a hamstring injury.
    Not sure on this one.
    I only hope the result goes the way.
    We Havnt done too bad against Man C lately and I think we are better than when we last beat them.
    They are a dangerous side tho’when they click.
    I know you probably want a free flowing game 3-2or 4-3
    For me whilst I’d love that I’ll take a dodgy 1 niler for us.
    But I do think it will be a decent game.
    With Stirling making a miraculous recovery to be able to play.

  • I think it might come down to which team has been most affected by the internationals that have been played this week. Several of our lads have been involved in at least two of the games, with Dier in all three and Harry having to turn out for the Iceland game even though nothing hinged on it. Haven’t tracked down the extent to which City have been affected though Sterling managed to dodge the bullet.

    Throwing friendliesinto the mix at this time is quite ridiculous.


    Lloris, Dier, Toby

  • Thank god … after all the tough matches we’ve had, we now have a string of easier games. You know …. games where two teams want all the points! That’s our kind of game, don’t you think.

    • GH, your 2nd line…games where two teams want all the points, simply put and how important it is.

      The game on Saturday I believe is the start of the judgement of how far we have come and are going under our own Marmite coach JM, though in contradiction to myself there, we are winning Ugly! as some of us put it, like never before, so the initial judgement has really started. COYS

  • As people have already said this time the opposition won’t come looking to defend and happy with a point. I’ve said before I think that can actually help us although obviously it depends on how well we can defend ourselves. The internationals haven’t done us any favours and I don’t think Southgate did his relationship with the clubs any good with his team selection for games that didn’t matter. He may come to regret that. But we won’t know how much of an impact its had until we see how our players perform.

  • City may not be riding high in the PL just now, but I wouldn’t say they are struggling. If they beat Spurs they’ll be just 2 points behind us and with a game in hand. That’s how close they are to the top or Spurs to their 10th place position.

    They play Burnley after us and then we face Chelsea. In just over a week from today, City could quite easily be above Spurs.

    This could be very hard work for us to get some points on Saturday. Are we up to it fellow Spurs people? Are we good enough?

    • HT…are we up for it! I bloody am as you probably are, no that’s wrong, you definately are! COYS

      • I meant are the players up to it, PY…

        I know you’re definitely up for it. And me? I’m always up for watching 22 geezers running around and kicking a ball about for 90 minutes + of my time. Anytime! πŸ™‚

        Come On You Spurs!

        • HT….if the players ain’t up for it, then they need to change their bloody jobs lol! If JM as anything to do with they will be up for it. COYS

  • It’s early days at moment to say how players have been affected by the internationals. But i do hope bale and HK10 Dier Winks have not been infected with Covid from Doherty.

    Man City… as long as our MF / Defence can get De Brune, sterling etc. under control (hoj. & Reggie) we can use HK10 / Sonny Bale as fast counter attacks. A worry is Aurier at RB, in that he does not give away freekicks around the penalty area So a spurs 2-1 score is estimated. COYS

  • Jod, the next matches England play will be some warm up games just before the Euros, in 6/7 months from now. Southgate will argue that all the games England have played this year and season, definitely matter to him and his preparations for the major tournament ahead.

    I watched the England match last night and every player on the pitch played like it meant something to them, including Harry. And surely he doesn’t need to worry about bing in the Euros squad, even if many of the others are not so certain.

  • All I can say for the MC game is…bring it on, I am excited and a tad nervous to see how far we have come as a team in play and attitude.

    It has been mentioned regards my thoughts and attitude towards our vey own Marmite JM, I must admit I was “fence sitting” though giving him a chance, but must now admit my one leg is on the grassy side of the fence in favour of him. COYS

  • To me De Bruyne has looked a bit out of sorts in the internationals, let’s hope it continues for another few days! πŸ™‚

  • I’ve only just realised my name changed for some reason. Not sure how that happened or what to do about the default name!? At the moment I just want to shake off a nasty bout of flu. Funny how you tell people you have flu and they run screaming for the hills. A win on Saturday will make a statement of serious intent …. a draw or loss, not so much

    • As a virus, Flu is of course caught in the same ways as Covid-19, Geof… You didn’t just develop it. So, be careful and stay safe.

      Flu can be deadly too. But, Flu jabs are readily available. C-19 jabs are not available at all, as yet…

      That was a Government Health Warning on Behalf the Vital Spurs Party.

      So, keep clean you dirty bastards, stay clear and don’t breath on me! Got it?!

  • Sorry to hear you’ve been suffering with the flu Geof, it’s not nice. I had it in December last year, only the third time I’ve had it in 69 years (proper flu I mean….not man flu) so I suppose I’ve done ok but have noticed this last time it took a while longer to get over it fully, I guess this happens as you get older!

  • Yes Geof
    Stay safe and well chum. The flu is difficult to get over and weakens the old immune system for a while after so be careful.
    As many have said I hope City have been as adversely affected(or not) by the internationals as us, so at least give a level playing field.
    Sometimes these games can be a bit of a bonus a fairly easy 45 /60 minutes or so against Iceland might just be a nice wee warm up. We also have the likes of Regs/Siss/Hugo all coming back from substantial Euro wins so morale could be quite high.
    We have a position to try to hold at present and currently City are in the chasing pack, but, if we can get this one game over us this I think will mentally set us apart from the likes of City and Man U and lay down a statement of intent for this season.
    I know it’s early doors and it’s only a few points between 10th and 2nd.
    But a win on Saturday would, I think, be a spring board and a bit of a statement.
    But City are no roll over and are a dangerous team.
    But as usual folks aiming for the stars

  • Thanks for the good wishes lads. I’m on a second lot of antibiotics so something has to give …. that something will probably be City at the weekend!

  • Geof, Sorry to put my medical hat on again; but antibiotics don’t work on flu viruses.

    • Dear Dr. Tottingham… should conduct a full consultation with your patient before making a diagnosis, it’s possible Mr. Geofspurs has contracted a respiratory infection as a result of the congestion caused by the flu virus, hence the need for antibiotics. πŸ™‚

      • I said that antibiotics don’t work on flu viruses. They don’t. They don’t work on any kind of viral infection. Only on bacterial infections. And then not all. If there is a bacterial infection in the respiratory system that is something other than flu. Antibiotics wouldn’t combat any of the flu symptoms.

        • I was aware of that HT…..that’s why I suggested they had been prescribed for a different purpose. πŸ™‚

          • Should’ve kept my mouth shut then…

            I was just trying to be helpful. Stating a fact about antibiotics was not making a diagnosis…….

            I work in a job where people get these sort of things wrong on a regular basis. Including qualified medical types, believe it or not.

            Personally, I just treat everything with a bottle of whisky and a roll-up! πŸ˜‰

    • HT …. The antibiotics are to break up the congestion on my chest, an infection resulting from the flu. It seems to be working. It’s going into the third week and can be rather tiring but I think I’m starting to mend now.

      I was just about to ‘submit’ this and then saw TQ’s comment which is correct for my situation.

      • In that case it won’t now be the flu now that is making you unwell. It doesn’t last that long…

        Get well soon my friend. That is an order!

        Also you can ignore my request on the next page as you have just answered me here…. πŸ™‚

  • Geof, here’s more medical advise lol! but antibiotics can cause tummy/gut swelling thus getting full of s**t, get well soon mate. COYS

  • TQ2Spurs – De Bruyne “out of sorts”? Just a goal and an assist against Denmark…

    I hope he is far more out of sorts against us!

    • That’s what I meant BS….only one goal and an assist, poor showing by his standards! lol

      TBH….I didn’t see the game as I was watching England v Iceland but did feel he was below his usual standard in the previous game but in his world that’s probably a very decent performance in comparison to most players. :- )

  • The City game will be a welcome test. I am expecting a very difficult game against a good team, but I back Jose to prepare the team well.

    If we can play mistake-free football (never a given, especially if Aurier starts πŸ˜‰ ), we can cause City trouble. No own goals, mistakes or “s**t penalties with VAR” (as Jose would call them) please!

  • De Bruyne has been on low form for City so far this season. (By his usual standards). As has Sterling. I think they have missed Aguero a lot as well. And although Aguero is back in training, I think. He will not be fit to play Spurs. But unlike Spurs, City are not a one-man (Kane) team. Said Pep. Probably! πŸ™‚

    On the other hand, Foden looked pretty sharp for England last night… So they’re not even just a 3-man team either…..

    Ah, but Spurs are the better team, all round… Aren’t they? Please tell me they are…

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