Date: 2nd March 2021 at 6:32pm
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Tottenham Hotspur will be out to prove we are back in the groove following on from the fabulous 4-0 victory over Burnley at the weekend, and we hope our next victims will be Fulham on Thursday evening.

With plenty of questions being asked about our style of play under manager Jose Mourinho, Burnley was more of a classic attacking show from us and even Gareth Bale properly clicked since his return to White Hart Lane – so everyone will be hoping for a repeat when we travel to Craven Cottage.

Unless I’ve missed something, it’ll be the same group again and players should have taken a nice boost of confidence and be relishing the opportunity to put in another performance again, but as ever, it’s down to us to perform and not let a dogged Fulham into it, as their form of late has been far better.

Another three points in this one and the battle for the European places is far from over.








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German striker Jurgen Klinsmann spent two years at White Hart Lane in separate spells, but how many league goals did he contribute?

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66 Replies to “Match Thread – Spurs Look To Rinse & Repeat The Burnley Performance Against Fulham”

  • First post… geof.. 🙂

    Yes a spurs repeat of Burnley game is a must, but we have a smaller pitch at Fulham to play on so speed of thought / passing with 95% accuracy and 98% ball control receiving passes vital. Jose will surely keep a wining team together, in this game. COYS

  • Hi Geof…..thought the women did well to come back from 2 down to level before being beaten by a goal from a class player, shame we couldn’t have got her on loan, just the sort of quality we need to add to our squad.

    Football can be cruel at times, Wolves gave as good as they got from City tonight and were deservedly level at 1-1 at 80 minutes before City ran away with it scoring 3 goals in 10 minutes plus stoppage time.

  • Hi, TQ …. Yes, they did do well. It shows a bit of character to pull two goals back. As I think I said before …. this season is probably all about getting everything right and gaining experience to push on next season.

  • Danny thanks again for the thread.

    Well, we are playing a good team at the Cottage tomorrow, for them a smaller pitch, another cup final type game, fighting relegation, etc all favouring them! the difference I believe is, we will be just “one step beyond” being a way better team than them, thus having just to much for them.

    The game has come at a wrong time for them, we are beginning our “Changes” for the run in, of course it will be a battle of a game, which we will win. COYS

  • Won’t a smaller pitch be more beneficial for our defence ? Quality will out and if Mourinho can play the forwards he played on Sunday I think that we will win well . However back to the defence ??

  • Danny thanks again for the thread.
    Yep I also second or “third” PY’s comments. (hope you and Mrs PY are keeping well)
    Re defence I just think we’re better with Tobs there at the back, both he and Dave looked fairly decent on Sunday, give it another go. COYS.

    • Hey Niall, thanks for asking, Mrs PY and me are doing pretty good really, considering! and I ditto yourself and your kinfolk, all good I hope.

      Must admit the centre of defence does look better with the old experienced hand Toby and the still learning Sanchez, then add Reggie on the left with I think Tanganga on the right. COYS

  • Speaking of more attacking, a bit off topic, just watched Spurs V Wham 1970/71
    They had their virtually classic team out, Moore, Bonds, Lampard (snr), Best, Hurst, Brooking even Greevesie,
    We Had Jennings, England, Mullery, Cyril, Gillie, Perryman, Chivs, Peters.
    Even then we were by far the better team than what they would see as one of their best ever. We had many more attempts, shots on goal hit the woodwork. They stole two goals, we scored two.
    But a different game a slower pace but fek me the tackles, there’d be red cards all over the place.
    W/Ham were lucky gits even then.

  • I remember when Bobby Moore and his family used to picnic at Valentines Park near Gants Hill on the way from the East End going towards Essex. He’d kick a football about at times with neighborhood lads and give them some coaching. He was one player that I wished had played at Spurs and I loved his football even though he was a spammer. Saw him play at Anne Boleyn one time. I guess that area around Gants Hill is mostly halal butchers and Pakistani restaurants these days.

  • Palace have shown they are no pushover and difficult to beat tonight, even without Zaha who is likely to be back to face us at the weekend.

  • TK get your comment, We used to watch Bestie (George) train at our local park always had time for us kids, (different era). Just re the 71 game I was about 8 and just started supporting Spurs and seeing that game I know remember why. Re the Palace game I’ll worry about that after Thursday. 🙂

  • George Best. One hell of a talented footballer. and LOL: All the money I made was spent on booze and birds and driving too fast. The rest I wasted. Something like that. Magic feet. Too bad Northern Island didn’t provide an international stage for him. Like our Gareth and Wales, I suppose. Not the booze and birds part, though. lol. Can you imagine those two on the pitch together at their best? We did get Danny Blanchflower on Spurs, and truth be told he’s the one I’d always want. But Georgie Best. Wow. The man had magic. Glad to hear that he had a heart for the lads in the park. that counts big with me.

  • I submitted an article a while back about a friend of a mates dad who gave us a few coaching lessons in our local park back in the day, turned out he was Ron Henry whose family owned a local flower nursery business.

  • Yes TK
    I met him 3 Times, as a child at Castlereagh Park International training, in Kalami Greece, and about a yer before he died in a local town buying cards each time a gentle man, he always want an all Ireland team, much like the Rugby, could you imagine Bestie, Johnny Giles, Liam Brady, Stevie Highway, Don Givens, Sammy McIlroy, Big Pat, Chris Nicholls all on the same team I’m sure there are more like Stapleton, Tommy Jackson, Brian Hamilton. Could’ve made a decent enough team at the time..I’m sure there are others to add.
    It’s a bit sad actually that the premiership teams don’t draw from the other home nations as much now. However back to tonite I see a decent result. I don’t often do predictions but will break my own rule here 4-0 to Spurs Sonny, HK, Bale, N’Dombers all to score, COYS.

  • Niall, the other day you mentioned Keith Burkinshaw’s first season as Spurs manager, that saw Spurs relegated into the 2nd division. That was of course, the 1976-77 season. We finished bottom of the 1st division. Liverpool were champs and Man City ended it in 2nd place by just the 1 point. (I did look it up to check. My memory is not that sharp).

    But the reason I mention it, is because in that same season, tonights opponents Fulham (in the 2nd division themselves that season), Had those two very players that both you and TK have reminisced about, playing for them. That’s Bobby Moore and George Best. And along with Rodney Marsh, The Cottagers had 3 of the most stylish, iconic and ‘cool’ players of the late 60’s and 70’s, all starring in their team at the same time, AND, in the 2nd division!

    And it was ex-Spurs legend Alan Mullery, that had convinced his England team mate Moore to join Fulham. (Mullery had returned to his 1st club Fulham after leaving Spurs in ’72). And Bests good mate Marsh, that had convinced Best to go there.

    And although all 3 players (Best, Marsh and Moore) were way past their prime and at the end of their careers at the top of the game, at that time. That small club by the River Thames, with the tiny pitch, saw its crowd attendances double, and maybe even triple for some of its matches. Albeit, for one glamorous n groovy season only.

    Fast forward to today. And what a shame that tonight there’ll be zero supporters at Craven Cottage, to watch the likes of Bale and Kane creating their own contemporary form of footballing magic. Or to be cheering or jeering the likes of Jose and Scott Parker… walking and stalking the touchline.

  • I see we are recalling memories, very good, but there is one for me that I keep reminding a Spam fan oppo of mine of.
    I get the usual from him as in…We won the World Cup blah blah obviously because of them having 3 players in the team that day, you all know who they are….
    My reply is always this, we Spurs already had one of your players and if it hadn’t been for your, Spam, manager of the time, blocked the transfer, we would have got Bobby Moore also, because he wanted to sign for Spurs, it was known after as being his biggest regrets, not signing for us. COYS

  • Sorry guys took us right off Topic there, hey but you can’t put a price on memories. HT I remember that Fulham team well they always played with a smile on their faces and certainly entertained the fans.
    But still I want us to beat em tonight even with “Scott y” as manager.

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