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Match Thread – Spurs Look To Get Back On Track As We Welcome Villa To Our Home

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Well, it’s that time of the week again where Tottenham Hotspur fans turn their attentions back to our stuttering Premier League campaign.

With a flying start under new head coach Nuno Espirito Santo, performances were still a worry and we are now on a run of three straight (heavy) losses. Welcoming improved Aston Villa to White Hart Lane for Sunday’s afternoon action is not going to be an easy task with the Midlands side having secured back to back victories over Everton and Manchester United.

However, with a much improved showing in the midweek Europa Conference League clash with NS Mura, we should come into the tie with renewed confidence – particularly so for Harry Kane following his hattrick on Thursday evening.

In advance of proper team news, we should be largely as we were, as it’s not expected that Steven Bergwijn will return for this one, but Ben Davies is also likely out having missed the midweek game with suspected appendicitis.

We have the quality for all three points here, we just have to hope we turn up.

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  • Geofspurs says:

    Spurs 3 – 0 Villa!

  • 123spurs says:

    Hero’s or Villians

  • Niall D says:

    I saw Gareth Southgate, was looking to talk to HK re his recent club performances, I wonder has the risk of losing his England place suddenly sparked Kane into life for Spurs…
    Only saying.

  • Hot Tottingham says:

    Who knows Niall. Maybe we should ask a pundit!

  • Geofspurs says:

    Ouch! and lol

  • Love totty says:

    It seems that Nuno has the same problem that Jose couldn’t solve. That is to find a midfield that can both protect the defence and provide a service to our excellent strike force. Full backs are key and unfortunately all of ours are only average in both defending and supporting the midfield. I’m hoping that Emerson will improve once he settles but Reguilon has not convinced me that he can cut it consistently.

  • Niall D says:

    Not a bad post there m8, not far off the mark, tho’I will say Dave and Dier are turning it round a bit.
    HT much as I searched I couldn’t find a pundit to agree with my statement, I must be wrong, until they do…. 🤔😉
    Either way looking for a win tomorrow, I do think we can do it.

  • Cappa says:

    If we just get 4 defender’s that can defend the rest will sort itself out. Every time opponents get a corner or free kick we look like conceeding. We will always score if we just get a solid base to start with.

  • TQ2Spurs says:

    I see this as a possible crunch game for us, win it and we could be back in the mix for a european place, lose it and we will plummet further towards the bottom quarter of the table. It’s going to be another tough game, getting a win at OT last week (keeping a clean sheet in the process) was no mean feat for Villa and shows that nothing less than 100% commitment from the players will be needed.

  • PompeyYid says:

    Tough game tomorrow, most definately, so for me a win is needed by any means possible, I do not care if its a close, dirty pants 1-0 or an awesome 5-0, just bloody win.

    Best start is do not concede, simple as that.

    All the problems off n on the pitch can and are slowly being sorted I think!

    My views on the pundits is shouting Bollox to the tv lol! COYS

  • 123spurs says:

    Just a thought, if we have higher line, so everyone is pushed up further up the field, also means kane would be nearer to their goal, I’d rather him closer to their goal then the half way line.

  • TK says:

    Things have been so bad recently that I’m not concerned with whether we win or lose, so long as we don’t produce a great embarrassment.

    Play well. With effort, Concentrate on what you’re doing. Don’t mope. Don’t play like you’re afraid. Look like you’ve done this before and you know what you’re doing. Earn your paycheck.

    Is that too much to ask?

    Actually, I’d like to ask for more: Get your act together so that we can anticipate playing anyone with an expectation that we can win against anyone. Right now I’m not sure we can expect a real effort against anyone.

    Play with pride.

    Geez, has it come to this?

  • allan says:

    Well another Prem match which again fills us all with optimism .
    However , reality has to play a part and looking at the embarrassing football stats of our team and the way well organised teams play through us I fear the worst .
    However if Kane can work and get the opportunities who knows .
    Also so many questions ref the line up and the attitude of some players .
    I would never bet against my team but can’t see when or where our next Prem win will be !!

  • 123spurs says:

    Let’s see if rhe pundits jump in that lukaka hasn’t scored in 4 games now.

    Agree TK this game will tell us where the squad is

  • wentworth says:

    We seem to be dropping dangerously down the table. A win tomorrow is critical. A defeat could see us drop below Leicester or C. Palace. We were top a while ago.

  • TK says:

    Dropping down the table ins’t so dangerous. Dropping under the table as my father did after lots of alcohol on a Christmas eve–now that’s dangerous. He got gravy dripped all over him.

    As to Harry Kane’s goal drought in the PL. I’m not so worried about that. These things happen. What bothers me has been the way his play has looked. Maybe the tricky-hat performance vs. the Slovenians on Thursday means he’s coming out of his deep funk.

    If this is your last year with us, Harry, play like you love us and will hate to leave. At the money you guys make, at least fake the love.

    Show effort and care while you run about in short pants, mate. That’s all I ask.

  • Niall D says:

    Good point TK
    If it is his last season, and if he does leave I wish him well, but I do hope that Thursday is HK’s springboard.
    Don’t be quoting Plato or Homer, they know fek all about football. 😉⚽

  • TK says:

    But Socrates did. Great football player. Great midfielder. Won two World Cups. Played for the Timão do Povão for 7 years. Was courageous during the military dictatorship.

  • TK says:

    I think he played in Italy for a while. Fiorentino?

    No Plato. No Homer. But, yes, Socrates was a really good football player and one hell of a man.

    Sócrates Brasileiro Sampaio de Souza Vieira de Oliveira

  • Geofspurs says:

    ND ,,,, Don’t encourage him! lol

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