Date: 31st October 2020 at 3:04pm
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There’s no denying Thursday evening’s Group J Europa League clash with Royal Antwerp was hugely disappointing and frustrating for Tottenham Hotspur fans.

Riding high with some confidence from our good, attacking, showings in the Premier League (top scorers six games in), the lack of chances and creativity in the last match was very stark.

As fans mull the game over, yes there were plenty of changes, yes it seemed to stunt momentum – but even so, surely we can do better than that?

Sitting in 16th place with only one win under their belts, it should be a great time to face Graham Potters side – but that doesn’t mean it will be an easy game or a guaranteed win as they arguably haven’t got the points on the board their performances deserve – but they struggle to get over the line, and we have to use that to our advantage.

Three points to get the mojo going again and then we see where it takes us.








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75 Replies to “Match Thread – Spurs Look To End The Mourinho’ing Against The Seagulls”

  • As I said on prev/ thread, antwerp game, it was a banana skin game which indeed we slipped on.. 🙁

    Back to the main business of PL. We have CD Japhet Eric Dier, Toby, Davy, and now young Rondon. So I expect players will be Lloris Doherty Toby Dier Reggie…. Hojb. Tanguy Lo celso / Sisoko, Sonny HK10 Bale. Subs usual players.

    A much improved performances from all the squad, and 100% professional and winning attitude for full 90 mins. COYS

  • If both Everton and Villa draw or lose we could be in second spot tomorrow night with a win, surely that should be incentive enough?

  • Exactly TQ it is and I hope jose can get this into their heads, but which spurs will turn up.

  • I’m not at all sure what Jose’s thinking was on Thursday just gone… Either with his initial team selection or then his subsequent half-time substitutions… Whatever, we were poor without Harry, Son, Hojbjerg and Lucas on the pitch and, no better with them on it!

    Even so, a very bad Spurs performance was, somehow, only punished by losing 0-1 away from home to an ‘up for it’ and on form Antwerp that sit top of their domestic league. So the result was not as bad as it could and perhaps should have been…

    AND… It certainly doesn’t mean that we are in general a crap team or, that we will be continue to be crap from here on in…

    And I’m certain that we will prove this today. Prove that Thursday was just an exception to quickly forget… After all, Pool lost 7-2 to Villa just recently but now find themselves back on top of the PL, anyway… What a funny old season (it so far) is! (Anyone remember MU 1-6 Spurs at OT?!)

    Go ahead Spurs, make my day… Again! Make my season!

    Cockerels 5-0 Seagulls!

  • Hi HT
    Good Post susinctly put.
    Covered all bases well.
    Good to see you back.
    Hope your prediction today comes true.
    Now where’s EJ?

  • I’m interested to know, is anyone paying the £14.95 to watch the game on Sky tonight. I suspect with a new lockdown that Sky and BT will stop charging so much for these games after the international break

    • Not a chance DH, I’d rather do as many other supporters have and donate the amount to a worthy cause that helps the needy in these difficult times.

  • HT…..I think most of us have questioned Jose’s starting line-up in terms of the number of changes, surely rotation should be 3 or 4 players at most in each game plus the use of substitutes.

    While I understand his obvious frustration at the teams performance in the first half it surely just compounds the issue by then making so many changes in one go at half time, it will also have a detrimental effect on the likes of Vinicius who had previously played well on his debut and maybe can’t be blamed for the lack of supply to him. How many times have we seen HK10 suffer the same lack of supply through lack of creativity? It’s probably the reason he started dropping deep to find the ball.

  • Well another game, this in the Prem v Brighton n Hove tonight, hopefully the Cockerels will have put back on their fighting Spurs.

    So we want a reaction to that what occurred in Antwerp, me! I really do think their will be and poor old Seagulls will suffer the back lash.

    Spurs 4 – 0 Brighton. COYS

  • Soton currently thumping Villa, 3-0 up at half time, if it stays the same the worst we could be is 3rd place in the table with a win tonight but we all know what tends to happen when this kind of opportunity presents itself!

  • DH
    No I’m not paying £15:00, if we’re honest that’s what it is.
    I stated earlier, if they charged around £5 or £6 for a game like this and, £9 to £11 for games like Man u and The Gooners. More people would watch and there fore they would get more money.
    Let’s put it this way at a fiver today I’m and I’m sure many others.
    How many are in at £15?

  • I think that everyone is on the same page ref Thursday .

    It will be an interesting team selection for this one . Does he play defensive or start with a strong attacking formation ?

    Would anyone have the much trumpeted ( what a hair style ) Bale in their starting 11 ?

    Perhaps he wouldn’t be selected since it is raining and he may have a problem with the fastening ???

    Anyway put out the strongest side and get the job done .

    Would not pay the money as radio is free !!!!!

  • Well there you go………the opportunity is there to go second in the table tonight. Do our players have the necessary character to take it this time?

  • Pretty dire stuff, most of the game is being played in our half. Sums it up really when you get a free kick just inside your own half and you play the ball back to your own goalie!

  • Pathetic performance but this is football under Jose. Other than long balls we have nothing to offer. Do they even work on attacking in training or do they just hope that Kane or Son do something special which won’t happen every week. Heaven help us when we have the top teams to play after the international break.

  • 2-1. 3 Points. 2nd!

    Thank you Harry and Thank you very much Gareth!

    Mustn’t grumble…… haha!

  • Bit of a hollow victory but a victory all the same. We arguably have three of the best attacking players in the world on the pitch but spend most of the game playing in our own half!

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