Date: 12th September 2021 at 8:00pm
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It was a very bright and promising start to the 2021/22 campaign for Tottenham Hotspur – if we ignore the Pacos de Ferreira no show – , but the September international break well and truly stunted our momentum with a woeful showing at the weekend against Crystal Palace.

Reduced to ten men, on the wrong end of a 3-0 defeat and we only mustered one shot on target from a total of two attempts – for the first time ever, Harry Kane failed to register even an effort and I don’t believe he had a touch in their half across the 90 either.

But we take a Premier League break again this midweek as we are in Group G Europa Conference League action once more, making the trip to French Ligue 1 side, Rennes.

I have no idea what to expect from Rennes, and after the Palace showing, I’ve no idea what to expect from Spurs either, especially if Nuno Espirito Santo makes numerous changes again which I think we all expect.

With six league games played in their season, it seems Rennes have only won once with a 2-0 defeat to Reims earlier on Sunday, so you’d like to think form wise we are favourites and there has to be a strong reaction from the players to Saturday’s nonsense.

There has to be…







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German striker Jurgen Klinsmann spent two years at White Hart Lane in separate spells, but how many league goals did he contribute?

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82 Replies to “Match Thread – Spurs Get A European Distraction Following Palace Woes”

  • TK
    I’m with you 100% in this, however it’s not just you and I saying this it’s as you say Crouchie, JJ other pundits. But we are all entitled to our opinion, I have evidenced why I think what I think and I am happy to stand over it.

  • BS, Who said it? I just did. You read me saying it. Do I need to cite other authors to support what is plain to see to the eyes? You haven’t seen it? What outside sources can you bring to bear in support of your opinion.

    Who said so? I did. that’s the way it works in a site like this. We offer our opinions and don’t generally require finding some authority figure to justify what we are saying. For Gods’s sake, man.

    By the way, you’re also entitled to your opinions, and they are just that–your opinions no more than that. As are my opinions.

    Looks to me like Kane isn’t into it. That’s what I see. That’s what I said. I don’t need permission from some authority figure to say so, although Ive read ex spurs players saying the same thing. Don’t believe me? It’s up to you to prove that I’m making it up. I don’t do your homework.

  • My most salient memory of Belgium was of getting dragged off a Sabena flight by the military in Brussels several years ago. They dragged me off along with about 12 Africans. After a few hours they told me that it was a case of misidentification. Let me get on a later flight. Sabena wanted me to pay again, saying I’d missed my scheduled flight. I’ve no idea what happened to the 12 Africans who go dragged off. And I never did pay another pence to Sabena. Such a bad experience never again, indeed. I was thrilled to see them go belly up.

    Don’t tell others what we can or cannot say. Or that we need someone else’s permission to authorize ours.

    Okay, the cat’s now out of the bag. Our own 2 meter Peter (now that’s a huge penis) said so. Now I’m authorized in your eyes. Kane is playing in a disgraceful way. If he keeps it up, his value will drop like a dead pigeon falling to Trafalgar’s pavement.

  • My last comment is “awaitng moderation.” ? throw it out. Let’s not allow Sabena to be dissed. Our the Belgian army. Or other commenters who want to decide what can or cannot be said on here.

  • The awaiting-comment comment has disappeared. Not a curse in it. Mostly comments about Sabena and the Belgian army dragging me off a fligh in Brussels years ago. lol. BS indeed.

  • Wake up, Kane. Your reputation is at stake. Now we will find out who you are. We’ve loved you for years. Don’t mess it up now. You will live for decades with your reputation. Show us that my impression is wrong.

  • BS remains consistent in thinking he gets to decide what others should think and say and what support they need to marshal for what they say

  • From first to seventh in one crazy weekend. There was me thinking we would still be top with 12 points cos we might sneak a 1-0 win against Palace who had not won a game.. But stupidly we went for a 0-0 draw with a ghastly, defensive line up and we got hammered by a much better teamwhoused their subs to perfection. They had a dangerous winger and an excellent, young creative midfielder. We had Winks and a top striker that did not touch the ball in the opposing box.

  • Wentworth. Your last sentence says it all. we had winks and a top striker that did not touch the ball in the opposing box. Ouch. The match of Harry and Harry who went missing. together with the red card, we were three players down to their 11. 3 x 0 isn’t so embarrassing when you consider that.

  • BTW
    Those who say Harry hasn’t lost his touch with reference to England games, just about justifys comments on the suggestion that he has downed tools for Spurs.
    BTW I’m making assumptions, asking questions, not necessarily making accusations.
    I’m waiting for HK10 to prove me wrong by bagging a few goals for us where it counts in the Premiership, I know it’s in him, just show it.
    We called out Erikson not so long ago for similar performances so why not Kane.

  • ND …. Kane scoring for England and not for Spurs means he does not want to play for Spurs? Do you ignore the fact that England are a team in form and Spurs are not? Does that not factor into your thinking? You say you are waiting for Kane to bag a few goals …. so if he bags a hat-trick against Chelsea you will see it as ‘our Harry is back’? But, f he scores a hat-trick, nothing will have changed.

    Mind you, I can’t see three goals coming from anywhere in the squad against Chelsea. : – )

  • Geoff Perhaps I take it that we’re agreed that currently Kane is in a bad run of form at Spurs.
    For me this should also follow that he would be in a bad run of form at England after all a down turn is a down turn.
    So I’m merely suggesting or questioning, as have others not only on this site, why has Kane stopped scoring goals at Spurs but not only that, he is a talisman and can bring up performances of other players, for me he hasn’t shown it. He just hasn’t shown work rate out side of goals.
    I’ll evidence yet again what I have seen
    His non apoerarence for training
    His non selection for games
    His links to a transfer to ManCity
    His lack of verbal commitment to Spurs for this season until the window closed.
    The “interview” golf match with Gary Neville.
    I will say this again I respect that he wants to leave Spurs, I also respect the commitment that he has given up to now, but I don’t want it tarnished by lack lustre performances which we did see by Ericson and prior to him Moderic.
    So it’s not about a hat trick against Chelsea it’s, about putting a shift in, respecting your employer and the team and supporters and when you go it’s with reluctance and good will on both sides.
    Perhaps I’m wrong and he actually has played well the last couple of games. 🙄

  • TK …. Your eyes have plainly seen that Kane is not interested in playing for Spurs? Eyes see what they are looking for. If your eyes spent less time following Kane around the pitch and more time following the other players and the team performance as a whole, your focus may become less coloured and much clearer.

    Why would anyone site a pundit (Crouch) to support an argument. Pundits are fueled by the gullible. They are contentious, they feed off of controversy, they provoke anger … all to raise their personal profile, instigate debate, and increase their own self importance. It’s their job. It’s what they get paid for. Social media is their platform. Their musings are a meal that has to be taken with a pinch of salt.

    But, as BS says, we are just venturing our own opinions and have the right to do so. It’s just that I have this nagging feeling that my opinion is right and yours is wrong. Gotta love opinions, gotta love football, gotta love Harry. lol

  • Sorry Danny, and lads. My Kane comment seems to have hijacked the thread somewhat. I should have put it up as an article. I’ll end my part now and let someone else have the last word if they wish.

    Back to Europe …. I have no idea who will be available for this game but, whoever plays, a win would be very welcome.

  • In 1976 after leading the Boston Celtics to the NBA championship, their biggest star Dave Cowens said he felt burned out and took an unpaid leave of absence for about three months until the desire to play came back to him. If a player is burned out, bummed out, or tuned out, take a Dave Cowens break. Go drive an Uber for a couple of months. Cowens drove a taxi in Boston. Don’t droop about on the pitch. If you’re good enough they’ll let you come back. But go drive a cab or an Uber for a few months.

  • I hope that I’ve just provided the first words about taking a Dave Cowens unpaid leave, but not a last word about Harry. If needs to take a Dave Cowens, that’s cool.

  • Sorry Geoff
    Wrong, in many occasions Harry has indeed put in a shift to satisfy me, and has often carried the team, hence my call around two years ago for him to be captain.
    But currently (for me) there is something lacking in his performances for Spurs. Whether this is down to a poor run of form or his heart isn’t at Spurs any more I don’t know.
    I’m certainly not focusing on him, but if your top goal scorer isn’t scoring, for me, that is note worthy, particularly as he is scoring else where.
    But however you see it differently.
    I do hope he will get his shooting boots back on, I’m certainly not Kane bashing, just pointing out that he has had by his standards a poor start to the league, and I am outlining my reasons why I think it may be happening.
    You may see it differently, that is your entitlement, free speech and all that.
    So he’s having a cracking season, my mistake., 😄

  • Seems like we are getting some replay scenarios of events of last 3.5 years at THFC, manager under pressure, poch / jose / nuno… player wanting to leave the club …ericssen / kane /ndombele, not allowed to by levy…fans opinions varied / fractious. All this from 2007 start of the new stadium planning delays / build is a good reason and levy’s extreame financial costings impacting player recruitment, players contracts disputes allowed to get out of hand, manager poch / jose upheval failure to win silverware, CL places caused big confidence problems with the players / fans, and the reluctance of new players to join us.

    So we are back to mid table this week, with nuno and ALL the players to regroup and show they are professional and do the job they are paid thousands of pounds per week. As posters have already said… all at thfc need to start working and singing from the same page…… COYS

  • Niall – at the very least I thnk you should be open to the idea that Kane may just be surrounded by more talent, in a team with more familiarity, with the England set up than at Spurs, and that this, very simply, might be the reason why he performs better. with England and not some structural problem.

    You can point to Jenas, Crouch etc but how many times have we seen these pundits either get it wrong, or we just find another pundit with an opposing opinion? Who do you believe then?

    I’m not trying to change your opinion, you can see things the way you want and express it freely. I just think you are being very definitive about something without necessarily considering all other possibilities.

    Kane may not be having cracking season yet but who judges a season’s performance after 2 games?
    If he wins the golden boot again this year, how well will that comment have aged? Perspective.

  • TK – I’m not sure where to even begin, so I won’t waste too much of my time.

    I will simply point out that while you are entitled to your opinion, it is only worth what others are willing to value it for. You can decide what to think/write but you can’t decide how people are going to value it. The same is true for my posts or anybody else’s, for that matter.

    The problem with that original post is you being so definitive about it. “That can’t be denied”. Yes it can. Get over yourself and try not to speak on behalf of the whole Spurs fan base. Some of us disagree and we are allowed to.

    For what it’s worth, I personally don’t care about the Sabena or your run ins with the Belgian army – and why any of those things would even remotely relate to me because we share a nationality. That is borderline racist, and as far as I’m concerned there is not place for it on a football forum.

    I don’t bang on about Portuguese things when I disagree with you, because it’s both irrelevant and disrespectful. It’d be really nice if you could learn to control your emotions and not go on 7-post rants talking about anything else but Spurs, on a Spurs forum. But that’s perhaps a matter for Danny to deal with.

    • I disagree with your last sentence, BS. It’s not just a matter for Danny to deal with. Anything that drifts into the field of racism is for us all to deal with. I thought that TK lost any credibility in any argument he was trying to form by making ‘Belgium’ comments which were absolutely not related to the topic under discussion. It was a poor attempt to look clever at someone else’s expense. Never works.

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