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Match Thread – Spurs Eye Leeds & Will The Break Help Conte Solve Our Scoring Issues

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New Tottenham Hotspur manager Antonio Conte has an unbeaten record as we go into the November international break, but with a troublesome performance in our victory against Vitesse added to what is now four odd hours without a Premier League goal given the scoreless draw with Everton, he’s got his work cut out for him as we now move towards the Leeds United clash.

With Everton being yet another game without a single shot on target, Conte certainly won’t be helped with our international attackers off for duty – not least misfiring Harry Kane – so his chances of a quick fix over the break will be patchy at best. Everton was, however, a clean sheet, which is a start after more recent leaky performances, but any fan would be hard pushed to say it was a performance you’d have expected to see following the appointment of a ‘name’ like Conte.

For many, that will be a troublesome development of its own as we look to these players and continue wondering why they are now consistently underperforming based on how we know they can play.

It’s an important fortnight, and all we can do is cross our fingers.

Can Conte Turn Spurs Around?

Yes, With Time

Yes, With Time

No, It's Time For The Players To Take The Blame

No, It's Time For The Players To Take The Blame

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  • block 108 spurs says:

    Jod You always criticise posters on here for their views… BUT.. where are your views and explanations on the origin of spurs spending money and on what players ??? I have never seen you post any suggestions.. just sarcastic comments..

    Perhaps Joe Lewis as owner of ENIC / THFC who is worth £4b and board of directors inc. A Sugar and a rights issue of shares or a reschedule of bank loans (levy has done that one already) then the Naming rights to stadium… sale of some players (£60m +) merchandising sales… stadium events…may help you to answer where funding can be found?

    As to players, conte and paratici are qualified to decide on which players are sold and bought in ?

  • wentworth says:

    Yes Niall D that is more realistic. I just want to get us rid of at least 8 players that are taking us nowhere. We have to be bold and drastic. Our play is so utterly dismal and uninspiring. Even Kane and Son are looking below par.

  • Allan says:

    I just wish that we had a vision from Levy.
    In all the time he has been in his position the playing side very rarely has inspired great faith in what he js trying to achieve ( if he knows)
    Yes we need hope and a plan for the future and he has the perfect opportunity now to produce one but his track record leaves much to be desired and does not fill me with anticipatory expectations
    I simply can’t understand supporters who support the guy or are they shareholders ?

  • Niall D says:

    Yep WW and to think we thought we had half the battle won when we got rid of Rose, Aurier, Sissoko and Lamella, I thought only Winks and Doh possibly Dier or Dave and we were set.
    Now Winks, Dave and Dier are improving, a bit, even Davies has D one OK in his new role.
    It now seems to be Lo Ceslo, Bergs, HK, Dele, and Lucas, all doing poorly.
    I would argue that the only two sure of their place is, Hoj and Lloris.
    With that said there are the players there, who for some reason have lost their way, its up to Conte to help with their confidence and fitness.
    But there are some who just aren’t going to make the grade, at the minute it’s like throwing random darts, at a board for who goes.

  • Niall D says:

    By way of proof of the Conte effect, having been among the lowest for area covered in the premiership lately, on Sunday we were the second highest, and had the second highest amount of sprints over the weekend second only to Leeds.
    Apparently we covered as a team something like 10km more than our last game under Nuno, so something at least seems to be improving.

  • BelgianSpur says:

    PY – You said: “Please don’t come back about DL this DL that, that’s the past we are talking the future and the appointment of a MDOF and AC are forward steps, albeit being baby ones, slowly but surely, just the start me thinks.”

    The reason why plenty of fans will continue to doubt Levy until proven otherwise, is because Levy has given said fans plenty of ammunition to do so.

    Not that long ago, Levy was trotting out Franco Baldini as the greatest thing since sliced bread, an experienced operator from Roma who was going to help the club with his many contacts. The result of that appointment is that it changed nothing about how we operated, and Baldini was swiftly and unceremoniously let go shortly thereafter.

    Levy has created this track record and his reputation precedes him. While we can all be cautiously optimistic about Paratici/Conte, and hope that we as a club have turned a corner, it is and remains just hope and wishful thinking at this stage. Until Levy proves to the fans that things have truly changed, he will continue to be defined by his football legacy, which doesn’t make for great reading.

    You can’t fault Spurs fans for having those doubts. And you can’t just expect fans to forget about the past, when they have no reassurances on the future. It would be an insult to their intelligence.

  • Geofspurs says:

    ND …. You mentioned fitness and it’s something I’ve been wondering about for many games now. Our performances have been lethargic enough recently to legitimately question the level of fitness of several players. Too slow moving forward and too slow when pressing. The games where we have started a bit brighter saw our energy level drop away as the games progressed. A lack of the fitness required to compete in the PL would go a long way to explaining many under par and underwhelming performances …. maybe?

  • Niall D says:

    100 %Geof, just maybe,
    but I also think it is coupled with a distinct lack of confidence or winning mentality or similar which I can’t put into words, many of the players up to now were not playing with smiles on their faces.
    And if we’re honest this season even the games we won, we didn’t dominate the other team with perhaps the exception of Villa. So yes our forward play was actually pedestrian and still sidey to sidey then very porr in our defensive press often starting to defend too deep.
    Re villa it shows how one player (in their case Grealish) can improve a team.
    But let’s hope Conte takes us forward, the players now have no excuses… 😉

  • PompeyYid says:

    Ha! Ha! got a couple of good bites there, using the correct bait!….COYS

  • Niall D says:

    PY you’re going to need a bigger boat 🛥️🦈😉

  • PompeyYid says:

    Niall, agreed to have a whale of a time, lol!….COYS

  • Allan says:

    Actually humerous one ( I don’t think !!) quote cited by Niall came from Jaws and not Moby Dick !!!
    No offence tken PY but when supporters are attempting to find and expressing their frustration as to why the playing side of the club is poor and has been so for many years supporters are entitled to blame someone for the situation and in this case Levy .
    You obviously baxk Levy and it would be great to see your reasoning .As yet we wait to see any posters supporting the guy . Perhaps you and Jod ?
    Anyway each to his own and may real debate continue and flourish .

  • Niall D says:

    Just a bit of fun from PY Allan( Im sure) for my part I couldn’t resist the Jaws quote but, mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.
    But you are right from Mr Levy, whilst indeed we were taken from top ten to top four regulars, however as focus turned to the stadium (Vanity Project) we have lost our way in footballing terms.
    However that’s done we can’t turn back the clock, if he (Levy) wants to focus on the stadium that’s actually OK buy me, as long his he supplies enough funds for the guys with the footballing nouse to do their thing in the best way possible, in other words Mr Levey just put up the money and leave the football stuff to those who know, what their doing.

  • Allan says:

    Niall It was only during Pochs time did we finish regularly in the top 4 . What about the many barren years previously ?( excluding Harry )
    Although he ( Levy ) cries poverty because of Covid and the stadium costs it doesn’t stop him paying millions in managerial compensation because of his handling (poor judgement ? ) of the footballing side of the club .
    I have yet to see any real evidence that he / ENIC have developed and are prepared to develop the footballing side and few if any on here have supported their handling of this aspect of the club
    If Levy has learnt ( dubious ? ) anything from his previous mistakes then hopefully by appointing Conte ( with luck and money ) and providing decent funding he may give the type of football fans wish to see .

  • Niall D says:

    Morning Allan
    Not supporting Mr Levy, I’m just painting a fuller picture that it was pretty average before they took over, we did have a degree of progress (success?).
    But for me since the stadium project, the team has taken a backward step and we have gone back to average, even poor.
    This is the issue,has Levy learnt? Many high profile people are now calling Levey out, to step away from the day to day footballing stuff, you can’t be great at everything, just stick to the business stuff.
    The stadium is built, let’s hope it brings in the projected revenue for decent players.

  • TQ2Spurs says:

    So…..Stevie G has agreed to become Villa’s new boss, didn’t think he would want to manage a side that would face Liverpool on a regular basis.

  • 123spurs says:

    Can’t see it working out for him, but if it does he will walk just like he done now.

  • Geofspurs says:

    If we listed all the players Spurs have bought over the last twelve years and the outlay, I think we’d all be
    surprised. Many of the players coming in were viewed as good assets at the time and welcomed by supporters. If some did not work out for whatever reason …. that’s football.

  • Niall D says:

    Re Stevie G
    This is where he will earn his bread and butter, FFS any of us could manage Celtic or Rangers to a top finish. So we’ll now see if he actually is a good manager.
    I also note Frank is the new manager at Norwich.
    Re the players Geoff, agreed (with some)
    Who couldve see that Sess, or Doherty would’ve been flops, as the did very well in their own clubs.
    But I would temper that with the needless acquisition of N’Koudu, getting rid of Tripps for fekin “Aurier”
    Why Clarke??, did we really need Gil at this time?
    It’s money being spent in these areas when we” needed “other positions filled.

  • PompeyYid says:

    Um! think I will put my Dry sense of Humour away, back in my pocket, nah! I wont.

    By the way I back anyone at the club I support and have done for 60+ years, until such times as I can see it with my own eyes, not drips n drabs, bullshit from the media, that come’s out of the Club, the rest can whinge and moan all day, I just read it.

    Now a rumour! I have heard is that DL is now taking a back seat regards all matters Football, he will only be saying to MDOF and Conti, how much dosh they have to play with…..COYS

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