Date: 7th September 2021 at 8:00pm
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Well, this has been a different type of international window for fans of Tottenham Hotspur but finally we can turn our attentions back to the football that really matters – it’s Crystal Palace next up on Saturday in the early kick off slot.

Harry Kane continued his form for England and that can only serve us well following on from the summer nonsense, but there are definite concerns when it comes to Giovani Lo Celso and Christian Romero given all the shenanigans we’ve seen from Argentina.

Particularly as reports have already indicated that Lionel Scaloni intends to keep the duo for all three games, which brings in quarantine and further disruptions to our plans.

Otherwise, it should be a case of ‘as we were’ for gaffer Nuno Espirito Santo, as we will be looking to extend our three game winning streak and keep our noses ahead at the top of the Premier League table for as long as we can, and we should be confident of doing just that given Palace’s mixed start to the 2021/22 campaign.

All eyes to team news later in the week and hopefully there won’t be any disappointing surprises.







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German striker Jurgen Klinsmann spent two years at White Hart Lane in separate spells, but how many league goals did he contribute?

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76 Replies to “Match Thread – Spurs Aim To Pick Up Where They Left Off As We Take A Trip To Palace”

  • I might be getting old, but every time I see the Melee/Fracas between Tanganga and Zaha, I seen Zaha throwing a punch, so why wasn’t he Red carded straight away.

    Yesterday we were almost back to the last days of Poch, but there are are very many reasons leading up to the debarcle. COYS

  • Worse than that Pompey, we were back to the days of Mourinho with poor team selection, lack of substitutions, dreadful defensive set up, no creativity, no width and boring, boring football. This is going to be a long hard season with little to look forward to.
    Our manager was 6th choice, we failed to make any decent signings, Kane looks as though his head has been turned , we have a top midfielder that is disinterested and we have bench warmers that should have been shipped out.
    We did manage to offload Hart and Carter- Vickers who had outstanding games for Celtic yesterday.
    We did have 2 future stars in Sessegnon and Jack Clarke. But they are nowhere to be seen and seem to have lost the plot already. Oh well, there is always the January transfer window to keep us out of the relegation fight.

  • Who won and who lost the battle between HK and THFC? Both Harry and the club lost. He’s playing like a lost soul in purgatory. The supporters lost–we’re relegated to watching the apparition of HK, but Harry has already left the house.

    Who won? All of the other clubs and their supporters. Anything that weakened us, has strengthened them.

    DL lost by winning. HK lost by losing. We lost by being powerless bystanders.

    If Harry continues to look lost on the pitch, sit him for a couple of matches. He needs to understand that every week that he plays like a lost soul, his future value drops like an anchor in a goldfish pond. He doesn’t even get to loose spectacularly like the Titanic. There was no iceberg–only too many egos.

    Wake up Harry, or start to donate your salary to those far less lucky in life. This was a self inflicted wound. Wake up and play like you’re still employed. Don’t play like you’re redundant. That only makes you redundant. An extra wheel on the carriage that’s broken and flapping about.

    Anyway, needless to say since I’ve just about said it, but HK is turning into Harry Who Forgot To Wear His Spurs.

  • Harry’s big accomplishment this weekend was to play marginally better than the other Harry: Winks. I recommend a couple of matches with no Harry of any kind.

  • How ironic that the original Hotspur was a Harry. Ah, Harry Percy did not seek to run to another club. He died wearing his boots with spurs.

    No. 10 did not have a touch in the attacking zone.

  • PY my sentiments exactly re Saha, as we say over here he’s a slabber always whinging and complaining.
    But he put his hands to Tananga’s throat and Tananga did his best to move the volatile Saha away so for me he should’ve been sent off but as I said this ref(John Moss?) is no friend of Tottenham, I’ve watched him in our matches now several times, he always gives the other team the benefit of the doubt but is very hard on us.
    We have become a hard watch all too often now, this game taken on its own can be excused because of the difficulty with personnel, plus early injury and the sending off, however we do appear at best to be a reactionary playing on the break which (for me) isn’t the Spurs way.
    We were to a degree improving defensively, but still not really creating enough offensively.
    JJ alluded to Kanes performance and the fact that he wasn’t encouraging anyone, funnily enough I watched and compared him for England against Ledendowski, I’m afraid the polish guy had much more movement and appeared less sluggish, and had he been in a better team would look much better than Kane and given the fact that he’s a good deal older, I definately think that Levy’s ego got in the way of a transfer deal for Kane, unless Kane gets his act together his personal stock will fall, But I think he has downed tools for us at least in the short term.
    On a plus, side if you could call it that, Palace didn’t break us down until we were down to 10 men and even then it took a pen and two very late goals.

  • If kane downed tools, he has to be benched or not in the squad, how does it feel to other players if kane not up to it. It will end in disaster. Big pressure on Santo if loses the next 2 league games

  • Our ladies are showing how it’s done, 2-1 winners at Man City ending their 34 match unbeaten run at their academy stadium. Joint top of the WSL table on points! 🙂

  • I never believe in over reacting to a bad result, and 9 points from our opening 4 games remains a tally most fans would have taken at the start of the season. However, it was a bad result, but more worryingly, a poor performance.

    We said a few weeks ago that we would judge Nuno not on how he set up against the bigger teams, when caution is understandable, but how he set up against the teams we are expected to beat more often than not. After the first 2 games, I had already raised doubts but I accepted that there were enough storylines about those 2 games that they may have been outliers.

    How we set up against Palace is cause for concern, however. Playing a very conservative midfield 3, offering little to no creativity, and picking Alli on the wing when more adventurous options were available, doesn’t bode well for attacking football.

    It’s still early days but Saturday’s game was reminiscent of so many games last year. It’s a small sample size but on Saturday, Nuno was just a friendlier, more likable JM without the track record. I know this will be an unpopular opinion, but I feel too many Spurs fans jumped on the Nuno bandwagon too soon, just because he was someone else, anyone else, than Jose Mourinho. The truth for me is that the jury is still out and in the 4 PL games we have played, we have showed very little attacking intent despite playing only one “big” team. If most Spurs fans were going to hold that against JM, I think it’s only fair to hold it against Nuno too.

    Nuno of course can’t be blamed for the many absences he had to deal with on the day, the lack of composure shown by Tanganga, or the stupidity of Ben Davies’ defending in the box. All points well taken. But he stil lhas questions to answer about team selection and tactics. There were plenty more adventurous options available to him on the day.

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