Date: 7th September 2021 at 8:00pm
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Well, this has been a different type of international window for fans of Tottenham Hotspur but finally we can turn our attentions back to the football that really matters – it’s Crystal Palace next up on Saturday in the early kick off slot.

Harry Kane continued his form for England and that can only serve us well following on from the summer nonsense, but there are definite concerns when it comes to Giovani Lo Celso and Christian Romero given all the shenanigans we’ve seen from Argentina.

Particularly as reports have already indicated that Lionel Scaloni intends to keep the duo for all three games, which brings in quarantine and further disruptions to our plans.

Otherwise, it should be a case of ‘as we were’ for gaffer Nuno Espirito Santo, as we will be looking to extend our three game winning streak and keep our noses ahead at the top of the Premier League table for as long as we can, and we should be confident of doing just that given Palace’s mixed start to the 2021/22 campaign.

All eyes to team news later in the week and hopefully there won’t be any disappointing surprises.







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76 Replies to “Match Thread – Spurs Aim To Pick Up Where They Left Off As We Take A Trip To Palace”

  • Well there were a few of us on here who said about alternative strikers, this guy Eduard would surely have come to us and at that kind of dosh, but no, we buy a goalie and another winger, saw Winks in the line up and knew that was it all over.
    Emerson looks OK, Kane for me has subconsciously left our club, but we don’t have a Eduard to bring on, one word Embarrassing.

  • Amazing we are still in 5th place for now but the fact only 4 teams have scored fewer goals says a lot, and one of those has played 1 game less.

  • If the manager/team/squad players are boring, the management group are undermining the manager, the players are undermining the manager, and the manager is yet another disappointment, then remember this:

    The one thing over which we have some control is to make sure that we don’t have boring supporters on VS. Let the wild open and creative begin here.

    Back to you…

  • So son is injured and to accommodate dele he plays him out of position. Why can’t we just try an play 2 up front give a youngster a shot, could of played 352, as our wingers are useless.

  • I’m not sure why Nuno didn’t retain his winning formation by playing Gil in place of Son and leaving Dele deeper. I guess he has Thursday in mind as well.

    I know some will think it’s a knee jerk reaction to a poor performance in difficult circumstances but I fear the job is going to turn out to be too big for Nuno. Nothing personal, I actually like him as a human being, it’s just a feeling I have.

  • Playing Winks today was a total joke. The poor guy hasn’t a clue. We had lost before kick off.
    You have to score goals. Harry Kane had no support and was totally marked out of the game. Lucas huffed and puffed and Dele was no where. We then had 3 defensive midfielders tripping over each other and not coping with their creativity.
    Nuno did not have a clue how to change things
    Ghastly performance. Very disheartening and we will be very fortunate to keep midtable. We are a very poor outfit all round.

  • One shit performance does not make a season a disaster. Let’s not write off the holy ghost on today’s performance. The manager has how many players sidelined in Croatia after South American COVID holidays? A couple of others out with injuries. New players not bedded in. this is premature panic.

    That being said: Get your act togerher, Nuno! Time’s running out soon. It’s almost time to panic.

  • And it was a shit performance. That would be hard to deny.

    Is Harry planning to sleep walk through the season? Throw a glass of cold water in the lad’s face to wake him up.

  • Oh what a shame…….I missed CR7 on MoTD, had a much better time watching an amazing 18 year old Brit win the Women’s US Open tennis.

  • I don’t think anyone is panicking TK, it’s more a resignation that nothing has been done to resolve our lack of creativity in midfield for far too long. If we were prepared to pay 90m euros for Martinez as was reported why could we not invest a similar sum in a quality advanced midfield playmaker in the Bruno Fernandes mould instead?

  • I suppose, anger aside, we are still in and around top 5 points wise, we did suffer today, and we can put it down to the (stupid) international break one way or another, it did, affect our squad by, COVID restrictions, injuries, or a bit of post international lethargy.
    But it (for me) showed the severe lack of depth in our squad at present.
    I feel now Winks has had his chance, he isn’t really improving, this is now under 3 managers, I think WW summed it up really.
    I feel that on the day there were better options on the bench, however perhaps some changes were forced on us by events during the game rather than tactics.
    The referee is certainly no friend of Tottenham and often gives pens against us, I could argue that Saha’s reaction to the foul on him should’ve seen him sent of as he raised his hands on several occasions during the mele. This same ref gave pens, against us at Man U and Leicester, he gave us nothing in decisions yesterday.
    With that said we offered little in the way of attack or cohesion as a team,the actual selection particularly in midfield was woeful, Kane is” heads gone “for me.
    But we are in re build and I suppose we should expect an odd result like this during this time.
    Still I did suggest Eduard as a back up striker in 2020.😉

  • I keep reading about a back up striker on here, that wasn’t our problem yesterday, and we have more urgent positions to fill, than a back up to me. Anyways I hoped the Watford and Wolves games were just one offs but we haven’t looked good all season barring the City game, we had a poor transfer window. I’m thinking even at this stage it’s gonna be another long season.

  • Its funny how people ignore how we were actually winning games. We had two things going for us, a rock solid defence and Son nicking a goal to win the game. Yesterday there was no Son and the defence was decimated, Sanchez was on holiday and Dier went off injured. That’s before the sending off. Yet people are reacting as if none of that mattered. If we’d sent out the youth team would we still have been expected to win ?

  • The team was set up yesterday not to lose. A massive mistake. We had personnel excuses but our lack of depth came home to bite us in the butt.
    Our defensive midfield was an embarrassing joke.
    Winks keeps getting a final chance but he is not even a bench sitter…total waste of a player. Alfie Devine would have provided more excitement.
    Even with our defensive line up, we were still outplayed and run ragged.
    Has Harry Kane’s head been irretrievably turned? They had a spare striker who won the game.
    They had a creative midfielder who ran the game.
    They had movement and a dangerous winger who was a constant threat.
    And we had Winks and a boring defensive line up.
    Unforgivable and naive.

  • 3 goals in 4 games from 1 of them was a peno. The attack was an issue as we had no one to come in. Yes players were missing, but not to give gil and ndombele a run out try and something different, if he took dele off he would be p off an cause issues again.

    As TQ said this could be one big step for Santo, great guy respected in the way he talks etc, but if he is to defensive it won’t work out, mid table teams are a lot tougher to beat these days, can we match it.

  • For me, but then again I’m only a punter, if after 60 or so minutes your attackers haven’t had a real chance on goal, as, surely as a manager you need to change it up, in reality Palace weren’t getting too much joy with Benteke, so they brought on Eduard, we were getting no luck with Kane and Moura so we brought on….????

  • Wouldn’t have been any different no matter which strikers you brought on, there is no-one providing them with chances. Our midfield is the problem, we don’t have any quality other than Hojbjerg, and a frenchman who has the skills but apparently doesn’t want to put in the effort for us.

  • Here we go again…. spurs difficulties shown clearly, and there is a massive amount of things levy and co. to deal with. We all know the problems and nuno has to be in control of the players, and be seen to do so…Also he has to step up his match decisions with plan b and c.

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