Date: 14th January 2020 at 6:00am
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Middlesbrough - Attempt Number Two!







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  • I see we are the top club in London now having moved ahead of Chelsea and Arsenal in the Deloitte’s Football Money League.

    Cue all of the comments about spending some of it! lol

  • Thomas Muller is reportedly leaving Bayern in the summer after 20 years. He is still only 30 years old, I wonder if he and his club could be persuaded to make a move happen in January, would be a good addition to our squad in view of HK10 being out for some months.

  • Wish we could get the Eriksen deal with Inter sorted then put the cash towards hijacking the Bruno Fernandes deal, would be a great replacement.

  • Am here TQ2S, joining in lol! regards the hijacking of BF, doubt that would happen as he has made it quite clear he wants to join MU, great thought that would be nice.

    On replacing CE, it seems JM believes Lo-Celso could be the ready made replacement for him, though some on here, mentioning no names, believe he is to light weight and that we shouldn’t buy him, are they the same people who slammed Luca Modric in his early days, the rest being history of course. COYS

  • Hi PY….yes but BF also indicated that he had been very keen to join Spurs in the summer. Lo Celso seems to be more suited/comfortable in a central midfield role rather than a more advanced position. Anyway, given a choice between the two I would send Lo Celso back to Betis and buy Fernandes any day of the week.

    • TQSpurs you are absolutely right Fernandez’s stats in terms of goals and assists put him out of sight to almost all of Europe’s AMFers. Of course we should have gone all out for him especially as it is inevitable that Eriksen goes and denudes us of a major attacking force. Lo Celso is of course a cheaper and far less desirable alternative.

  • TQ2S….I agree there with you, but all things come into being here, ie much larger wages, mind I do believe Lo-Celso will do something for us once he is given a run of games, every time he has played something more comes to light.

    Am up for a good win tonight, feel it my bones, old as they maybe lol! COYS

    • So we are the eighth highest earning football club in the world, above Arsenal, Chelsea and many foreign big guns, and gaining fast on those above. This was obviously the objective when the club ignored football needs, and went for a needlessly extravagant new stadium with a built in brewery and fine dining etc. all geared to making money, not to mention enhancing the sale value of the entity that is THFC. It is a pity that the ambition of the owners doesn’t stretch to becoming a top 10 in the world competitive football team competing for titles and trophies, rather than simply becoming rich. Having said that at least they are transparent in their objectives, not giving rise to any misguided hopes and expectations, or ambitions for the fans. Success on the pitch is not an ENIC priority, and never was. Mourinho must be mad to undertake the lmpossible task of turning sows ears into silk purses with a zero level of financial support from the ownership. He maybe thought Porto was a tough gig, but that looks a doddle when compared to Spurs in the current climate.

      • Regarding tonight’s game, surely even this current Spurs team can see off an EFL team in a home cup tie. I suppose rather than expectation we have to rely on hope, hope that we don’t duplicate our abysmal performance and result v Colchester in the CC as this is the last of these two comps, that are our only hope of actually winning something for the first time since 2008.

  • Yes but surely Frank, it’s clear that being successful commercially is a requirement of succeeding on the pitch as well isn’t it? The report quite clearly shows that the clubs with the highest incomes are the ones that have the most success at winning titles and trophies, there will always be an odd exception but even in Leicester’s case they already had a new stadium and new owners that boosted their income, but not to a level that was going to provide a regular challenge to the richest clubs, but they are getting there mostly thanks to their astute business in identifying and buying in players that improve them. I have to admit this is an area where we should be doing better!

    I do genuinely believe that the increasing income that we are gaining as a result of the infrastructure investment will pay off in the not distant future, we are already seeing the club pay more competitive wages to retain the most important players (I don’t count Eriksen because money clearly isn’t the reason he doesn’t want to stay) and we are now as well placed as many of our peers to pay £50m plus for players.

  • Regarding tonight’s game Frank, at least Jose recognises the importance of the FA cup to us this season and is making all of the right noises, which is something Poch didn’t always do when discussing domestic trophies.

  • I think you’re right PY, could provide a good boost to confidence tonight with a comfortable win, just hope the lads have their shooting boots and satnav on for a change. :- )

  • Frank – As recently as after the Liverpool game, our very own VS poster Loz justified Levy’s lack of spending, compared to the rest of the top 6, by saying that we were less wealthy. Now that that argument is also going away fast, I’m sure we’ll all be impressed by the level of creativity displayed by some posters on VS to justify Levy’s tightness.

    I said about 2 years ago that building a new stadium should be a means to get richer, not an end in itself. If the end of the road was merely building a stadium, the club (and its owners) would be richer, but we wouldn’t necessarily be better. The only way a new stadium was going to be beneficial was if the increased revenues allowed us to be more daring in our spending strategy.

    It’s early days still, but the initial signs aren’t great.

    TQ2Spurs – you said that “it’s clear that being successful commercially is a requirement of succeeding on the pitch as well”. Nothing could be truer. But you will surely admit that one should serve to feed the other, and while we’ve done very well to increase revenues, those funds have just not been proportionally reinvested in the squad. We’re richer, not better.

    I also think that had the club given Eriksen increased wages 2 years ago, that may have quashed any desire to explore other avenues. Now the situation is probably beyond saving, but I don’t think that was always the case, and handled differently, the situation would likely have turned out more favourably for THFC.

  • BS…’s easy to forget that we are in the early stages of receiving the benefits of the new stadium in terms of increased income from both matchday and commercial activity, as I said, I do believe we are already seeing an increase in spending on both wages and transfer fees we are willing to pay as a result. All of this has to be in context to sevicing the loans taken out to pay for the stadium but I honestly believe that we will see significant investment in the playing side going forward.

    With regards to Eriksen, none of us are aware of all the facts surrounding offers of an improved contract, it may well be that he has been refusing one for quite some time (and reporting seems to bear that out) and has always intended to run down his contract then move on to a new challenge while being able to negotiate a handsome signing on fee (or big wages) with there being no transfer fee needed to buy him.

  • I may be very wide of the mark but for me the apparent unrest in the squad appeared to start around the time it was being reported that HK10’s wages were significantly increased to ward of potential suitors. I guess this is inevitable if other players in the squad believe they are worth a similar amount, especially if they are not seen as such by the club.

    • What other Spurs player could claim entitlement to pay parity with HK. If all our players were in the shop window who would attract the highest bid, or any bid from a top club. Who is our only player who would get into the starting line up of a top club, answer to all HK, head and shoulders the best player in the club. Anybody complaining about HK’s wages should be given short shrift and told why the discrepancy exists, and what they need to do to earn an increase.

  • Fernandes incoming – Benfica scum lol – did anyone else see the photo of him and his Dad at WHL watching the Chelski game – means this one was already being planned way before Sissoko got injured most probably. Could 1 day be a midfield of Fernandes, N’Dombele and Dele – tasty proposition if they all click and gel together. 21, 23 and 23 so could be our central midfield for the near next decade or so.

    Would love us to get Aarons and let Aurier go – problem is can’t see it happening until the summer. Aarons and Sessegnon could eventually be a rival to Arnold and Robertson at Liverpool – just hope we can get him in the summer when Norwich most probably get relegated – he’s London born and homegrown so perfect for our squad. I would keep probably Foyth and Davies as cover and to act as defensively minded full-backs should we need them given how JM has said he wanted to play originally and baring in mind the West Ham game. I’d probably have to let go of Aurier and KWP though but then again atleast that would bring in much needed funds to add to any kitty.

    Surely we’ll now get a new striker – wonder who it’ll be? Cavani would be a brilliant signing – sell Eriksen and put that money towards buying Cavani. Parrott would be in heaven learning off of HK10 and Cavani aswell. Alternatively Piatek sounds decent – 30 goals in Italy in 1 season is not to be sniffed at and could be a good signing – risk reward I guess – trust in JM hopefully to get it right and Levy to back him 100%.

    On Boro expecting nothing less than a win tonight and then a tough away match at Southampton who are on some run at the moment – beaten Chelski, Us and Leicester amongst others so a very, very tough match likely to be expected there assuming of course we get through tonight which we should do.

    Great to see us 8th in the Deloitte money table – problem is will we stay there when we don’t have CL revenue next season and this year was based on getting to the CL final which brings massive rewards with it and we were also raking it in at Wembley as we will the new stadium but probably won’t be much difference year on year between Wembley and the new stadium as I reckon revenue wise the difference between playing in Wembley and the new WHL won’t be that much different – the big change came with moving from the old WHL to Wembley/new WHL.

    Let’s not forget we bought N’Dombele, Sessegnon and Clarke outright and took Lo Celso on a costly loan so we did finally spend quite big this summer. We are now taking Gedson on loan and if he performs that’s another 50m Euro buy to add. Unlike in the past we’ve not balanced this with decent/big sales so it looks as if we are moving towards direct investing in the future at a sustainable rate whilst having that rock around our neck of the stadium re-financing just getting going – so all in all we can complain about re-investment but given the constraints I guess we’re doing more or less all we can to get direct investment into the squad without risking the financial stability of the club and that has to be respected.

  • On HK10’s wages – Sonny, Dele, Toby now, even Lamela, Sissoko, Winks etc have all signed new big contracts with us and then there’s N’Dombele, Sessegnon, Lo Celso, the incoming Fernandes – wages are not an issue IMHO as shown by all these new contracts being signed recently in the wake of HK10’s deal.

    I have to agree with Frank only Sonny is anywhere near a match for HK10 and maybe Dele on his very best days but those are not always and even Sonny would struggle to match HK10’s overall productivity – HK10 walks into any team in the world, the same cannot be said of any of our other players.

    As I understand it HK10 is on £200k a week plus bonuses, possibly N’Dombele close to £200k with Sonny, Dele and maybe Lo Celso and Toby coming next on around £150k so they are actually not that far off HK10 indeed N’Dombele is at around 90% of HK10’s wages – the rest sit at 75% which is pretty impressive then again they are top players in their own right and deserve to earn market competitive wages.

  • I personally think HK10 is coming in very cheap for us – either that or his bonuses are through the roof style because at £200k a week he comes proper cheap given his talent. We’ve still got him tied down for another 4.5 years I believe but I reckon in 1.5 years time our resolve will be tested to the max by Madrid, etc in seeing if we can truly keep hold of him. At 28 and reaching his peak years depending on how well we’re doing it maybe time to cash in and look to other prospects – all depends on what we do over the next 1.5 years. Of course with HK10 in the squad we’ll always have one of the best if not the best striker in the world and will mean expectation’s for each given season can be relatively high – we need to get it right behind him and keep and get in quality to support him all the way and JM for that matter.

    Like I said earlier would love to get Aarons from Norwich and have him and Sessegnon bombing down the wings a la Walker and Rose in their prime indeed think the new pair could be better than the old pair and a match for Arnold and Robertson eventually. Tanganga and Sanchez also could have the makings of a quality CB pairing – just need time to develop an understanding and keep getting games under their belts.

    I’ve already talked about midfield and attack above.

    I’m harbouring great hope that the likes of Tanganga, Skipp, Sess, Clarke, Parrott, N’Dombele, Lo Celso amongst others will prove to be stars of the future.

  • Just to clear up – I don’t understand Eriksen – he was supposedly offered parity with HK10 atleast for the time being and from what I read will not get as much at Inter, etc so I’m not understanding his point of view in wanting to leave. Fair play now at Inter he’ll probably challenge for the Scudetto but I still doubt they’ll knock Juve off their perch and I think he’d be better off staying with us quite frankly. PSG appear to want him but he’s supposedly worried about getting game time there – thing is he wanted to go to Madrid/Barca/Juve but what guarantee over game time at those 3?! Atletico do not appear to be in him for him but they’re in a similar boat to us with Madrid and Barca looking like Liverpool and City in the Prem – so I do not really understand his stance?! Think he should have swallowed his pride and signed a new contract with us. Indeed the way he’s been playing this year he doesn’t even deserve it. Strange one – the real big boys have not come in – even Liverpool for £20m to replace Coutinho would have made some sense but that’s a NO so unless it’s a question of being fed up with living in London/England and wants to move to sunnier/warmer climes I honestly do not understand it!

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