Date: 20th August 2021 at 7:30pm
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Tottenham Hotspur started the new 2021/22 season with an unexpected, but very welcome, victory over Manchester City as we hosted them at White Hart Lane, and on Thursday evening we made the trip over to Pacos de Ferreira for our opening Europa Conference League clash.

Sadly, the less said about our all changed convincing 1-0 defeat is probably for the better as the only silver lining is at 1-0, a stronger squad can pull that back – dare I say our normal squad will pull that back.

Short of resting our better players (who surely at this stage of the season didn’t need resting) it’s woeful preparation for Wolverhampton Wanderers on Sunday afternoon. Spurs are still in a mini change, and undoubtedly Wolves and their new gaffer will be up for sticking one over Nuno as he returns for the first time, and if the Leicester opener is anything to go by, Wolves are now a more offensive outfit anyway in their style of play.

We’ll welcome back some familiar names at any rate, and we certainly won’t be as bad as that, and maybe we’ll even get to see Harry Kane make an appearance.

This one is difficult to call though.








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60 Replies to “Match Thread – Nuno Returns To The Wolves As Spurs Look To Banish Midweek Demons”

  • With apologies to Roy Orbison….”It”s Over”. Kane is gone. Get it done and dusted. We need to move on. Also we need to get rid of so many bench warmers as last night’s awful show suggested. So let’s hope Doherty, Winks, Lo Celso, Davies, N’Dombele, Sissoko etc get some suitors. We still need two wing backs, central defender, creative, attacking midfielder with scoring potential, striker and winger. Including Kane 7 gone and 6 in. Only Kane will be remembered for positive reasons. The rest are just not good enough and are clogging up our club.

    If only I could wave that magic wand and encourage buyers to buy and top players to consider Spurs. Must stop day dreaming.

  • WW… I expect the rescheduling of all the players you mention may not happen… Firstly as you say there has to be a buyer for the players, and we have already bought in players in most of the positions, time in TW is limited. The squad has to be balanced with home grown and foreign players under PL regs.

    It is now the hectic two weeks until the end of transfers and I still think levy is controlling the new DoF in what he does, with nuno clearly stepping out of the way. One thing I agree with nuno is if a player is wanting to leave, let him go quickly… as we have seen before how this causes problems with the other players (remember berbatov, / ericsson) Levy is a bit OTT with his insistence on selling HK10 for every penny he can get. Just get the deal done for the market price / worth of Harry… as we all know a player (or house etc.) is only worth what a genuine buyer will pay and there is only city as the possible buyer so far. So sell and move on.

  • I think I am more frustrated with N’Dombele than Kane. N’Dombele seems to be a plonker. Highly skilled but a waster.
    He rarely managed a whole game, has not even appeared this season and now wants a move. Levy (amazingly) paid a fortune for him and now will have to sell at a reduced price and his £200,000 wage. How could we make such a massive mistake? I loved watching his skills but his attitude is appalling. Who is going to take on someone so unreliable and unfit.
    We are being left with a handful of unwanted players. We don’t want them and no one else does. What a shambles.
    We should have the same eleven players on the pitch tomorrow with a poor bench/subs in the background. Let’s hope they produce again. They could have a very busy season.

  • Would kane be willing to accept 100k less per week if city offered it to him. Same as asking levy to lower his asking price

  • Strangely enough 123……. I do actually think Kane would play for £100k per week if he thought he had a good chance of winning the PL and CL. Of course, it wouldn’t happen at a club like City as he would have to fit in with their salary structure which would determine that he earned considerably more.

  • wentworth – “Get it done and dusted”, I love all these mindless comments. There’s an easy way to “Get it done” and that is to take whatever City want to pay us. Just like the easy way to buy a player is to pay whatever the seller wants. Of course if you don’t have the resources of an oil state behind you selling cheap and buying dear is a disastrous way to run a football club.

  • HK10 cost spurs nil to buy, so all profit in a sale. Tanguy has issues and is lazy for PL, so if he can’t change then out the door back to france. He was a big player in a league which is much less competitive than PL, so he should go back there and any loss on purchase and be a painful lesson for levy / scouting dept.

  • If dumbell is not fit to play or has no interest, where in a work place would you get away with this type of action, it simply stop his wages, fine him, or let him rot in the reserves for last 4 years of his contract.

  • Don’t think I’ll ever fully understand the application/interpretation of the laws in football. Apparently you can dribble into the opposition box, get wiped out by a defender playing the man and not the ball, but it’s fine as long as the defender is wiping out the attacker with his shoulder.

  • TQ a golfer can hit a small ball from over 200 yards plus and land it near the flag on the green.

    A football struggles to hit the target from a free kick 12 plus yards. Are they really professionals,

  • 123….they are professionals because they are paid to do it, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are any good at it! 🙂

  • 123,

    No wonder that Bale prefers golf to football. Perhaps if footballers could ride a cart up to the penalty spot…

  • Most footballers play golf to fill their leisure time, maybe they would be better if they could take free kicks and pens using a fairway wood.

  • wentworth – So your response is another mindless phrase. If you actually know how to “get it done” without costing the club money why not share the secret ?

  • If you can’t discuss sensibly Jod, join a moaning site. You seem such a sad fellow with your mindless criticism. I’m off to play golf and have a laugh. Audere est facere.

  • Despite Jod’s mindless criticisms, I stand by my philosophy of cutting losses. What is the point of keeping N’Dombele who has let us down badly, Winks who has gone backwards and ( sideways), Lo Celso who never scores, rarely passes and falls over a lot, Doherty who runs only in a straight line and loses the ball, Aurier a disaster waiting to happen etc.? Cut our losses and invest in players who show potential. No blue cross buys , Levy.

  • Hi all
    Only post infrequently and have lost my laxt poxt !!
    However tomorrow will be an early watershed for our team .
    How is the team better than last season ?
    Levy is a glisters gold person and how he can keep his job is beyond me .
    He has presided in spending money on new trained facilities but our U 18 s loose 7-2 to Chelsea !!
    He has spent money on a lovely stadium but has presided over a team which can’t compete and has only qualified for a 3rd tier cup comp !!
    He haggles over players we do not want but then causes a problem by not paying decent money to buy quality .
    His transfer dealings have been pathetic and I do not expect us to qualify for anything other than a 3 rd tier league .
    I wait critical comments esp from those who know more than me !!!!!!!

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