Date: 21st June 2020 at 6:45pm
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Tottenham Hotspur’s players now have a solid 90 minutes under their belts as we look for real match sharpness and fitness as we bring the 2019/20 Premier League campaign to a close, and next up on Tuesday evening we find ourselves back at White Hart Lane as we welcome the bubble blowing brigade to our pitch.

With only a point to show for mixed efforts against Manchester United on Friday evening, manager Jose Mourinho will be hoping for a return of all three points in this fixture – there might not be any fans, but the bragging rights are still available and that Champions League place is still within our grasp at this stage and that has to be the aim despite the season we’ve had.

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With West Ham playing on Saturday evening, from a recovery front, that extra 24 hours could massively play in our favour. With no crowd and piped-in noises, it’s still going to be a strange watch, but the players should be better adjusted now – so hopefully three points.

In terms of team news, we will welcome back Dele Alli from his suspension and we might have Lucas Moura back as well – both will be boosts on a goalscoring front.

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62 Replies to “Match Thread – It’s Football But Not As We Know It – Spurs Prepare To Blow The Bubbles Away”

  • I hope Kane comes good in this game but past experience tells me he needs weeks to get up to speed after a long lay off, weeks that we do not have, So Jose should have the courage to replace him if he’s not pulling his weight. Better that than just carrying him right through game as we did against United..

  • Of course you have to take into account the strength of the opposition but parking the bus is only an effective tactic if you have an outlet which we didn’t. Otherwise it becomes attack against defence where there can only be one outcome. Chasing the ball when you haven’t played for three months is a dumb tactic from a manager who clearly hasn’t evolved. Our best period of the match was after we scored the first goal until half time. Controlled attacking without leaving the defence exposed. Jose obviously didn’t like that and changed to a park the bus tactic at half time. I know we have him for a while because we simply can’t afford to sack him but I’ll say it anyway. Jose out COYS

  • Lloris
    Aurier Sanchez Dier Davies
    Sissoko Lo Celso
    Bergwijn Dele Son

  • It will be a huge surprise if José Mourinho every produc the football at WHL that will be fun to watch, Fun is not in that man’s repertoire.

  • Just seen the team – can’t get over how crap our defence is overall quite frankly – we’ve gone from Walker, Toby, Verts and Rose to Aurier, Davy, Dier and Davies – not one of the current defence would force their way into the other one – no chance in hell and if one is uber critical that other defence was still not capable of delivering any titles/trophies! We have gone backwards and by a long way in terms of defence – it’s bordering on the ridiculous. Now overall I would back up Levy, etc on his tenure given how poor we were when he (ENIC) first took over and indeed have done so on here in the past but here he has seriously taken his eye off the ball and it’s simply not good enough! Poch may also be partly to blame given that the likes of Aurier and Davy were bought under his tenure but he’s no longer with us so one can only really criticise Levy and the board for this now – not to mention he was the one holding the purse strings and is alledged to have a big influence on our transfers so like I say it’s simply not good enough and one has to sympathise with JM having to work with a sub-standard defence quite frankly – especially given our supposed aspirations of top 4 at a minimum and possibly even hopes of winning titles/trophies.

    That all said I fully expect us to win this one as Lo Celso, Dele, Moura, Sonny and HK10 is serious firepower and more than capable of firing us past Wet Spam even if all are not fully fit and despite the fact that Wet Spam should bring their A game given their plight at the moment and desperate need for points. Attack wise I would even go as far as saying it should be a comfortable win but as the away fixture proved we scored 3 goals first and then managed to concede 2 near the end for a sticky final few minutes. We’ve definitely got goals in the side with our attack problem is we’ve also got holes to let them in aswell in terms of defence.

    Looking forward to a good game and win from us – here’s hoping that’s the case and we don’t have to come on here later to continue moaning even crying about how poor we have become given the wave we have been riding for the last 4-5 years.

    Hopefully we keep a clean sheet (but wouldn’t bet on it) and it’s the catalyst for a solid win! Will be back later to discuss the match fully!

  • I would swap Dier for Toby but Dier did have a good game against Utd barring the penalty debacle and I guess JM wants to see more of him in that role. Apart from this probably as strong as we could be so JM not taking any real risks – like I say arguably the strongest 11 he could put out barring maybe Toby being added. Bergwijn has been superb for us but needs to be rotated with Moura especially to keep both fresh and fit and it’s great to see Lo Celso and Dele in the same team – both pure class in terms of developing play, etc and with Sonny and HK10 – we have 2 world class clinical finishers so up front bodes well – shame about the defence behind them. Sissoko easily our most consistent CM in the last 2 season’s deserves his place especially if fit enough which he appears to be – shame about N’Dombele but would be risky at the moment to go with a CM of N’Dombele and Lo Celso as both like to move forwards so who would cover and neither is that good as regards covering anyway so makes sense that they are not paired even if both are extremely talented. Pretty much as solid an 11 as JM could put out at the moment so here’s hoping it’s good enough which overall it should be especially with the attacking talent we have!

  • Well, in spite of the odd belief from some of you that somehow we would park the bus vs WH. It’s WH doing what we did vs United but without the counter attacking. And for those that wanted more “possession” football from Spurs, well you got it. But it’s still only nil nil… Arghhhh!

    But I think we’re playing well. Some changes from the evil one at half time and later on, and bang bang bang! An easy 2nd half destruction of the ugly claret and blue, from the beautiful and lovely Lily-whites!

    Well, why not?

    Up the Spurs!

    • Wasn’t so much ‘park the bus ‘ from WHU, more like ‘park the Docklands Light Railway’! lol

  • Well, no thrashing. No high drama. Just an easy-ish 2-0 win.

    And, Harry bangs one in ! That’ll do for me…

    Up the Spurs!

  • there you go…..attacking football and a deserved win….score could have been more,shows sharpness is lacking…moura should have buried that chance.
    a win is a win and played well…up the spurs….coys

  • comments must be hibernating or such…..loved the way dier was vocal….shouting to his defence and others….kudos to him

  • Decent controlled game from us – Sissoko and Lo Celso dominated in midfield and were simply superb and set us up perfectly for the win. Still rusty up front but quality told in the end with Sonny setting HK10 off perfectly and a beautiful finish from our talisman – got to say great work from Lamela on several occassions including getting the ball back for that 2nd goal – looks like JM was right about having attacking options on the bench and being able to rotate – I did mention above regarding for example Moura and Bergwijn and rotating to keep them fit and fresh.

    Defence decent enough – Aurier got into a lot of promising positions so that was good to see from him – shame that we did not capitalise on any of them but on another day I’m sure we could do if he keeps arriving well to said positions and the attackers get sharper with every game.

    Let’s be honest Wet Spam were piss poor but you can only beat what’s put in front of you and we were professional and pretty solid – never really looked in much doubt which was/is good to see especially at home.

    Good run out from the lads – now look forward to a decent rest and then the next game which I believe will be a tough one away at Sheff Utd – still fully expect us to beat them if we can progress onwards from tonight though.

    Glad HK10 got his goal – vital for confidence and good that Sonny also laid on the assist. Shame Sonny was off side in the 1st half when he scored an otherwise good goal. Like I said before the match we’ve got the firepower it’s just a case of holding it together at the back as much as possible and forging clean sheets to give the forwards as much chance as possible to win us games – which invariably given their un-doubted quality/talent they will do more often than not!

    Thumbs up from me tonight no problem/worries!

  • A solid, if unspectacular performance. We were again very organised. Signs that Mourinho’s messages are getting across. I’ll gladly take it.

  • I don’t agree with some posters on here about last night game. IMO we were in control 95% and rarely troubled by Spammers.

    We were facing a bus parked team, and we kept the ball passing around. Sonny unlucky VAR decision. Aurier did better in this game, and some good through balls Lo Celso / Moura Lamela for him to cross. Sanchez till nervous needs toby there CH. HK10 was rusty missed a few but got there in the end. Overall we are getting better, squad rotation needs to be used…. Tanguy, toby for example.

    Big test next game as SHf. Utd been doing well in PL. COYS

  • Having watched the game last night, I think I went through all the emotions, brilliant, oh! not again, same ole same ole, but in the end what I saw as BS has already said, signs of Jose in charge were starting to show, ok not for 90 mins, but the signs of a team playing a system were there, so I am really hopeful for the future games this season and esp for next. COYS

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