Date: 20th May 2021 at 8:47pm
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Tottenham Hotspur well and truly saw the wheels fall off as we welcomed inconsistent Aston Villa to White Hart Lane for our penultimate Premier League clash of the 2020/21 campaign.

Despite taking the early lead in the game, Spurs were largely woeful and the visitors were likely aggrieved that the scoreline wasn’t higher than the 2-1 it was at the break. It seemed what could go wrong, would go wrong and that’s even allowing for goalkeeper Hugo Lloris taking out their striker in the box, and the referee not even giving a penalty a second thought.

Now it’s all eyes to Sunday’s curtain closer with Leicester City at the King Power Stadium, where we have one final chance to put in a convincing performance and attempt to take some momentum into what is going to be a crucial summer for our future.

If we start like we finished the Villa, but maybe with a bit more urgency, we know we are good enough to take the win, but perform like we did in the first half and Brendan Rodgers’ side will be all over us like a rash.

Let’s hope Harry isn’t saying the same thing after the next game.







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119 Replies to “Match Thread – Can Spurs Out Fox Leicester & End 2020/21 With A Win”

  • TK. Its a simple Q. Pick a guy who you want to manage thfc next. Nothing more Nothing less. But you go round and round with the same recycle comments. Jose this DL that. Getting a bit boring now on here. We all know how you feel. But you are asked to pick a name to a Q and you cant/didn’t. We won’t judge you on who you would pick.

  • Pick a manager just for fun…. Jose Mourinho.
    But seriously I like the look of Flick, has his team playing good football they look fit and hard to beat.

  • Niall…….picking Jose turned out to be not much fun! :- )

    Looks like Flick is destined for the Germany job, my choice was Tuchel but we were too slow to act and the chavs got him.

  • Graham Potter would be a similar management scenario to when poch. was appointed to spurs.

    Today the rival fans in N London… E London … SW 10 London and media…are just waiting for spurs to loose again, and trolling us. Spurs players.. management… Levy / Enic has caused this over the last 3 yrs / 7yrs. Can they make amends I ask ? Not for some time it would seem, as a desperate restructure of the squad is needed. With some soul searching (focusing ) by Levy / Joe / Directors then funding the necessary actions required now.

    Then we will have the time scale for new players and manager to settle and show their ability. So it would be at about Christmas before any real progress, so mid table is where we will be in first half of new season. A bit depressing bit reality of our situation at THFC now… IMO.

  • I have always looked forward to Spurs games. Never miss one.But now anticipation has turned to apprehension. There have been so many huge disappointments in the past few months and very few highlights. Thank you to Kane and Son for lightening the gloom and always giving us hope …… just imagine if we had had a decent midfielder to provide those telling through balls and score himself from distance ( I am thinking early Eriksen) and then Dele to be picking up scraps around the box.

    We have to be ruthless and sell off most of the squad who are no where near top 4 calibre. We need an on field captain to kick a$$es not the silent Lloris. A top midfielder who can run forward with the ball and pass and score. At least 2 marauding fulll backs who can cross the ball. And much much more.

    Oh yes.And a decent, modern coach.

  • WW…..even Son has looked far from his best for a good while now, his goal scoring still looks decent but from memory most of them came earlier in the season and very few of late, we haven’t even seen much of his smile lately either.

  • WW agreed we do need a massive sell off, hopefully we’ll get buyers, the issue is who do we want out, and, who wants to go, I a rebuild can we be rid of 6 just now, then another 3 in January, then move 2 on next Summer, or do we just wholesale say, Aurier, Doh, Dier, Regs, Winks, Dave, Sissoko, Bergs, Lucas, with Kane and N’Dombers wanting away makes 11 all for sale. How do we replace that in one Summer transfer window? It’s not a question to you m8, just an observation.

  • Hmmmm……no Ndombele in the squad. Strange lineup, we are going to be so lightweight in the middle of the park, Ndidi and Tielemans will have a field day.

  • We will start today’s match with lots going against us. First, the general lethargy with which Spurs have been playing. Then, we’re in LC’s home. And, LC has a chance of making the top four. Spurs, on the other hand, are away, mired in lethargy, and with no chance of a top four placement. If we are to play well, it will be on pride alone, basically. A place in what European competition is on the line for us? Ouch.

    Let’s see whether our lot can summon sufficient pride to put in a real performance. I’m not overly otimisitic. Maybe HK will really ignight. It might be his last match in our jersey after 17 or so years association with our club. But, some of the others are possibly playing so as to induce DL to get rid of them.

    I’ll be tuned in, but I’m not at all optimistic about what I’ll see.


    Sorry to be such a git, 123, but truth be told I don’t follow teams around the world sufficiently to know what manager we should bring in. I know lots that I think should not be hired, but I don’t know who should be hired. I surely wouldn’t have suggested Pochettino before he was hired, so what do I know? I’m just a total knobhead, after all, and that guarantees that I’ll disappoint you at some crucial point. As who we shouldn’t hire, and I’ll shine for ya.

    Prediction for today: looks bleak, truth be told. Looks bleak. But I’m a knobhead, and only the gods know in advance what things will look like in the gloom of tomorrow. Let’s hope for a goal or two for Kane so as to end the season with the most goals in the league.

  • Winks and Dele in the team – Mason has clearly been told that we don’t want the European Conference League. For the last time this season we will be witnessing aimless couldn’t care less going no where football.

  • BT sport have just answered my question over europen places, if Chelsea finish in 5th and win the CL then we will have 5 teams in next seasons CL and just 1 in th EL and 1 in the ECL. Doesn’t seem very fair.

  • Shocking team selection. Picking his mates. Looks like mason has cost us EL. Should of kept jose.

  • Sorry TK you seem to put all your effort in jose, a lot of time spent thinking about a guy you don’t like.

  • Bobby Zimmerman’s 80th birthday tomorrow? Is today’s match likely to be the falling of a hard rain?

  • At least there is some agreement here about our new manager’s dismal team selections. Winks , Bergwijn, and Dele again plus anther defensive accident waiting to happen in the shape of Sanchez. Looks like he’s put his mates before learning the lessons of previous games. So much for getting Jose out as soon as possible!

  • 123 Yes sacking jose days before LC Final was a bad idea, but we are where we are now.

    I noticed poch & jesus respects to death of spurs commercial director.. classy by poch.

    I expect the usual spursey performance today… but hope to be surprised by the players !!

  • We are desperate to lose this one. How on earth can Winks and Bergwijn be in the team? They would not even get on the Leicester bench! Sadly, Mason has been yet another massive mistake. Nice,gentle guy but totally out of his depth. Where are N’Dombele and Lo Celso? Where are our super subs? Scarlett is on the bench once again. Please give him a decent run out to hopefully lighten the gloom. ( Not 45 seconds like Moaninho did.)

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