Date: 20th May 2021 at 8:47pm
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Tottenham Hotspur well and truly saw the wheels fall off as we welcomed inconsistent Aston Villa to White Hart Lane for our penultimate Premier League clash of the 2020/21 campaign.

Despite taking the early lead in the game, Spurs were largely woeful and the visitors were likely aggrieved that the scoreline wasn’t higher than the 2-1 it was at the break. It seemed what could go wrong, would go wrong and that’s even allowing for goalkeeper Hugo Lloris taking out their striker in the box, and the referee not even giving a penalty a second thought.

Now it’s all eyes to Sunday’s curtain closer with Leicester City at the King Power Stadium, where we have one final chance to put in a convincing performance and attempt to take some momentum into what is going to be a crucial summer for our future.

If we start like we finished the Villa, but maybe with a bit more urgency, we know we are good enough to take the win, but perform like we did in the first half and Brendan Rodgers’ side will be all over us like a rash.

Let’s hope Harry isn’t saying the same thing after the next game.







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119 Replies to “Match Thread – Can Spurs Out Fox Leicester & End 2020/21 With A Win”

  • WE are rapidly running out of options for a new coach. I can understand why no one decent wants to come. Who would want to work under the miserly Levy or the anonymous, “sleepy” Joe.

    However, I am beginning to warm to Graham Potter who has done a fantastic job at Brighton and is developing some exciting young players( not like us) and has done brilliantly at keeping Brighton in the Prem playing attacking football on a very limited budget.

    We have suffered from the big 4. ENIC,sleepy Joe, tight fisted Levy and the ghastly Moaninho who I will never forgive for dragging us down to the depths of boring, defensive football.

    Whoever comes in, it is a massive job to bring us back to the Poch era. We have at least 8 ordinary players that need to move on. We need 2 wing backs either side, 2 centre halves, an attacking, goalscoring midfielder, another goalscoring striker (come Back Defoe all is forgiven!). We also need an onfield captain (Hojberjg) not the silent Lloris.

    6 decent signings could do the trick but please lets get rid of all the mistakes and cheapies. We have far too many bench warmers when we require super subs.

    Always living in hope. No excuses Levy. Fire sale and decent replacements please.

  • After what DL put us through with Mourinho. he owes us. He owes us in a big way.

    He’s acknowledge this, and he admitted in public that he took his eyes off football to gaze at property development. Money money money money. Okay,, now let’s splash some of the cash.

    Put at least the bare bones of a real football team together so that a new manager has something to manage.

    Let’s assume that Kane is leaving, so we need two new players to replace him–a scoring CF and an attacking MF–since Kane played both positions.

    ww is right. We need minimally 2 new CB and 2 new FB wingers, and that’s not even accounting for the need to have replacements for those positions.

    The midfield? Even replacing the midfielder that was Kane, we are left with a serious need for a Modric, Eriksen, Modric sort. Spurs football requires someone to get the ball forward quickly and smoothly, and we don’t really have that now.

    Lloris needs to go, if not now, then soon. And that means finding a replacement.

    Dele can’t be counted on, but he might provide a nice surprise return to the form of three years ago. But don’t put him into the plans. Treat his return as a delicious treat, but don’t expect it in the main course.

    And DL. Listen up. Full revolt coming if you don’t bring in some real and ready talent. No buying speculative investments who might be turned over in a couple of years for a tidy little prophet. Have Joe Lewis do that with bits a bobs of estate lots and the like.

    We were told after Bale we were replacing Elvis with the four Beatles, but what we got were some off key lounge singers. Don’t pull that again.

    The alternative to doing it right this time: Carried out of London on a rail with a covering of tar and feathers, DL. We’re traditional people here.

  • ‘speculative investments who might be turned over in a couple of years for a tidy little prophet’. Seems to me you are well placed to suggest some options in this respect TK! lol

  • There’s talk of us, maybe resigning Tripps, whilst better than what we currently have, how long would we get from him considering he is very dependant on his speed and he’s hitting 30.
    We do need fixed right across the back 4, and whilst a similar age I wonder could we reinvigorate Danny Rose, as I do feel that on his day, there ain’t many better, bring back Sess, and unfortunately get rid of Regs as it hasn’t worked, similarly Doh, While we’re there Dier, and Sanches could go with Aurier.
    Winks (for me) just hasn’t cut the mustard, Lamella considering his injuries could go, there are rumors that N’Dombele wants away. Bergs and could go or stay, but very much squad players
    I would Keep Tobs, Lloris, Hoj, LoCeslo, Sonny, Dele. The first two for another season.
    But I thought we needed around 4 in, but this, was before Kane and N’Dombers wanted out.
    I would sign Aaron’s, Anderson, Ake, Coady, Ward prowse,Neves, Sabitzer, Loftus Cheek, Ings, and Hudson Odi or Calvert Lewin.
    Not em all by the way but just a selection of what we could possibly get( allowing for the sales of our players) that could take us forward.

  • TQ2Spurs,

    LOL. My fingers are so used to typing double entendres that they are doing so when disconnected from my brain. My sense of humor has come back to bite me on the lower backside.

    Maybe i should proof read here like I do when writing professionally. But, if I had noticed the typographical mistake, I think I would have left if as is, as it has its own quirky appeal. It fits something I would have typed knowingly.

  • At least Tripps can make passes into the box from the right-hand side. But I agree that he’s a bit too aged (Lol) to build on for the future. I’d rather Tripps than Aurier, though, even though Aurier shows the occasional burst. but let’s bring in someone who’s not entering the downside of a career.

  • At least Lot was still banging the ball into the goal even though it was with his daughters. Maybe we can sign Moab, who eventually put together a complete team.

    This comment for any traditional Yids who might be on the site.

  • I don’t have a problem with having one experienced older full/wing back and one younger prospect on each side, we pretty much have that on the left with Reguilon and Davies.

  • Just for fun, you say? Mauricio Pochettino, with an adequate budget to sign new contracts.

    Just for fun, second place: Harry Kane as player manager, with any git as the “official manager’ who has the required documents to be named manager while Our Harry actually manages. Let Kane spend some money to bring in the players he wants playing with him. This might induce him not to run to Manchester to work for immoral potentates who run a semi-slave state next to Saudi Arabia where 80% of the inhabitants are foreign workers whose passports are held so they cannot go home.

    Thanks to the gods we don’t have owners quite like that, no matter the results they bring.

  • Could do worse than Graham Potter, but this looks like a serious suggestion and not “just for fun.”

  • I wonder what the signings would look like if DL had to fill in the starting line ups each match and had to look at the reserves while standing on the touch line.

  • Easy to sit high in the stands and hire and fire managers when you (a) stupidly hire JM, and (b) fail the others you hire by refusing to give them adequate players to manage.

    Hire me, sign the players that Barça and Real Mad have been able to sign, and I’ll win a couple of titles and cups even though I wouldn’t know what I’m doing 1/3 of the time.

  • Too late in life to hire Glenn Hoddle ? Is his health too shot? Must be something from a previous life time. Or how about the husband of Silvia Ardiles? Either one could co-manage with HK.

  • Never provide me with an opportunity to respond to a “just for fun” opportunity. lol. all restraints are removed. It’s like asking Alice to report on what’s down the rabbit hole while looking in the reflective glass.

  • I don’t beleive it. LC vs Tottenham will be the only match shown on live TC in NY. I hope it’s not a match that will make me cry. It’s not good at my age to cry over football.

  • I don’t believe it will be on TV. If out team keeps deteriorating they’ll never be on TV here again. Nor in Brasil. I’ll have to rely only on VS, god help me.

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