Date: 20th May 2021 at 8:47pm
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Tottenham Hotspur well and truly saw the wheels fall off as we welcomed inconsistent Aston Villa to White Hart Lane for our penultimate Premier League clash of the 2020/21 campaign.

Despite taking the early lead in the game, Spurs were largely woeful and the visitors were likely aggrieved that the scoreline wasn’t higher than the 2-1 it was at the break. It seemed what could go wrong, would go wrong and that’s even allowing for goalkeeper Hugo Lloris taking out their striker in the box, and the referee not even giving a penalty a second thought.

Now it’s all eyes to Sunday’s curtain closer with Leicester City at the King Power Stadium, where we have one final chance to put in a convincing performance and attempt to take some momentum into what is going to be a crucial summer for our future.

If we start like we finished the Villa, but maybe with a bit more urgency, we know we are good enough to take the win, but perform like we did in the first half and Brendan Rodgers’ side will be all over us like a rash.

Let’s hope Harry isn’t saying the same thing after the next game.







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119 Replies to “Match Thread – Can Spurs Out Fox Leicester & End 2020/21 With A Win”

  • Can’t believe it first post on the last league game of the season.
    Frank, not sure if it was was you, with the added name, but in your last post 4:01 re Levy and ENIC you just about nailed my thoughts m8.
    I have been thinking on this for quite some time, and whilst I’m no scholar, compared to some of you, I will go into a bit of Greek history re – our team there has been a word going round my head and it is evident from top to bottom in our team “Hubris”.
    Probably (for me) best described as unfounded confidence, bearing on arrogance.
    But I would assume that TK could explain it much better.
    For me that is the issue with our team, from an over extended stadium to Mr Levey, to JM, right through each (average) and over paid player we have. I’m not against players as such being payed inflated wages, but at least put some effort in, there are defo those more interested in their hair styles and profiles.
    Re Sundays game who cares, it now means nothing.
    BTW sorry its a foot note, but sincere thanks Danny for this and all your other threads this season, you have been busy and I’m sure at times could see it far enough, rest up m8 and enjoy the Euros. Regards N

    • Appreciated Niall, as I’ve appreciated everyone’s comments and thanks over the last season. I might not have the time to do much more unless things change here, but I’ll keep going with Match Threads for you as long as they are wanted.

      All eyes to Sunday, please end on a high as I don’t like that Harry video I posted, although granted it could be massively out of context? I don’t remember seeing that when I watched the game so I can’t place it.

      Big summer ahead.

      • Mostly been reading the threads…. Interesting and constructive for the most part in a torrid season…. have to say thanks to Danny for the threads and everyone for the messages… least we ended up in Europe of sorts….hoping for a proper manager and proper players for the new season….you all take care in this pandemic and be safe for the new season…. respect to all…. blessings from Jamaica….COYS

  • Danny, thanks for the last match thread of this um! season, also thanks for all the hard work you have put in over the season, plus please carry on next season, a big thanks again.

    As for Sunday, do we care? does it matter?

    I would still love to see us win, but for once I have my doubts. COYS

  • Well I for one care very much – win and we at least finish above Gooners. Might be a small ‘victory’ but to finish below Chelski, Wet Spam and Gooners would be the ultimate humiliation. COYS.

  • I said the same in the previous threat Buntingford, the sad thing is I can see it happening. Leicester still have a chance of finishing in the top 4 with a win which is a massive incentive for them, even with a win I still dont think it will be enough for them to overhaul Liverpool though, unless they beat us by a cricket score, which doesn’t bear thinking about!

  • Just been checking on the match broadcasts on Sunday, all 10 games are being shown live and I have access to 6 of them through apps that I have, guess what…..our game is one of the 4 I don’t have legal access to!

    On a brighter note…..the BBC are going to be showing Euro matches in UHD on iPlayer.

  • I think it might be a blessing in disguise if we do miss out on european competitions next season. I know it will be a big a fairly big hit income wise but if we are to lose Kane, and maybe others, it will give us the opportunity to hit the reset button and allow a new coach plenty of time on the training field with a much changed squad and to concentrate on the 3 domestic competitions.

  • TQ I can handle no European competitions. I cannot handle finishing below Gooners and Wet Spam!!!!

  • Yes, that’s the dilemma, there is the incentive for Kane to win the golden boot so maybe his team mates will pull their fingers out to help him achieve this as a farewell gesture.

    • Tanks DW for your efforts in making VS as good as it is. I only wish I could say the same for your namesake our erstwhile chairman and his gaffer the absentee Joe Lewis. It is difficult to imagine how to make a worst job of running a rich PL football club, even if playing success is low on their priority list. Never mind they will make a nice few quid by selling the family silver like Kane, Son, Deli etc, etc. They can always hire out their £800,000,000 emporium for pop concerts etc to keep the dosh rolling in.

  • Leicester can also qualify for the Champions League if they win and Chelsea drop points at Villa.
    A win for us would seal us qualification for the prestigious Europa Conference League. Now if that isn’t enough to convince Harry to stay then I don’t know what is.
    I think we will get mocked more if we are in the Europa Conference League than if we finish eighth. Personally I couldn’t care less if Arsenal finish above us if it means avoiding the Conference League. It will give Graham Potter more time on the training pitch with the players. COYS

    • Thats exactly how i feel DH, I wouldn’t mind at all Arsenal nor West Ham if it means we avoid that conference league. That’s why its a crying shame we saved our worst performance of the season for the Villa game.

  • At the present rate of progress we will soon present a challenge to fire fighter Sam Allardyce, who might even turn out to be the candidate who actually wants the job.

  • Frank 100 %, just what I said in previous posts, re “the Emporium”, Ref “Big Sam” there’s always the like of Tony Pulis.
    Bunting” it’s not that I don’t want us to win or finish above Wham, and the Gooners, it’s just that given this year what we’ve been through as a club it matters little as our team has flattered not to deceive but to fail, so in reality I have little appitite for the pre holiday attitude of our players, who aren’t focused on their job and are basically going through the motions.
    And actually I’m a bit torn in the hope that Liverpool (another BBC darling) don’t get CL football.

  • Interesting news just surfaced…..Nuno Espirito Santo is leaving Wolves after Sunday’s game. That’s another name to add to the speculation list!

  • I think they could be more of a chance to get Rodgers if they fail to get CL. Lets see if the players are up for this one. We were once 11 points ahead of arsenal at one stage

  • Nuno now odds on to become our next manager . . .

    Was interesting to see Sergei Rebrov was on the list as well at 66/1 which I’m pretty sure were the odds on offer for him to score each game of his second season with us

  • Feels funny to be thanking a Wet Spammer for keeping this site running through the season. thanks, DW, you got us through the Winter in fine fettle. You lit the fire in the hearth every day for us.

    I went to a couple of matches many life times ago at Upton/Boleyn, and I remember encountering Bobby Moore in Valentine’s Park, so I haven’t a dislike for Spammers. Good people, really, in spite of a misplaced loyalty. But sadly misinformed about where to place their love. lol.

    Danny, you’re now an honorary Spurs supporter, in spite of whatever happened to you in what must have been a miserable childhood that made you a Spammer.

    Thanks for the work you put in for us. Much appreciated.

    • PMSL – that misplaced joke is going to outlive me on here isn’t it! I was only kidding, promise!

      The Nuno development is interesting, not sure what I think about that one as it seems to have gone pear shaped at Wolves this season, so what can Santo do if he isn’t given a Mendes leg up?

      While I’m here, I’m taking it folks want a generic ‘transfer’ thread to tick us through the summer?

  • Judging by what I have read so far there is no link with Nuno leaving Wolves.

    Danny….thanks for the match threads over the season, a ‘transfer’ thread would be good but heaven knows what we might post on it, I’ve no clue where we are going right now!

  • Ah hubris, Niall. Unfounded over confidence and sense of self importance. As dangerous trait as a man can present to himself or his his community. In Athenian law, nothing was more damning than the hubris that elevates a man above the community.

    The signal case was Icarus, who ignored the counsel of his father, Daedalus, when escaping from the labyrinth in Crete. Do not fly so low, my son, so as to be influenced by the moisture in the air that is close to the sea, and not so high so as to be close to the burning heat of the sun.

    Of course, like all myths, the labyrinth, the moisture of the sea, and the heights near the sun, carried symbolic meanings. One can think of being caught in the labyrinth as referring to all the twists and turns of life, to the dead ends that meet so much of our efforts to escape the problems–the paths we take with no clear end, and the dead ends we encounter because we really have little idea of where we want to go–or, more importantly, where we should be going. Where we, as men, belong.

    The moisture of the sea–the passions and feelings that draw us down away from the light and purity of the sky. The burning heat of the sun–the fate that awaits those who would flirt with the immortality that rightfully is only for the gods, and if there is one about being a man and not a god, it’s that we are not divine and forever. We are limited and mortal. We are of this mortal coil.

    Hubris–the overconfidence in ourselves that we can be gods. The arrogance and false pride that places us in the heavenly aethers, far above where a man should be or attempt to go. And Icarus defied his father’s advise and chose to fly where only a god should go. (As the English upper classes used to complain about ordinary men, Icarus didn’t know to keep to his station. Such were the divine rights of the lords and their ladies with but a drop of royal blood.)

    Despite the advice of his dad, an excessively exuberant Icarus flew too close to the sun and his wax wings melted causing him to fall into the sea. Icarus’s hubris as he dissed his dad as he flew above his station in the cosmos, was an illustration about needing humility and restraint. Audacity is inherently dangerous to the one who would mock the gods with a sense of being divine. It is the moral disease of the politician, of the rich, of those who would be the official intellectuals of a community, of the medical doctors who have no respect for their patients, of the footballers who think they have a divine right to riches and adoration.

    Hubris separates us from one another. It brings a sense that one merits more than others. It blinds us to our obligations and our limitations. It places us outside our communities. It makes some of us refer to ourselves as being “a special one,” whose needs must be fulfilled first, who opinions are the only ones with importance, and it ends, one way or another, with a terrible crash that can destroy not only the high flyer, but those who looked up to the high flyer to guidance and leadership. Beware of those who proclaim their specialness. He who claims to be the special one will crash and drag his followers down.

    Yet people persist to follow the one to fly high above the labyrinth and high above the ordinary waves of the seas, the one who dares to fly with the gods in the aethers near the sun, although surely that is someone we should not follow. We have been warned not to be followers of the prideful, that when they crash, they will crush us as they are hitting the earth, which is, after all, where our feet should have been planted all along,

    And the question of where our feet should be planted is where we should be focused. After all, it’s football that we use as our trope for life on this moral earthly pitch we call Mother Earth. Earth is only a football pitch, with its clear goalposts, its lines of where it is permissible to go, and clear knowledge of what is within the rules of decency. When we drift from those constraints, there are penalties to be paid.

    So, a decent footballer, and a decent supporter, should stay with feet close to the earth. It’s hard to score a goal, or defend against a goal, when one thinks the goal is to fly in the sky close to the sun.

    Pride goeth before the fall. Proverbs 16:18. And our players put the team into a terrible fall when they lost this focus. All focus was lost on the day when limitations were ignored, when the common good was blurred. When the gaze was one the individual and his pride. When players felt hurt that they were not the focus. when it was taken for granted that each of us is deserving just because we can fly.

    Somewhat different tradition–Proverbs vs. Greek muths– but the same imagery and the same message. Keep you feet on the ground, which is where you are apt to find a football. No one can kick a football to the sun. Such attempt presage a great fall. And he who falls, bring all others down with him.

  • Yes, please, a transfer thread would be tasty. but if that’s the only thread we have, all topics suddenly become transfer topics.

    • I’ll come back to it after the game, but maybe one manager thread, one transfer thread?

      Any other offers?

      A round up pre-season thread to cover all friendlies?

  • TK thanks for the “lesson” I knew it had to do with Athens and Icarus, but Hubris defo applies to our over paid over confident and under performing players, do the actions of Levey and Co with “the Emporium” not smack of Hubris if not then extreme narcissism, also to similairs attract the appointment of the egoistic Mourinho. So should we change our motto for this, season from Audere est Facere to Superbia Et Ante Ruinam Exaltaur.
    Let’s hope we completely hit the reset button next season and get back to being a hardworking yet flamboyant skillful entertaining football team.
    To the rest of you folks before the post match whinge starts, PY, Frank, TK, TQ, LT, DH, HT, BS B 108 et Al we haven’t always agreed but I have loved the banter, badanage, arguments, disagreements, fellowship, support, laughs, music recommends. (Still listening to Taj and Keb)
    So thanks to you all for the posts. Just in case I would forget at the seasons end.
    Sunday prediction Spurs 2 Leicester 1 (pen)

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