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Match Thread – Can Spurs Go Out With A Bang & A CL Spot

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It’s been a season of ups and downs for Tottenham Hotspur and having seemingly blown a great chance to secure a top four spot the other month, the stars have aligned perfectly for Antonio Conte and we again hold a two point advantage over Arsenal in the race for fourth place.

With Spurs ending the campaign strongly with three wins and two draws in our last five, our north London neighbours handed us the advantage on Monday evening as they fell to a very poor 2-0 defeat to Wolverhampton Wanderers and as had long been speculated, our recent meeting has been absolutely key to the final lay of the top flight table.

It’s now all eyes to Sunday afternoon and the final day of action for the 2021/22 campaign and with Mikel Arteta’s side face Everton, we have the much easier task of a trip to Carrow Road to face Dean Smith’s already relegated Norwich City side.

Injury wise, the only player to potentially welcome back is Cristian Romero following the hip issue he sustained in the Liverpool clash, but you wouldn’t expect anyone else to return now.

Over to the players to finish a largely mixed campaign on a massive high.








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  • Geofspurs says:

    Hi HT …. I agree. The EPL is probably the toughest league in Europe. That equates to there being no-easy-games, which has been proved time and time again. There is only one way to finish in the top four …. on merit. Where a club finishes is where they deserve to finish.

    I have to admit that there were four or five times during the season when I thought a top four place was impossible. You didn’t think that, so …. well done you!

  • BelgianSpur says:

    HT – I take your point but I think there is a vast difference between the MP period where we were, without question, one of the top 4 teams in the country – and most neutral fans would have agreed, and now.

    I think that if you look at the context and ask, in general, if appointing a manager, sacking him after 75 days when the team is hoveirng around the relegation places, then appointing a new manager with a completely different philosophy is very often a recipe for success.

    Not only is the obvious answer no, it is often the recipe for relegation.

    We just can’t compare that level if unrest with anything that happened during the relatively stable years under MP.

    Anyone saying we didn’t deserve top 4 back then was either very negative or an Arsenal fan. This year is very different.

  • Geofspurs says:

    Can’t argue with that but throughout those seasons, BS, you complained regularly about the lack of trophies instead of focusing on the fantastic football you’ve just alluded to. In football you have to find the enjoyment in the current reality, whatever it may be. This season’s enjoyment will probably be based on coming fourth (I hope) and a few performances, rather than a season of sublime football.

  • BelgianSpur says:

    Geof – I think expectations are set based on where the team is at any given moment in time, and what one would consider to be either overachieving or underachieving.

    If the team is regularly finishing top 4, the only progression possible is a trophy. That was my feeling at the time.

    Based on where we finished last year and even how we started the season, top 4 is MASSIVE progress. That is my feeling today.

    That’s why 5 years ago, not winning a trophy was considered a relative “failure” at the time, based on where the team was. And why merely finishing in the top 4 this year is as good as anything we’ve done recently.

    Context is everything.

    • 123spurs says:

      With 5 subs rule to suit the bigger better squads, the bottom half can just bring on more defender’s.

      You can still finish outside the top4 and still won a trophy.

      Surely we can’t mess up this on Sunday now, I couldn’t handle 80mim and still a draw with arsenal winning.


  • Hot Tottingham says:

    Thanks for your responses guys… (BS and Geof).

    Not long now before we finally seal our PL fate. And hopefully (surely), Sunday will be a day of celebration for all us Spurs supporters.

    Finishing 4th will be a fine achievement. Not just because of it being such a topsy turvey 21-22 season, but also because of the two previous seasons, and post Pochettino.

  • Geofspurs says:

    If (when) we do finish fourth, we’ll probably go on and win the CL. That would be the Spurs way.

  • BelgianSpur says:

    I admire the optimism but I still can’t look past Norwich.

    Probably PTSD from Lasagnegate, losing to a relegated Newcastle in 2016 etc.

    I am quite optimistic we will do it, but there is still that lingering element of doubt in my mind.

    • PompeyYid says:

      BS, this lingering doubt you allude too! is it to keep the seat on the fence warm? lol!

      As a pretty experienced fence sitter, or have been accused of it anyway, lol! I can see these things, don’t get me wrong, I do see where you are coming from.

      Right! from on one side of the proverbial fence I say Champions League here we come. COYS

  • block 108 spurs says:

    Spurs in 4th place..or 3rd?

    Nobody has noticed chelsea need 1 point to keep 3rd place, they need to win 2 games… at home, v leicester & watford. I know they should win both games but maybe they will lose? We are in EPL where anything can happen…

    Just a thought for HT and others 🙂

    • PompeyYid says:

      Block, I said ditto your post earlier, about “my dream” of the Chavs losing both games and we win on Sunday, wake me up when its all over mate. COYS

  • Hot Tottingham says:

    We can of course actually lose on Sunday and still finish above the Gooners!

    And I think that Everton will beat them anyway.

    But, we won’t lose, will we?! ‘Course not!

    Hi block 108. I mentioned the possibility of even finishing above Chelsea a couple of weeks ago. But that is one thing I really can’t see happening… Nice though if it did. 😉

  • BelgianSpur says:

    If Everton still need the points, it could indeed be a tough game for Arsenal

    Let’s hope Palace win tonight, to keep Everton hungry!

  • Love totty says:

    Funny how we only remember successful predictions. Well I suggested we would need 70 points at least to get top 4 and that seems to be about right. What I got completely wrong was the implosion at MU. I was convinced that they would bring all their resources and experience to bear when it mattered. Let’s hope their demise is not short lived. I never thought Arsenal would threaten to eclipse us but wrong again. Just as well that I’m not a betting man. Next season I predict that I will be just as wrong in my predictions as this. However I am sure that 5 subs will widen the gap between the top and bottom halves of the table with less unexpected results.

  • Niall D says:

    HT well written post earlier m8.
    Re “happy clappers” its term others used for us “optimistic” supporters I can’t remember who, but I just sarcastically used it.
    Re Spurs deserving 4th on merit.
    I do think you have a very valid point, as since February we have been in the top 3 for goals, scored and,( I think) points gained only being beaten by Liverpool and City.
    So there indeed is some meat on the bones of your argument.
    Looking forward to the weekend, good result all round, I’ll take your 7-0.

    • BelgianSpur says:

      In a way, that was my point as well. There’s no question we’ve been very good in 2022. But the season doesn’t start in January, as we all know.

      We’ve had very good periods and very poor ones. The good ones have thankfully outweighed the bad ones, just about.

      But on the whole, it’s been a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde season.

  • PompeyYid says:

    LT, 5 subs next season will be better for the larger quality squads, thats why we have to have a larger squad with more quality in it.

    The 5 subs rule also enables coaches to keep more players interested, so a good thing!

    It will also mean changing plans esp for us if need be! COYS

  • Allan says:

    Wasn’t a good night for us with Chelsea getting a point and Everton winning !
    Over the years there has been tremendous disappointment with must win / draw games to achieve something but often we have failed to deliver .
    Although I shall be watxhing ( generally lose ) I am expecting nothing less than a resounding win
    I can’t see Conte not getting us up mentally for this game so come on guys and deliver after all how many goals does Son require to get golden boot ( another incentive ? )

  • BelgianSpur says:

    Ues, we could have done with an Everton draw but credit to them, they got the result they needed.

    Now we just need Chelsea to lose while smashing Norwich 29-0 and 3rd place is ours!

  • DoncasterHotspur says:

    I have to say I was one of those concerned after the January window – four players out and only two in which with Skipp’s injury left us with only three midfield players for the rest of the season. With Juve fans thanking us for taking two rejects it was a bit worrying.
    However, the signings have settled in quickly, players have improved – Dier, Davies and Emerson especially and it looks as though we may get over the line. I thought we would be no better then seventh after the window closed – how wrong was I.
    Let’s be honest though, who is not worried about Sunday. We are Spurs after all. COYS

  • block 108 spurs says:

    I also think we will win at Norwich,,0-3 and geof will be happy with that LOL.

    Seems like dele has woken up at everton last night, he has a long way to get back to his glory days at spurs…. frank lampard should get him sorted out.

    Chelsea nearly dropped 1 point, but that still leaves a minimal chance for spurs, but i’m expecting they will beat watford and finish 3rd place.

  • Allan says:

    Well what did I say …… food poisoning gate .
    Is it that some Arsenal fans are spreading this story on social media ?
    Why can’t we have a straight run into our last fixture without drama but I suppose we are Spurs !!!

    • PompeyYid says:

      Haha Allan, you hit it on the nail there! Drama = Spurs or visa versa, what a combo! lol! COYS

  • Niall D says:

    Well folks
    This is it, we should be on to a winner,
    However, it is, well known how our big players sometimes become anonymous in big or important games.
    Now the question, is this a big or important game or is this just another league game against lower opposition which we should win at a canter, whilst I’ve always said no game is a gimme in this league, this is about as good as can get.
    So I’m up for the win will take HT’s 7 – 0 or better, 😉

  • Love totty says:

    Let’s hope that Dele has enough remaining love for his old club to play well again on Sunday. A winning goal will do.

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