Date: 12th January 2020 at 7:30pm
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With some small positives to take from Tottenham Hotspur’s clash last weekend with Liverpool, they were only small positives but we get a break from Premier League action this midweek as we host Middlesbrough in our FA Cup third round replay.

With a poor 2019 starting to tick into 2020 now, Spurs did themselves no favours when it came to a confidence boost earlier this month as we made the trip to the Riverside Stadium and had to come from behind in a 1-1 draw that did little for the nerves of the travelling faithful.

Will Tuesday evening be any different – like most fans, I’m not sure it’s actually wise to speculate on a final result and we know, even with our injuries, if we turn up we are more than capable of taking the win – but the question is simply, will we turn up and will the players give the White Hart Lane fans something to cheer about with Southampton next up in round four?

Middlesbrough - Attempt Number Two!







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23 Replies to “Match Thread – Can Spurs Bury Boro At The Second Time Of Asking”

  • Though they’ll be up for the game. Ex Spurs management big new stadium I think we will do a thorough job. I’ve no doubt that the nay sayers will prophsise doom and gloom. There are people here who wouldn’t be happy if we won the treble, theCL, The club World Cup, Sports personality of the year.
    They’d three Oscars and and a BAFTA as well. Look I agree we’re not the best at present we need some change players in players out. But fek me we done alright on Saturday. The Jose haters maybe just maybe he had a tactic of playing defensively for around an hour then change tack and try to get a result in the last 30 min. Ask yourself what would Poch have done he would have played the same 11 for 80 or so minutes then put two subs on when it was too late. And if not Mourinho then who would you have gotten in to replace Poch. Because unfortunately it had to happen.

  • Niall, Jose’s tactic of defend, defend, defend for the first hour failed. The idea of that tactic is not to concede and we did and if Liverpool were more clinical they would have been three or four up before we decided to join in the game. What we did in the last twenty minutes showed what may have had happened if we had actually tried to win the game instead of the outdated anti-football tactics that Jose employed. Playing Eriksen and Winks and then bypassing the midfield by playing long hopeful balls to Moura and Son. My god, is that the best that Jose has got.

  • DH….I am sorry but your hatred of JM, which is blatantly obvious, is blurring your vision, on Saturday we were a no of 1st choice players down, so JM played the game with the cards/hand he was dealt with, and it nearly worked, you go on about us being 3 down if they had been more clinical, but it goes both ways, we could quite easily have been 2 up inside 10/15 mins if we had been more clinical, by the way I didn’t want JM either and am not a great lover of his, but as I said prior we have to play with the hand we are dealt with.

    As for tomorrow a win is important no matter which way it is achieved. COYS

  • ITK….strong news Fernandes of Benfica coming, just waiting for confirmation.

    ITK….Fernandes of Sporting Lisbon, an offer of £65m + young Foyth in.

    Just putting something different in lol! COYS

  • PompeyYid, yes I do not like Jose. But I 100% believe his tactics were completely wrong. IMO playing like that completely undermines the squad and their moral. His constant moaning about doing the best with what he had also undermines the squad. He would have played that way whoever was fit. I think he will do considerable damage to the club.
    Yes – we need a win tomorrow. Interesting to see the attendance.
    Re your ITK, Fernandes of Benfica – yes he is coming. Fernandes of sporting. No he is not coming. Any link with Spurs is to get a higher fee from Man U. Sporting are desperate for money.

  • DH, thanks for that, I suppose again its all about thoughts and opinions, ours are apart it seems, nevermind.

    Fernandes of SL, yes I see your idea, but hasn’t he himself said he wants to play under JM and also not go to MU, I could be wrong. COYS

  • DH I understand your”dislike of Jose”but as for the Liverpool “goal”. They got a throw-in they should not have had then Henderson handed the ball in the build up. But funnily enough it wasn’t checked by VAR. I know it would be harsh against them. But this is the 3rdcor 4th time they have got away with it.
    Against Wolves and I think Man C this season. As I stated its the little decisions which win games. The handball its self was a virtual carbon copy of the disallowed goal for W/ham earlier. So if the goal were disallowed as should’ve been. Were Jose’s tactic right? Again I ask what would Poch have done and if you dislike Jose so much who do we bring in?

  • Wouldn’t it be great if we did nick Bruno, with Manu already having lost out on Haarland it woud be a massive blow to their ego and standing as a big club! :- )

  • Niall, Agreed that the throw in should have gone to us but I don’t think Henderson handled it and I do agree that Liverpool have had everything go their way this season.
    I think Levy should have been brave with Poch’s replacement. Maybe if he hadn’t let Poch down in the transfer market it wouldn’t have come to this.
    I would have gone for a younger more progressive coach. I know it is not always that easy to get managers out of clubs mid way through the season but I would have tried to get Nuno from Wolves or the Leipzig manager, in fact almost anyone other than Jose and his brand of anti-football.

  • DH I’m much like PY in this. If you are an employer you take on the guy with the best qualifications. Im
    afraid in this case it is JM. He has won more trophys in various clubs all over Europe. And won everything there is to win here in the UK. We have hugely invested in a new Stadium. It is not the time to take a risk on an up and coming manager. Again I am not a lover of Jose or his tactics but I don’t hate the guy either. I just want a slice of success. And when it’s his 11 out there then I’ll criticise him. BTW re the hand ball it’s even been discussed by D Murphy on today’s Talk Sport so not just me. Looks like we’ll have to keep disagreeing.

  • Niall, disagreements make this site what it is. I understand Jose has been successful in the past but all great things come to an end and I firmly believe he has been overtaken by many other coaches. I also think he is stubborn and will not change his ways.

  • So it is “non loving JM types, but will put up with him” V “JM haters who will not put up with him and want him out now!” hmmm makes interesting reading plus nearly leaving the players alone for a change lol!

    Me, am onwards and upwards for the mighty Spurs. COYS

  • By the way Gedson Fernandes is an 18 month loan deal.

    It appears a deal is done for CE to Inter for £20m, his wages £100k after tax weekly. COYS

  • Jose is already looking grumpy and cheeses off. Be surprised if he lasts the season especially if Levy keeps his wallet closed. We are now hoping to keep in mid table and start looking to the future next season when we’ve offloaded Aurier, Rose, Davis, Eriksen, Winks, Skipp , Lamela etc. LO Celso can go back. Far too lightweight. Done nothing yet but miss an open goal. Come bach Poch… you should not have been sacked. Best manager we’ve had for decades.

  • PY Just to be clear I neither love nor hate Jose at the minute. As I said I want to see what he does with his own squad. Then I’ll form an opinion. However I am impressed with his success at other places. I must admit I do like a bit of the theatre and pantomime villa he brings. At least he shows passion and support and anger. Not just a shrug of the shoulders.

    • Niall D…to be honest I have never questioned you on “love or hate” so do not understand your post, lol! maybe am just being thick lol! COYS

  • Any support that Jose gets will be loan deals and cheap signings. With very little chance of Champions League football next season he will not receive financial backing.

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