Date: 5th February 2021 at 6:00pm
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With three Premier League defeats on the spin, Tottenham Hotspur fans are again asking serious questions about our style of play and the spirit in the dressing room under marmite manager Jose Mourinho. No doubt for some, one big question is will this simply get worse on Sunday afternoon as we welcome Sam Allardyce’s struggling West Bromwich Albion to White Hart Lane.

Our style wasn’t too bad at the beginning of the season but whether or not it’s Mourinho’s instructions, the sheer number of games that we have played or something else, it long hasn’t clicked now and our attempts at grinding out 1-0 victories is completely undone by our failure to remain tight at the back.

We go into Sunday’s clash sat in eighth place in the PL table and irrespective of the fact we are again missing Harry Kane through injury, there can be no doubts that we have regressed as an attacking force.

It’s been a strange old season when you look at results across the division, but we look half the side we were even a month ago. On paper, West Brom sat almost bottom of the table should be the perfect boost we need to get ourselves up and running again, but after the Brighton showing, few will be confident of that.

Ho hum, I’ll be hiding behind the settee with a stiff drink.

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190 Replies to “Match Thread – Can Spurs Boing The Baggies Or Do We Lose Four On The Spin”

  • I hope we lose. Then I would like to see us also lose against City and to Everton in the FA cup and then Wolfsberg in the EL…

    This will then ensure JM’s demise soon enough and we can all start hoping to at least watch some decent football again, before the season is over.

    Fingers crossed.

    Dinospurs Dodos 0-1 Big Sams Losers!

  • HT – a defeat against the Baggies should be enough for Jose’s demise. Let’s get big Sam in with Steve Bruce as his assistant for the Everton and City games. The players shouldn’t take too long to get used to the park the bus style of football.

  • Couldn’t agree more, HT.
    Sam can play 5 forwards, 3 mid- fielders and place 2 centre backs on the half easy line to knock back the long balls from Lloris. That should do the trick.
    Could be exciting!!

  • I never wanted Jose as manager. The major issue is the players couldn’t keep up the hard pressing style of Poch and they can’t implement this boring dead anti football the current manager is trying to install. Obviously we need a squad turnover, something which isn’t going to happen.

  • You’ve earned my admiration in calling for such a run of defeats on VS, HT. Wow. but your point is well taken. the sooner we see JM toss out the door the sooner our club can begin to heal.

    DC, good sense of irony with your suggestion. If we want to park the bus, why overpay someone like JM when we could get the cut rate version?

    but the theme is now constant

  • There are a myraid of issues with us currently.
    Poor investment, scouting,loanees and bargain buys, which didn’t come to anything great.
    Doherty, Moura, Gedson, Bale, Aurier, Bergwijn
    Our large investments again failed to become world class.
    Sissoko, Dave.
    Constant injuries
    Lamella, Regs, Lo Ceslo.
    Then those who are just bang average.
    Winks, Dier, Davies.
    I would argue we have around 7/8 very good to world class players that a new manager could build around.
    HK 10,Sonny,Lloris,Regs(if fit), N’Dombele,Hojberg, Tobs and Dele (IF HE CAN GET HIS HEAD RIGHT)
    It would be a platform to build on for a new manager.
    However, TBH if we were to take nothing from this season, as some are hoping for, I’m afraid we’ve definately lost both Kane and Sonny, Lloris is off to PSG and Tobs to Belgium.
    Careful what you wish for.
    We are in a Conundrum.
    Whilst I hate how we are currently playing, unfortunately our league and cup positions say otherwise
    if we can get to the end of the season in a decent position, we can then get rid of the manager and trade off some of our “fat”.
    If we get rid now we could end up in free fall and decent players will leave.
    Even though we are in this position, sorry folks I never, never want Spurs to lose.

  • “sorry folks I never, never want Spurs to lose.”

    never wanting Spurs to lose in not a reason for an apology. never should be a reason for an apology.

  • TK
    I’m sure there’s a sensible sentence there somewhere.
    OK then.
    I don’t want Spurs to lose any game with any manager.
    Is that clear enough for you.

    • it was clear to begin with. you wrote sorry. i never never want Spurs to lose. I was saying that there’s no need to start with the word sorry. you never want spurs to lose. no need to say sorry to introduce this sentiment. I was agreeing with your sentiment. lol. never be sorry to say that you never want spurs to lose. lol

  • sorry, but I’d never ask you to want spurs to lose, nor for you to be sorry.

    sometimes it’s hard to agree with someone. if only I were more articulate. Niall, I agreed with you.

  • I’ve heard it said it would cost £38m to pay off Jose…….shall we have a whip round or would crowd funding be a better option? 🙂

  • The choice for me. The exciting and talented Dele or the miserable, morose, boring and totally ineffective Mourinho. Losing Dele will be an utter shame. We need him and England needs him. We do not need a rubbish coach ruining our club just for the sake of a tin pot. One day soon, we will be back at WHL hopefully with a progressive, modern coach. Dinosaurs died out years ago except for one….Mourinhosaurus…a tiny, plant eating biped soon to be retired to a museum.

  • Jesus! now we author’s are arguing amongst ourselves the way one or another writes something, this just goes to prove what a mess we are in, on here and the football team we all love as well.

    Somebody says “I hope we lose this or that game” its frustration, esp if its from the never say die fans amongst us, we all want us to win every game, though we know it is going to happen, but as I said earlier frustration is truly making us say things we really do not want to say.

    But saying that, keep on writing folks, there is normally good debates on here, because all do have our own opinion.

    On paper we should win tomorrow, but Fat Sam and his battlers will have a large say in tomorrows result, I ask can Marmite Moaninio out wit the Wiley Fox SA? COYS

  • WW …. I disagree with you about Moura. he is one of the few players who at least tries to go forward when he gets the ball.

    No one would be happier than me if Dele found his mojo, but when was the last time he put two ‘talented and exciting’ games together?

  • Imagine if we did lose all of those matches and Jose kept his job anyway?! We’d be screaming blue murder.

    I didn’t mean it guys. Honest! ! want us to win, win, win. And then win again!

    Has anyone seen how many goals WBA have conceded this season? It’s 52 in 22 PL matches. And, they’ve only scored 18 goals.

    We should beat them easily with our take no prisoners, fast, attacking, all-out, front-foot football… 🙂 No worries!

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