Date: 10th March 2021 at 8:00am
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Although the Fulham clash proved to be a bit tight and tricky for Tottenham Hotspur, there is little doubting we have better found our attacking groove again with 13 goals coming in our last four games.

The latest awesome foursome being the 4-1 demolition of Crystal Palace last Sunday, but Thursday evening’s Europa League test will be a different story as we face Dinamo Zagreb on home soil in our first leg of the Round of 16 tie.

The players should certainly continue to be in good spirits after our return to winning ways lately, but we can undoubtedly expect manager Jose Mourinho to again make changes. The only question is how many changes as plenty of fans would like to see him continue with our forward line as they are now really developing a better understanding with Gareth Bale, and it’s no surprise to see our upturn in form linked with his own personal improvements.

So do we go strong and hope to establish a lead and then use our substitutes to the full in the second period to rest people, or do we rest people now and think longer term and for example, get decent minutes into Giovani Lo Celso who may return for this one following his spell on the sidelines.

With confidence and optimism boosted recently, it’s all to play for again and let’s just hope, regardless of any changes, we see a continuation of our attacking threat.

Apologies for the headline, I’m in one of those moods.

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97 Replies to “Match Thread – Can Dinamo Harry Upset Zagreb’s Firm Or Will A Sonny Gareth Moura Bale Out Spurs”

  • Great post Jod and pretty much in agreement – on Skipp all I can say is going to love to see this guy progress because it sounds as if he’s going to be a top, top player and if he’s in a Hoj mould more or less exactly – as far as I’m concerned all the better but can’t say because not watched Norwich at all this season – but have heard great reviews for sure of him there. In an ideal world he would come up with Norwich and prove himself for another season there and in the Prem this time and then come back to us – but who lives in such a World after all (LOL)?!

    I see where you are coming from on right-footers and tend to agree and yes Davy has improved lately for sure and has bags of pace and also strong and decent in the air, etc but I still think that Andersen is topping the lot of Davy, Dier and easily Rodon/Tanganga right now and even Toby himself. For me at 35m Euros or so I’m a buyer and he goes onto replace Toby maybe even this summer if needs must already. Then I’d keep searching for that left-footed golden boy LCB LOL – I tend to agree we should have at least 1 in the SQUAD and we’d have to look at what to do with at least 1 of those 4 in terms of Davy, Dier, Rodon and Tanganga if golden boy arrives indeed! Still also no guarantee that Rodon or Tanganga will make it properly in the Prem and Davy and Dier still have plenty of upping to do to their game to get near the quality of say the trident and what it’s perfectly capable of and finally starting to show all be it only very recently!

  • Whoops, one too many goal scorers for scoring just 4!

    I better make it:

    Spurs 5-1 Dinamo!

    …It’ll probably be a much narrower scoreline than that. As in all honesty, I think that Zagreb will make it very hard for us to score… BUT!

    One never knows, does one…

    Up the Spurs!

  • Watching United v AC Milan, we’ve been linked to Franck Kessie in the recent past and have to say he would be an excellent addition to our midfield to replace Sissoko/Winks.

  • I was shocked to hear JM say that when he selects the players for today’s match he puts in no consideration of the match next sunday. Either he’s an idiot (and what he said was true) or his a liar (and he does think ahead). This man would be far better off if he spoke out loud less.

  • Nice to see us competing for the ball and looking to go forward constantly. Everyone doing their bit!

  • We’re playing well but they are quite solid in defence.

    But, I think we can do better in the 2nd half and break them down a bit more. I’m still optimistic for a good Spurs win.

    A b ale appearance in the 2nd half, might just do the trick…

    Up the S (TQ2) purrs!

  • I thought the first half was a display of decently played football by both elevens. Zagreb seem organized and decent defensively. Our lads played purposefully and with a sense of going forward. So much better than those matches in January and into February here Spurs were looking lost on the pitch. Let’s clean sheet this one but keeping the ball in, and in front of, their goal.

  • Good solid performance from all of the players. Dinamo were looking to take just the 1-0 loss back to Zagreb so it was good to get a second and keep a clean sheet.

  • The Tiger purrs after a satisfying second goal and a clean sheet. And the cockerel crows with delight. We need a better performance on Sunday, though. Too many missed chances today and a couple of opportunities handed to Zagreb that didn’t need to be.

    Did Dele Alli look a half step behind the pace tonight?

  • I hope you’re right TQ2S. A couple of times he looked to me a bit behind in his play, but I didn’t concentrate on watching him, so I asked if anyone else thought they saw something. I agree that overall they put it a pretty decent shift.

    I’m looking forward on Sunday to Bale and Moura starting. They looked too good last Sunday not to start on this Sunday. The only time I’ve really been enthused about the play of Moura, in truth. He seems finally to have found the right role at Spurs. But it was only one match.Other teams might catch up on his playing there. We’ll see if it can be sustained.

    Bale ought to be really motivated on Sunday. He remembers the London derby at the Emir-hates. Pour some vinegar on the prawn sandwiches, Gareth.

  • I thought both 11’s played well, it was a tight Euro night, 2 – 0, decent result could’ve should’ve been more and we had a more than decent call for a pen with N’Dombers, the defender defo played the man not the ball.
    But efficient rather than “spectaklier”, I’ll take that result just wish we’d got the 2nd earlier and could’ve rested some of our mainstays before the hour mark.
    Roll on the NLD, COYS.

  • jod, etc – just adding to what I said earlier – Liverpool also had a super potent and in form attacking trident – yet could not get over the line in anything – not until as you rightly always bring up that they went and got VVD and Alisson – all be it for massive sums but nevertheless – ended up proving worthwhile in the end didn’t it – so I’m hoping we can most certainly improve our defence already from this summer and if it means some “painful” decisions involving moving some of our current crop on – so be it – so for me I already like the look and sound of this Andersen fella for sure – but let’s wait and see – but surely the defence will be the major working point this summer already – whoever though it is that gets brought in eventually, etc!!!!!

    Must admit couldn’t hold out and fell asleep as early as mid way through 1st half – been up since around 3am and just couldn’t take anymore – bit worried to wake and hear from family that HK10 came off precautionary with knee issue but now on checking online, etc and seeing it’s a non-issue, thankfully pretty happy and now looking forward to these 3 crucial games in the next 10 days before the international break-up pre Easter – bring it/them on, etc ……………………!

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