Date: 30th September 2020 at 5:25pm
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I’m beginning to think Tottenham Hotspur fixtures in the 2020/21 campaign are largely like buses…you wait ages for one, and then about 16 turn up in the space of two minutes. Taking victory over Chelsea in the EFL Cup via the penalty route only 30 seconds ago, it’s almost time for Thursday evening’s Europa League Qualifying Play-Offs clash with Maccabi Haifa.

We can expect changes again and manager Jose Mourinho certainly wouldn’t have wanted to introduce Harry Kane, Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg and Lucas Moura in the last one as he would’ve wanted a full 90 minutes off for proper rotation – but needs must and at least we have three days between our next two clashes and then an international break where, and I say this politely, Gareth Southgate and other international managers can … I’m sure you can imagine.

Maccabi Haifa...







Despite the taxing schedule, we simply cannot blow it now or take our foot off the pedal in the way we did first half against Chelsea as all this effort will have been for nought and at least October is far more sensible on a calendar front.

Make it count, enjoy the break, develop short term injuries and we’ll be ready to again.

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87 Replies to “Match Thread – Another Day, Another Game – When Will This Maccabi Spurs Madness End”

  • Hart

    Doh Toby Davy Davies

    Hoj Winks

    Lo Celso Dele Moura


    More than good enough to do the job for sure 100% – reckon there’s a fair chance of them all starting and being JM’s main picks but let’s wait and see obviously!

    Need the win – vital for funding naturally, etc but also as we’re going to have a big squad to try and keep everyone happy also and good rotation, etc!


  • just noticed in la liga they are able to use 5 subs, thats fine playing eachother, but isn’t it an advantage if playing a team in another league

  • WOW – hope what Gold is currently reporting is correct – my true no.1 target and also JM’s apparently in Vinicius possibly on the way – now that is a real further signing of intent (Bale and Reguilon style) – top quality STR IMHO – indeed he could easily play up top regularly and allow HK10 to drop into the no.10 role for sure (a la Geof’s article in the summer) ………. bloody hoping this 1 goes through – what a deal if so! 40m Euros – potential bargain on the cards here almost certainly!

    Guy’s got it all – only 25, 6ft3, 86 kilos which makes him super strong but still pacey on top – real poacher in the box as well – top/great finisher – like I say for potential 40m Euros = will end up being a bargain for sure IMHO – just hope it’s real deal and not BS as so many are – come on DL, etc – JM’ll luv you for this 1 and so will I and soon enough all the Spurs faithful also LOL ……. GET IT DONE END OF LOL! Jorgie Mendes his agent as well and apparently he wants to come to us and not any of the other offers that Benfica currently have on the table ………….!

  • This sounds like a good deal..but.. levy needs to sell players as we need the funds back in, and balance the squad numbers of home grown and foreign. On the sales levey can get back very near on the E40m for this player, so we arrive at the favourite financial figs. of levy… a zero net spend. COYS and Daniel Levy

  • DW – too right he’ll end up on his testicles – when he goes in for the slide celebration after scoring (Klinsmann dive style would be perfect) ………….. LOL!

    • I was thinking the same EJ lol I just hope he doesn’t rub them after and look at their team with a ‘you can’t touch this’ kind of face. I would giggle like a schoolboy, but it would be uncouth. lol

      • LOL DW, LOL indeed – lets hope this is still the case later tonight (now past midnight after all) when we reach the group stages FINALLY!

        Wow – can’t believe I was saying Vinicius was my top target on here last week, etc but thought he was out of our price range (hence my constant King backing, etc) and now it sounds like he’s only bloody coming – rated him before he even went to Benfica – saw him score a cracker for Rio Ave and wanted Porto to get him already then, sadly ended up at Benfica BUT now he’s on his way to Spurs LOL!

        Unlike Gedson – this 1 defo has the full on potential to be made permanent both in terms of talent but also price as well – even hearing it could be up to 2 year loan (although doubt that – think we’re lucky it’s already 1 to be perfectly honest LOL)!

        Reading the comments on the article in A Bola – them Benfica boys be not happy with this 1 at all – we are getting a ridiculous free ride apparently – loving what’s happening to them (out of CL pre-group stages at 1st hurdle, money worries indeed having to sell their best players, board troubles, etc, etc, etc LOL) naturally being a Portista and to nick the other of their 2 best players (Dias naturally to Man City) – BRILLIANT and LOL! There still going to be a force to be reckoned with in Portugal at least for sure but still watching even just their part demise is very enjoyable – just hope it keeps escalating – here’s hoping for sure LOL!

  • The rule picked up from others on Twittter :

    “loans from a club membership of another National Association (outside of England and Wales) do not count towards the above quotas” – namely can only have 2 players on loan at anyone time and never more than 1 from any club!

    Looks like Vinicius totally viable then on a loan to buy deal – GET IN ……….!

    Hell – could we do 1 also for Skriniar/Umtiti while we’re at it LOFL (to be fair think we’ve tried it for Skriniar already but so far Inter not proving receptive)?????????!!!!!!!!!!!

    Not to mention if this is correct we could still loan 2 players from within the Prem/England (seeing as Fernandes and Bale have come from abroad) – maybe why Rudiger is on the agenda as a possibility also for CB?!

    Doubt Chelskia would deal with us but I did read he wants to stay in London even if was to move because of his family, etc – very strange one here – think he’s there best CB still and on top he apparently helped sell the club to fellow compatriots Werner and especially Havertz I believe I read recently – don’t get this one at all …….!

  • ND, etc – you wanted a creative player (I’ll give you a ridiculous 1 LOL) – if we get Vinicius and like JM said why not a STR/FWD that can play with HK10 – why does the newbie have to be a back-up to HK10 only – we can play both together with HK10 dropping into the no.10 role and feeding the likes of Sonny, Bale and Vinicius and also even arrive late himself into the box when possible – “Jesus” with the likes of Doherty and Reguilon to attack on the wings from the back and the passing range of the likes of Lo Celso (who we can drop into CM), N’Dombele and Dele also (assuming he stays naturally, etc – bloody hope so LOL) not to mention the pings from Toby, Eric, etc – BLOODY HELL and BLOODY HELL INDEED LOL! Even the bloody likes of Moura, Bergs and Lamela – I think we may well be seriously about to start going places again (and we’ve already been runners up in the PL and got to a CL final not that long ago also …………) the future’s bright, it’s LILYWHITE LOL!

    Is it too much to hope for Skriniar also – hear he’s got a top passing range as well – please, pretty please, with a cherry on top Mr Levy/Lewis LOL??????!!!!!!!

  • Hopefully this Vinicius signing is true. It seems to be on a lot of social media.
    Is EJ really claiming this on too. Who else remembers him talking about this guy.
    The only striker on his list was….
    What was the name again?
    On the tip of my tongue
    Oh yes Kong. (-:

  • NO 1 to bloody chat to LOL – I’m off to bed then – big game later tonight – want to be properly rested for it – seems I’m not the only 1 LOL – BON NUIT, BOA NOITE, BUENAS NOCHES, GOOD NIGHT, etc, etc, etc!

  • ND – defo claiming Vinicius for sure – clearly stated he was my favourite (JK was also up there for all the reasons I kept giving especially home-grown, Prem experienced, versatile and above all cheap, etc given what I thought were tough constraints and us going for proven Prem talent at super affordable prices like Hoj and Doh) but this was the 1 I really wanted – just hope he doesn’t let me down but if it’s true he’s JM’s no.1 STR target since coming to the Spurs – says it all really – looking at him – Drogba/Lukaku/Ibrahimovic/Milito/Costa-esque, etc (to name but a few) perhaps?! JM knows his bloody STR’s for sure FFS LOL and he defo looks and I think plays like a JM type – can’t wait to see him turn-out for us!!!!!! Quality written all over it especially as not only can he obviously cover HK10 FINALLY LOL – the guy will almost certainly be able to play with him also regularly in the same side allowing HK10 to drop deeper and develop his obvious playmaking ability/talent indeed be a creative MEISTER LOL!

    All of course In my very humble naturally ……………..!

  • Thanks guys! Now I know how NOT to get that bloody smiley face emoji! I wondered why I was getting one when I wasn’t putting one in. I prefer to use the characters.

    Using bright coloured emojis makes me feel like I am an over-excited 5 year old… Quite apart from the over-use of LOL. Constantly using LOL makes one look like an hysterical fool. I mean what are we all LOLing about that isn’t even supposed to be funny? LOL!

    Even then, when using these silly symbols, folks still take me seriously anyway… 🙁 Shit, I’ve done it again! LOL!

    • HT…..I pretty much always feel like an over-excited 5 year old in the hours leading up to a match, and then react like a hysterical fool when things don’t go our way, so LOLing and brightly coloured emoji’s work for me! 🙂 LOL

  • Danny….thankyou for yet another match thread, jeez you bin busy, snivel, snivel – 😉

    Now its the nearly last game in a hectic fortnight/3 weeks, bollocks been thrown at Our Arry, gonna be very testi’, so a nice n honest dicking is required here.

    HT….with all the emojis, as am way old, its nice to live the younger years, even if its only a novelty for 5mins, lol, lol, 😉 COYS

  • Hoping for a good win tonight. With any luck we could get a couple early. Bring the mainstays off atc1/2 time and close off the game. I know this doesn’t appeal to our natural want for flair, but with a big game “again” on Sunday against the “national Diving” team we need to be near our best. 😉

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