Date: 22nd July 2020 at 6:00pm
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It’s been a strange old season and it’s been a strange calendar year for Tottenham Hotspur. The highs of the Champions League Final and then the lows of seeing our form and usual performance levels fall through the floor – but Crystal Palace this Sunday is a final chance for some joy before we tick quickly into the 2020/21 season.

What kind of performance we see from Jose Mourinho’s charges is absolutely anyone’s guess, but the first half showing against Leicester City certainly gave some cheer and fans would welcome more of that, but there is also the Europa League question to answer and it will go down to the final day’s results with us currently sat in seventh place in the table and a point behind Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Whatever Sunday may bring, the curtain on 2019/20 comes down and we all know we need to strengthen further in the summer, we need a decent pre-season and we need to hit next year running, otherwise fears that the wheels have truly fallen off the Spurs bus will grow.

We can’t allow all that progress and a nice and bright shiny new stadium to fall away as our Champions League hopes did this season. The only question is, will we?

Until then, Palace and all three points, please!







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453 Replies to “Match Thread – A Palace Of A Distraction But Spurs Have To Look To 2020/21”

  • HT – Aurier has generally been a liability from his very first day – I briefly remember argument’s on here about how we spent £23m on him and he was unable to usurp Trippier as 1st choice for example and that for that kind of money especially when spent by us of all people he should have really made 1st team RB his own – it was surely expected, no?! I think BS was arguing this with someone on here back in the day so I’d have to agree with him on this!

    He’s our 11th most expensive signing of all time and only Sessegnon (calling him a LB) and Davy have been more expensive – we simply should have got much more for our money although I must admit Davy has not lived upto the price tag and neither has Sessegnon so far either but he’s only been at the club 1 year now and been injured a lot of that time, etc and at only 18/19 expected to play in a position and league he’s not really used to!

    My patience has gone with Aurier unfortunately and would just like him gone in all perfect honesty but will leave it there!

    Still got time for Davy and Sessegnon for now though but they need to buck up quick time aswell lol!

    • Me, personally I have never called Aurier a liability. I accept that players make mistakes. I don’t ever expect perfection.

      I didn’t even see that what people recently have called mistakes, as big unenforced errors anyway. Not when looking at the whole picture. I saw them as unfortunate more than I saw them as the work of a so called “liability”. I saw him have very difficult balls to cut out and/or to play safe. And, I saw a lack of support from the players around him. Defending is nearly always to do with the defence more as a unit than as individuals. Unless it’s a straight up, one against one.

      Like I have said, if we can get better then it’s all good. But maybe we can’t. Or, maybe Jose actually likes him. I mean these managers and coaches do have a habit of confounding us supporters all of the time…. 😉

  • EJ, Rose is, guess what? Injured right now… Again!

    Rose I believe is in our past. And isn’t it him that wants out anyway?

    Another player (even if he is still a Spur at this time), who won’t be playing for us on Sunday… 🙂

  • LOL HT! Just saying that if desperate he’s still on the books so stranger things have happened indeed a year ago he was left out to secure a move and then when the season started he was pretty much playing every bloody game as if he was 1st choice lol! That was Poch though and he did start the CL final ahead of Davies when both were fit if I remember correctly?! Anyway I agree with you in that I’d like him gone now just like Aurier lol! Unfortunately the same with KWP, CCV and Amos! That said I’m willing to give Foyth a reprieve similar to what you said the other day as regards yourself and Mr Moura!

  • Naturally above I meant only Davy and possibly Sessegnon if taken as a LB have been more expensive than Aurier in terms of bringing in defender’s to the club and what they have cost! He’s a massive flop for me and we just need to get back as much as possible with only 2 year’s left on his contract and try again with someone else and also promote some of the youth such as Foyth and Tanganga there aswell, etc!

    Like I said – will now leave it there lol!

  • When it comes to the worth of a player, I take no notice.

    Like I once wrote on here. If we are to complain that a player should be that much better because he was that much more expensive than another. Then why do we also gets just as pissed off with players that were relatively cheap or already a Spur and cost nothing?

    I mean Dele only cost £5M. So why is he now expected to be world class every time he plays?

  • Fair argument HT there with your example of Dele but when you spend big you expect to get value for money generally otherwise why bloody well invest it in the first place and also why so expensive and why did both parties agree to/come up with such a value in the first place?!

  • HT – with only 2 year’s left on his contract – what do you think we should do as regards Aurier now?! Same as regards Foyth and same as regards Lamela?! Genuinely interested as they all hold some decent value at a minimum so as I’ve been alluding to recently – what to do with them?!

    For me Aurier needs to be sold ASAP end of – pretty obvious my stand point here lol!

    Foyth and Lamela – maybe give it another year and see how they go and decide next summer perhaps?! If so, hope that Juan really takes his chance so we can give him a new long term contract on Erik though at 29, on his current wages and with all his injuries in the past – is a new contract really acceptable (he’s probably 3rd or 4th choice at the moment in his favoured wing position also)?! Can we justify £100K+ a week again based on all of this?!

    • I don’t have an answer to all of that as an outsider. I prefer to just wait and see.

      Like I have said many times i don’t think that Aurier is as bad as many say he is. But then again, maybe KWP will prove to be the better RB in time. But I still don’t have an answer…

      Lamela, I like. But it’s not up to me. If he goes, he goes. I don’t care either way. Then again, to have a player like him on the bench (one that has been highly rated by the club at least, given his pay and time at Spurs), well isn’t that what us supporters always say that we want? Talented back-ups on the bench!?

      Foyth, I haven’t got a clue. He’s not played that much and has had a lot of injuries… But he’s still young. But, maybe Jose don’t like what he sees……. It’s all just if’s and buts to me… IF only I knew. BUT, I don’t! 😉

  • My argument is about a strange kind of logic, more than anything else… For example, who knows why we were more than happy to buy Dele for £5m but Liverpool were not interested, thinking him too expensive, even though Brendan Rodgers wanted him?

    As for the prices, high and low? Ask the agents and all involved? It’s a complex thing, with no simple answer.

    I mean Pogba left MU for Juve on a free transfer. 4 Years later, MU buy him back for a massive fee of around £90m, plus all kinds of crazy extras, such as ridiculous agents’ fees and a huge wage packet etc; Only for Jose to then stick him (the word’s most expensive player at the time), on the bench!

    It’s an expensive ol’ game, in it!

  • I love to read the debates on here….what we should be doing, spending etc, who we should sell/buy, who is a liability who isn’t blah blah, I love it, some is serious, some is tongue in cheek, anger and laughter combined, but in general if you stop and have a look, all that is happening is going round n round in circles, every season on very subject or player, just keep it coming lol! COYS

  • Let’s just win, pretty much secure 6th almost certainly with it and end the season on a relative high and go for it in the EL next season – silverware and decent money up for grabs there after all not to mention try to regain our place in the top 4 also and then there’s the domestic cup’s aswell – a bit of tweaking to the squad IMHO and we’ll have a chance and at the moment that’s actually a decent position to be in!

  • El Jefe – “those 2 goals you mention as I’ve already stated several times are blatantly down to mistakes/errors from your’s truly Aurier”. Something isn’t true just because you say it is.

  • It is funny though PY…

    On this thread I have read from supporters that don’t rate Dier at all, that it’s proven what a useless liability he is, when giving away that pen to Pogba.

    And then I’ve read that it wasn’t Dier’s fault (from someone that does rate him). But that it was actually down to Winks. A player that he doesn’t rate… Me, I stopped thinking about it as soon as the full time whistle was blown…

    But, then there is someone like me, who thought at the time that it shouldn’t have been a pen anyway, in the 1st place!

    But, if we all agreed on everything, the world would stop talking to itself… Mind you, I think I would appreciate the peace and quiet for a while. Listening to birdsong, watching the fairies cavorting and, just simply breathing and relaxing….. But, I’m a Londoner and that ain’t gonna happen soon. Not unless we have a pandemic or something and the whole town shuts down in some kind of strange er …. Lockdown, shall we call it?

    • Ha ha yes HT all so true, it is still circles, but that’s what debate chats are.

      Regards our Mr Dier I rate him, and look forward to him playing as a CB next season, as for that penalty! Pogba is a bloody cheat and we all know it, he played Dier like a fish, so out came the anti Dier lynch mob, hope he is like me with the attitude, if their talking about/slagging me off they are leaving everyone else alone, over me head it goes. COYS

  • El Jefe – “those 2 goals you mention as I’ve already stated several times are blatantly down to mistakes/errors from your’s truly Aurier”. Something isn’t true just because you say it is.

    “I might add there have been other’s lately which luckily have gone un-punished “. So your saying he’s made all these mistakes but nothing actually happened. Again the logic is its true if you say it is even with zero evidence to back you up.

    “The majority on here want a new RB – there must be a reason for it surely?”. The majority voted for Donald Trump, doesn’t mean they got it right. Although given you appear to think something’s true if you say it is maybe you wouldn’t agree with me on that.

  • Jod – in the Arse game – poor first touch giving the ball directly to Lacazette and against Newcastle a very poor clearance effectively passing the ball directly to Ritchie across the penalty area! Very, very poor IMHO and I know many other’s agree! I might add as I asked HT – what would you do with him right now as only has 2 year’s left on his contract – would you renew long term then?! I certainly wouldn’t, on the contrary I want him gone already end of!

    Same question as regards Foyth and Lamela – 2 year’s left – what do you think we should do with them?

    I ask because we’ve been tieing up contracts with Skipp, Dier and now probably Tanganga aswell in the last week leaving only these 3 and the 3 GK’s as what you could call relatively short term as only have 2 year’s left!

    I won’t include the likes of Vorm and Vert’s who are up on Sunday, Fernandes who is only on loan for now for another season and the likes of Rose, CCV and Amos who are all up in a year but currently loaned out at the moment and likely to leave already this summer. KWP also likely to leave even though has 3 year’s left on his contract!

  • HT you may be alluding to me there re the Dier /Winks debate. Just like you I also thought it was never a pen. As I said earlier in this thread I thought Pogba threw or wrapped his leg around Diers. I still think Dier has a lot of strings to his bow, for me, he is a decent player. Re Winks and that incident, it wasn’t just me but Roy Keane who called him out.
    For me he is an unremarkable player. Always plays short nothing balls. For you it’s the other way round.
    COYS lol.

  • I knew it was you ND. I didn’t name names because I was just using it as an example of how we can all see it so differently.

    For me, although I do have of course have opinions on certain players, I do tend to trust the managers choice, more (even Jose), than any of us supporters, including myself. But, if Levy wants to put me on the payroll, then my opinion would always be the right one! 🙂

  • HT – I think we can definitely improve on Aurier and by selling him we can use those funds to do just that. Also would like the youthful Tanganga and Foyth to be given a go aswell – indeed a year ago atleast some on here felt that Foyth might be the answer long term at RB just as he seemed to be becoming for Argentina during the Copa America, etc and again some argued during the season after watching Tanganga play that he could also be the answer at RB long term aswell lol!

    Anyway let’s just wait and I see I guess………!

  • Personally EJ, I would like to see KWP return to fight it out with either Aurier, Tanganga or whomever.

    I actually wanted that at the start of this season but it never happened…

  • Jod I’m not just saying it on a whim here lol as you suggest – I’ve been watching the bloody matches and as described in one of my last posts – he should have done much better on both those occassion’s and not let the team down with his generally poor defending as usual! A poor first touch and a poor clearance – granted 2 cracking strikes for the goal’s but should never have been in a position to do so – end of!

    Those 2 stick out like a sore thumb so I will mention directly but if you watch the games and even read the comments on here/online you tend to get the jist from practically everything and all that he simply is not good enough hence why naturally I want him gone and a replacement brought in – of course we’ll likely lose money (whose going to give us back £23m lol honestly?!) and it’s not easy to do transfers be it in or out I completely accept but that’s what JM and Levy are paid for, etc and I for one fully expect them to do their job’s to the very best of their ability and for me Aurier simply needs to go – end of! I will try to leave it there for now lol – hope so anyway!

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