Date: 22nd July 2020 at 6:00pm
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It’s been a strange old season and it’s been a strange calendar year for Tottenham Hotspur. The highs of the Champions League Final and then the lows of seeing our form and usual performance levels fall through the floor – but Crystal Palace this Sunday is a final chance for some joy before we tick quickly into the 2020/21 season.

What kind of performance we see from Jose Mourinho’s charges is absolutely anyone’s guess, but the first half showing against Leicester City certainly gave some cheer and fans would welcome more of that, but there is also the Europa League question to answer and it will go down to the final day’s results with us currently sat in seventh place in the table and a point behind Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Whatever Sunday may bring, the curtain on 2019/20 comes down and we all know we need to strengthen further in the summer, we need a decent pre-season and we need to hit next year running, otherwise fears that the wheels have truly fallen off the Spurs bus will grow.

We can’t allow all that progress and a nice and bright shiny new stadium to fall away as our Champions League hopes did this season. The only question is, will we?

Until then, Palace and all three points, please!







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453 Replies to “Match Thread – A Palace Of A Distraction But Spurs Have To Look To 2020/21”

  • See the Gooners won the FA Cup. What a difference a Ref makes. Gives Arse a pen. Doesn’t give Chelskea a pen. Sends a Chelskea player off for nothing.
    BTW re recent posts. Is this not what VS is all about?
    Who played well, who didn’t, what position do we need strengthened. Who would we like to get from another team.
    If not for this what is the point.
    I will agree that once a player goes to another club, it ain’t our business.

  • Cheers for backing me up ND (I think) but to be fair HT did tell me to “write on, baby” and that he enjoys our chit-chats (aswell as I do) and PY did say it was a good argument on both sides even if he chose to back the “enemy” this time – LOL!

    • EJ….because as you say I backed the enemy, you will as a Portugeyser be calling me racist! next hahaha! only joking mate, keep up with the opinions if only to make some of laugh at times, lol! same ole same ole dry humour,

      Keep looking after yourself and your kin mate. COYS

  • ND Arse Scum I think deserved it overall but it’s sure great to have Ref’s backing you up with all the major decisions in the game LOL – 1 day maybe we’ll also get the rub of the green like this when it really counts!

  • Lucky Arse again! No Willian or Kante, two key Chelsea players hamstringed, the second Pulisic, their man of the match, who would have probably scored but for that injury, a stupid tackle to give Arse the penalty equaliser, a dodgy second yellow to reduce Chelsea to 10 men and than another injury to bring Chelsea down to 9 in the final minutes. So Arse are in Europe and we have to play a qualifying game that might scupper our chances of buying some players pre-season. Typical of our luck this season.

  • Off to actually watch a proper match lol – Porto v Benfica in the Portuguese Cup Final!

    Spent more time surfing online than did watching the double scum play – what was the point anyway – already had it down as an Arse win which would obviously be no good for us – although listening to the commentary I guess Arse deserved it in the end even if they got the all the decision’s in their favour on top (not to mention luck with regards to injuries, etc also)!

    We’ll have to do it the hard way – what’s new lol?!

  • Can I just say, never a penalty and never a sending off.

    Do folks want a random thread to cover the next few weeks of nonsense btw? Or a generic thread and then Spurs transfer thread?

    I’m taking a bit of a break unless anything major happens (so if you want owt let me know over the next couple of days).

  • This ref has made errors, slow mo. different angles not a red card. Why didnt VAR tel him? should have gone to the pitch side tv screen. I’m sad to say… looks like gooners to win FA Cup again..

    If so Spurs have 3 qualifying Europa League games. Our players can’t complain.. It is their fault for dropping points at Sheff. Utd, Bournmouth, losing too many games at home with Poch there.

    • They are covering it under VAR won’t look at yellow card incidents, which is pathetic because it led to a red card. And if we are (to quote Boris Johnson, spaffing money up a wall) surely all decisions should be looked at? Utter joke, but we knew that anyway didn’t we.

    • We had a very poor start to the season block. Of that there is no denying. But in fairness to MP he was fired after just 12 PL matches. Having lost 4, drawn 5 and won 3. And so he can’t take the blame for how the rest of the season panned out. We finished in 6th but having only won a further 13 matches from 26 under Jose. So with Jose Spurs won half of their PL matches since him taking over. It is of course an improvement on those first 12 under MP but not a significant difference to be overjoyed by, that’s for sure. Especially given those results you have referred to vs SU, Cherries and others….

      I’m not knocking Jose here, I’m just not in the mood to be overly praising him either. But it wasn’t easy for him. Except that he was pretty much saved by the lockdown. Without C-19 and so without Harry, Son and Sissoko, it could’ve been a lot worse. But it is what it is. Que sera, sera…

      And in September we start afresh…

  • My post at 9.27 was written earlier when the game was in 86 mins. I got distracted and forgot about it.

  • To win the EL, Spurs will now have to play 18 EL matches. Almost half of the 38 PL matches we will play.

    Was this really worth our coaches celebrating our 6th place PL finish, as though we had already won the EL?

    Personally, I think we are now in it to win it. Otherwise what is the point of competing in it? But, when people suggest that winning the EL is an easier route to the CL than a top 4 PL finish, I have to disagree…

  • Good luck to Troy (Parrott) at Millwall BTW – hope he smashes it there – not seen anyone comment on it yet!

    New striker maybe incoming? JM did say a while ago that would not repeat mistakes of the past and wanted a more balanced squad, etc – we only have HK10 really left now so surely right to expect a new striker finally this summer?!

    Both Lloro and Janssen left us last year and now Parrott even aswell, so would be very surprised if a striker is not bought this time around – especially as I think HK10 might and should be rested for a lot of the early stages in the EL (not helped by yesterday’s debacle in the FA Cup final meaning we now have 3 qualifying games to play on top) and domestic cup’s also for example – maybe even rest Sonny aswell so that would only leave in desperation Lucas to cover up front – but even with that it has lately seemed as if Lucas and OBVIOUSLY Sonny and HK10 are our 1st team regular attacking go to’s so for me definitely want and expect a proper striker to be signed end of lol!

    Just hope it’s not another Troy as in Deeney as is being touted around this weekend! We’ll still have to be creative though – not easy buying striker’s after all – especially decent one’s and on a shoe string budget as is most likely the case even with some player sales coming to add to any possible kitty there might be!

    On a separate note I see Aurier being linked with AC Milan but for only 12-15m Euros – even I would expect a bit more than that LOL no matter how much I might like him to go in the end!

  • I’m off to be with the family for now and also for my Sunday roast lol but will check back sometime later to see what’s been going on if anything – enjoy your Sunday gents and all the best to you and your’s – keep safe and well also!

  • No one in the world is an expert TW article writer. Professional football gossipers and rumour spreaders, maybe…

    I think you are more than qualified in this EJ. It’s something you write about throughout the entire season.

    Just one of your regular posts is essentially a TW post. It could of course just be a sentence or two…

    Transfer Window, 2020. Discuss… 🙂

    I was serious by the way. It used to be that regular posters wrote most of the articles on VS. Look at the many articles on here that are not by regular posters. Most are completely overlooked by us all…

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