Date: 22nd July 2020 at 6:00pm
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It’s been a strange old season and it’s been a strange calendar year for Tottenham Hotspur. The highs of the Champions League Final and then the lows of seeing our form and usual performance levels fall through the floor – but Crystal Palace this Sunday is a final chance for some joy before we tick quickly into the 2020/21 season.

What kind of performance we see from Jose Mourinho’s charges is absolutely anyone’s guess, but the first half showing against Leicester City certainly gave some cheer and fans would welcome more of that, but there is also the Europa League question to answer and it will go down to the final day’s results with us currently sat in seventh place in the table and a point behind Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Whatever Sunday may bring, the curtain on 2019/20 comes down and we all know we need to strengthen further in the summer, we need a decent pre-season and we need to hit next year running, otherwise fears that the wheels have truly fallen off the Spurs bus will grow.

We can’t allow all that progress and a nice and bright shiny new stadium to fall away as our Champions League hopes did this season. The only question is, will we?

Until then, Palace and all three points, please!







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453 Replies to “Match Thread – A Palace Of A Distraction But Spurs Have To Look To 2020/21”

  • WIN on Sunday end of – Palace lost 7 in a row now and we ideally need a win to help for 6th place and the guaranteed EL spot – no point contemplating any other result really – so not going to even bother lol!

    Might add Chelski need something v Wolves to guarantee their CL spot – especially given their crap GD compared to Man U and Leicester so they’ll be going for a win for sure which bodes well for us also!

    Very poor season in terms of CL qualification via 3rd and 4th – will be done with points in the mid 60’s at best – usually more like mid 70’s required (I already mentioned this on another thread at the weekend aswell) – definitely gives us hope for next season based on this especially if as stated in the article we can do some clever tweaking of the squad over the summer as I also have been arguing constantly elsewhere (other’s have also done the same to back me up, etc – don’t think anyone really disagrees with this anyway)!

    Bring on the final 3 points and 6th place and a guaranteed EL spot – end of lol!

  • Attractive performances or not we have provided top 3 points since the lock down. And with a few decisions going our way we could’ve been 4th around now. However as I stated in an earlier post we can only run our own race and try to beat what is in front of us on the day. We havant done too bad even if the stylish football is lacking. Let’s hope for an end of season hurrah against Palace 3-0 Spurs.
    Look forward to a decent transfer window. As usual we”re linked with anyone who ever seen a football.
    But a good RD and CDM will. Do for starters. COYS

  • Just after lockdown, we were touching distance from utd, until dier did something defender should never do, cost us 2 points.

  • 123 I could live with the draw v Man Utd (they pretty much dominated the game and a combo of heroics by Lloris and their poor finishing meant we luckily came away with something) but it was the defeat to Sheff Utd and the draw with Bournemouth that cost us dearly and we must take much more issue with – these are the kinds of games we should be winning even away if we want to be/get into the top 4 again surely?!

    Not to mention our ridiculously poor start to the season which cost Poch his job and then the 2 bloody give away defeats to Chelski – complete surrender’s which nailed the coffin as regards top 4 again this season – a big shame given how it has panned out – indeed only needing mid 60’s to finish 3rd/4th lol – then again that could also be testimony to how hard the Prem is now to get results (as Geof regularly alludes to) especially with the likes of Leicester, Wolves and even Sheff Utd pushing so hard this season that Arse are finishing in their worst position for 25 years or so and us regular top 4 finisher’s for the last 4 season’s and CL finalists last year have been pushed out to 6th/7th also, not to mention big spenders lately Everton outside the top 10 also!

    I think as I said on the other thread and above again – there’s hope for us of top 4 for next season indeed I see Chelski went and conceded another 5 last night at Liverpool – granted it’s the champions away but still 5 goals is a drumming and you’d expect a top 3/4 team to have a good solid defence and not concede many as is usually the case (Chelski have conceded 54 this season which is ridiculous – top 4 team’s usually concede no more than 35-40 goals tops)! Let them keep buying forward players and neglecting their defence and we could be the one’s to fully benefit from this!

    Man City and Liverpool will again compete for the Prem no doubt, but I think 3rd and 4th could be up for grabs if Man U and Chelski don’t seriously progress from this season (I did at the weekend suggest Man U might challenge for the title but given Sunday and yesterday now have to question myself again LOL but that was only based on them spending big again this summer and seriously improving on what they have – top CB, top STR for starter’s and then some more aswell such as a LB, RW, etc, etc, etc) – we’ll surely be better next season and we’ve got some great players and with some clever tweaking over the summer, a decent rest and then a good pre-season with JM and not having a whole load of major injuries again next season – we should definitely be in with a shout of top 4 and CL again!

    I’m atleast hopeful of such at the moment and we should be going into next season on decent momentum – beat Palace and that’s 4 wins on the trot to end the season – now let’s see what the summer brings in terms of in’s and out’s – everyone already excited or not just yet LOL?!

  • I would argue the second half against Leicester was also encouraging in its own way. I can’t remember the last time a Spurs side just closed a game down, though I can think of plenty of times when we needed to and couldn’t. In the current situation you just have to get on with it, remain focused on your games and your squad and keep the finances under control.

    • jod….100% with you there, you said a Spurs side just closed a game down, or put it another way a Spurs side controlled the game/out come, both sentences do for me. COYS

  • Personally, I’m not worried whether we get into the EL or not. But if we can’t beat Palace, given their recent form, then we will get whatever we deserve.

    Just before the restart Palace were just 2 points behind Spurs. And Spurs were in 8th and 7 points behind Chelsea in 4th, and just 4 points behind MU in 5th. So for Spurs our PL standing is not that much different than it was at the start of the suspension of the PL. We are currently 5 points behind Chelsea in 4th place.

    When Pochettino was fired Spurs were 14th in the PL but still just 2 points from 7th spot where we are currently placed. We were just 3 points from 5th but 11 points behind M City in 4th place. So again, not a huge difference between the 3 positions from when Poch was fired to the restart and then to now.

    But when we thrash the Eagles on Sunday we can at least be pleased for a good end to our season with 4 wins on the spin. And maybe a EL spot. Hooray!

    So, I shall be grateful for small mercies.

    Eagles 0-1 Cockerels… But 0-6 will do…

  • 123 …. If you pick one players mistake that cost us points (Dier) it’s only fair to highlight EVERY players mistake that cost us points. Good luck with that, mate.

  • I think this game will be part of our ‘pre-season’. Well it will be a relatively short break.

  • Have to agree with EJ there – I have far more to say about the Sheffield and Bournemouth results than the draw vs Man U. And I actually think Dier had been one of our better performers since the restart.

    When it’s all said and done, we’re probably only going to finish 4 or 5 points off top 4, which is a fantastic recovery from Jose based on how far we were earlier this season. It seems that Leicester, Man U and Chelsea are all limping over the line, which is a shame because had we been closer, we probably could have taken advantage of the situation.

    Looking to next season, we can certainly fight with Chelsea and Man U currently (as both teams have flaws), although I suspect Chelsea will be a much better team next year, given who they are lining up in the TW.

    I believe we’ll beat Palace convincingly given their horrendous form, but then again, ghosts of seasons past have taught me not to take anything for granted on final day (Newcastle, anyone?). And I also thought we’d make quick work of Bournemouth a few games ago, which goes to show that surprises can happen.

    Let’s see Harry score 6 and win the golden boot!

  • Knowing Harry BS, if he can get a couple of early goals, he’ll then have the GB on his mind. …..

    IF… If we had beaten the Cherries and the Blades, we would now be in 4th, above Chelsea on GD, as our GD stands right now.

    In a way, lock down probably saved our season as much as our recently improved results have. As, maybe the results would’ve been far worse if the season had carried on as normal. With No Harry, Son, Sissoko for a few months to follow and with Lo Celso injured, going into the lockdown. Along with probably another injury or two, perhaps…

    But, it is what it is and 6th or even 7th won’t sound so bad as 14th did back when Jose was hired…

  • Good morning all, having read all the posts I have a question…is everyone feeling fine? because there is no real moans n groans, mainly positives lol! only jesting some good reads.

    BS…Harry to score 6 wouldn’t that be a dream, I would love it.

    As HT said IF…the season has been very IFFY at times lol! COYS

  • I don’t think there’s much doubt that the lockdown actually helped us, without it neither Kane nor Son would have been fit so most of our firepower would have gone. Its not just us of course, I suspect the break gave Wolves, who already had a lot of matches in their legs and not a particularly large squad, even more help. Other teams came back after the break and found their form had deserted them. We are assuming next season will be normal but it might be as confused as this one.

  • Yes Geoff, but I was on about utd game, school boy error so close to united now they and rookie ole can get CL and where are we, as I said dier is not good enough hasnt been for years now yet we still have him on the books. And aurier is a liability yet still plays, Time is now to win a trophy. It’s been to long. Time to be ruthless time to install a winning mentality, time to deliver

  • 123 can’t agree with you re Dier. As I said in another post he has had a bad year with illness/injury. He stated himself that CDM was not his best position. He is not yet a Toby or Verts but he hasn’t played too badly in that position, considering he and Dave were a “new” partnership.
    The pen against Man U for me was Pogba throwing his leg into Dier and equally could not have been given.
    However if we are calling people out, where was Winksy to back him up in that defensive move. Nowhere. Pogba brushed Winksy aside earlier in the move like a, “wee boy” is he the to blame?
    In other games Aurier gave away a pen against Liverpool losing us that one. And that is only one of many from him I would argue he has cost us at least 15 points. Lloris made a couple of howlers early in the season as did Cass. In goal
    Look at Sonny’s mistake and failure to chase back, called out by Lloris.
    There have been mistakes by many of our team this season.
    For me Dier is a decent utility player and he is getting better there are much worse players in our squad who urgently need to go.

  • In recent seasons, that game against United would have been a loss, more likely than not, given our record against top 6 teams under MP. Some people are never happy.

    With regards to Dier, yes he’s made some mistakes (who hasn’t) but I think the best is yet to come from him now that he’s settled as a CB. What are the alternatives anyways? Toby and Sanchez haven’t exactly played error-free football, Jan is on his way out, and the rest is unproven at the PL level.

    You may well identify Dier as a weak link and that’s fair enough, but who are we going to buy who is better?

    And given a rather limited transfer kitty, where would you rather see the little money we have spent? Personally, I think RB and a second striker are far more pressing needs than another CB.

  • Can anyone name a footballer who has not made mistakes …. lots of them. ‘To dare is to do’ will never happen without mistakes. Fair enough if costly mistakes are made on a regular basis but otherwise, it’s just football and nobody is perfect. imo

    Before we think of parting with anyone we should be sure they have had a decent opportunity to prove themselves. That means a run of consistent games …. not the odd start here and there and a few 10 minute substitutions off the bench. imo

    • I doubt we will stay with the top clubs next year as they will all out spend us. Levy hasn’t borrowed £170M to spend in the transfer market. He will simply expect champagne results on a lemonade spend, same old, same old.

  • COYS winner in place my hope it’s more than the one , start of many HOPE ( one team coys )

  • My two penneth regards Eric Dier, he is a fantastic utility player and I also believe he will be a great CB, having learned a lot by laying in midfield, think our Ledley said the same thing a while back, does anybody remember Toby at about 23 or 24, no I didn’t think so, look how he turned out, time and experience at CB is a massive
    essential commodity, I am really glad he has a new contract. COYS

  • DMC, RB, STR, LCB – pretty much in that order for me!

    On Dier – happy to have him stay – very interested in seeing how he develops over the long term at CB and can always cover DMC also if necessary – good squad player to have worst case – best case might JM turn him into a top CB – here’s hoping lol!

    Wondering if we should maybe keep Foyth and continue his international progression at RB?! Would still be OK with selling KWP and Aurier though and bringing in a new RB as stated above.

    With Skippy and Parrott likely to go out on loan (and having let go off the likes of Dembele, Wanyama and Llorente, Janssen in the last year or so) we desperately need a new DMC and a new STR also.

    Furthermore with Vert’s likely leaving – would make sense to look to get a new LCB also! We have 5/6 RCB’s potentially in Toby, Davy, Dier, Tanganga and even Foyth, Fagan-Walcott if truly desperate!

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