Date: 8th October 2018 at 3:14pm
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Manager Neil Warnock has a well tried and tested way of dealing with the media when it comes to offering incidents in the game with a fresh viewpoint or angle, and he’s rarely ever slow or shy in coming forward with opinionated accusations about situations where he can help deflect criticism from him, or his players, and slightly alter the narrative.

He was arguably at his best last Saturday following Tottenham Hotspur’s win over Cardiff City and with extreme predictability he latched onto the second half sending off of midfielder Joe Ralls.

Having lunged in on Lucas Moura, the only words you can use to describe the tackle are reckless, dangerous and cynical.

Mike Dean rightly showed the player a straight red card for his indiscretion, but the reaction of the Spurs’ players to the challenge, and Harry Kane in particular, may not have been pretty but it was certainly understandable. Kane received a yellow for grabbing hold of Ralls in the aftermath.

In the weird world of Warnock though, apparently it was only worthy of a yellow and it was all Kane’s fault as he spoke to Sky Sports following the game.

“I don’t think he (Kane) needs to do that. He plays for England, I love him. I don’t think you should try to get other pros sent off, just because he’s had a poor game and Spurs were having a poor game.”


“I thought Mike Dean, an experienced referee, was going to give a yellow card from the start. But he left it – there were one or two busy people around today, the linesman and the fourth official – and I’m sure one of those influenced them. I think when he looks tonight he would have given a yellow card nine times out of 10 if it was left to him. I think he was wrong.”

He went on to blather about players surrounding the referee and how he was curious if Dean would report on that from a position of being influenced, but a sore loser rarely changes their spots.

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8 Replies to “Love Him Or Hate Him – Sometimes This Bloke Really Needs To Shut Up”

  • Just proves what a knob Neil Warnock can be at times, but he was probably trying to take the pressure off of his guilty party player. COYS

  • Don’t really care what Warknocker says, he’s irrelevant, he’s just warming the managers seat until Swansea sack him for another manager. I’m more worried about the turnout at Wembley, it was as shameful as was our finishing . Translate that to when the new stadium is ready and we have 45,000 people turn up in our brand new 62,000 seater stadium! …What a great time to have half the first team in the Physio room until Christmas with no new signings to fall back on…any other Premiership top 6 team got half its 1st Team in the treatment room at the same time? ……Nope…can’t think of one!…. Well done Danny Levy – brand new stadium for next season and no CL Football to play in it – that’s what you call forward thinking!

  • It was a nailed-on straight red. No problem.

    OM … I get your point but think it’s more than a bit premature to write us off just yet.

  • Its very easy to right Spurs off then they can say “I told you so”, as you said Geofspurs “its a bit premature to write us off yet” so lets just wait and see, I honestly think we will be surprised if not expected. COYS

  • I think a better question would be; “How many PL teams with half of the first team missing would now find themselves two points off the top of the PL”?

    42,000 at Wembley (not our own ground), is a pretty good turn out for a match v bottom club Cardiff City. (I won’t mention that the attendance was restricted anyway).

    Our following two Wembley matches v PSV and then City will no doubt have a good few thousand more.

    Personally, I am avoiding going to Wembley for any matches played there this season. It’s not at all enjoyable for me whoever we play there or how well we may play… I’d rather watch from the comfort of my home… Tottenham at a ground, actually in Tottenham? Well that will always lure me in…

  • Firstly warnock is a tool, to condone a cynical challenge like that! Its about time refs stamped down on this kind of challenge and protected players like zaha ect from this kind of blatant dangerous assault.
    About the attendance, I am from N London and can see the new WHL being finished every day. I for one cant stand doing that tedious journey to Wembley sometimes twice a week. The sooner the new ground is finished the better, 44K will be the norm itf we are not in the ground by xmas!! lol

  • I really don’t get why people assume the attendance should be the same regardless of the opposition, it never used to be that way. Back before all seater stadium it was normal to have 30-35,000 for an unattractive fixture while you could fill the 50,000 capacity twice over when we played Arsenal. Its only with the capacity being reduced that the ground started being filled every game. That just reflected the fact that the ground was too small. I suspect the base is higher now simply because a lot more people now live in London. But you are still going to get more people wanting to see an attractive game than one against a team like Cardiff.

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