Date: 6th March 2018 at 10:52am
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Matchday Thread – Spurs vs. Juventus

Ever since the 2-2 draw which was valiantly (and a bit fortuitously) obtained at Juve`s Allianz stadium last month, Spurs fans have been looking forward to the return fixture at Wembley. High on confidence given the 2 away goals they take into Wednesday`s game, and on the back of 17 games without losing, THFC approach this game thinking they have every chance to progress.

However, in their way stands Juve, a hugely experienced team which has many times overcome the odds to produce a moment of magic. While Spurs should be confident ahead of the game, this confidence should not become complacency, and the team will again need to be at their best to seal qualification.

The good news is that Mauricio Pochettino will be able to count on almost all of his players. With the exception of Toby Alderweireld (who is unlikely to recover in time for the game) and Serge Aurier (who is suspended – which some Spurs fans consider a blessing given his personal performance in the first game), the rest of the squad is available for selection.

Juve, on the other hand, will have to do without Juan Cuadrado, Mattia De Sciglio, and Federico Bernardeschi, and are waiting to hear on the availability of Gonzalo Higuain, who has missed a few games but should be back in contention on Wednesday. However, 3 Juve players are likely to feature in the second game after missing the first one: Paulo Dybala, Blaise Matuidi and Andrea Barzagli.

We`ve discussed Spurs` recent form; they have won every game they have played since the first Juve game and made their way into the Premier League`s top 4. However, Juve have also won every game they`ve played since the first meeting, not conceding a single goal in the process. In that time, they have closed the gap on Serie A leaders Napoli and currently stand second, one point behind Napoli, with a game in hand. This game will again, more than ever, oppose 2 teams in top form.

Ahead of the game, both teams have been talking up their chances, with Pochettino claiming Wembley is Spurs` home and that we feel comfortable there, and Heung-Min Son saying Spurs don`t fear Juve. Juve`s coach Massimiliano Allegri was on record after his side`s win against Lazio, to say that his team were ready for Tottenham and while he respected our ability to make things difficult for Juve, he also thought Spurs would be easier to break down than Lazio, who according to him, defended better.

There you have it: Juve believe our weakness is at the back and will try to exploit that. On the other hand, we feel we match up against anyone and we certainly won`t be intimidated by Juve.

My personal prediction: I don`t see us giving away cheap goals/penalties this time, and I don`t see Juve scoring more than one goal in this game. I think we`ll create very few chances because Juve are as good as it gets defensively, but I think we`ll score at least one, possibly 2 goals if we`re clinical. Realistically, I`m going for Spurs – Juve 1-1, with us qualifying to the next round on away goals.


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  • Thanks BS for the article. The game couldn’t be more nicely poised with both teams on a roll and key players like Matuidi and Dybala returning. I just hope that Dembele is fully recovered after hobbling off against Huddersfield. I think the game will be won by us late in the game from the bench.

  • Nice one BS it’s a good read… As far as Allegris comment on our defence, up against Lazio’s, I see that they have conceded (in Serie A) 10 more goals than Spurs have in the PL after 2 more matches than Lazio. 34 conceded to THFC’s 24. Our slip-ups v Juve (which he was obviously referring to) were an exception to our norm.

  • We’ve got the 3rd best defence in the EPL and Lazio have the 9th best defence in Serie A. Juve manager Massimiliano Allegri has it wrong there. Defence is “usually” one of our strengths. Looking at Juves last 12 games, they struggle to score more than 1 goal it seems, but rarely ever concede as well.

  • BS …. Well done; this article should kick the game off nicely. I prefer the term ‘well deserved’ to ‘fortuitously’.

    We beat Juve in a pre-season game at Wembley (purely a confidence booster, but a useful one).

    Prior to the first leg Juve had hardly conceded any goals for weeks …. we scored two on their ground.

    From going 2-0 down after 7 minutes in the first leg … Spurs were the dominant team and pulled the two goals back.

    Juve have simply maintained their form since the first leg; Spurs, on the other hand, have become far more consistent and have improved dramatically in the league standings.

    Juve are out of the competition if no goals are scored or if they both score once. Juve cannot sit back and play an ‘Italian league’ game. They have to score. This will make it easier for Spurs to counter at pace.

    The game should be a fairly close encounter. An early goal to either side would make it a very exciting game.

    Looks like a 3-0 (HT 2-0) home win to me.

  • Higuains opener in the first leg was offside, if only VAR was used 😉 So “luck” was on their side if anything.

  • It was a clever free kick but the main slip up for me was Dembele giving it to them in the first place. And, not so much our defending of it, which as Guyver says, should’ve been called offside. So, in effect our defending worked but the goal was unfortunately given… So be it.

  • HT but Lazio defended better in that game , than we did against Juve, thats i think he saying, which maybe true..

  • Ill take that 1-1, BS, I see that too, or a 2-0 win to us, just depend who scores the first goal

  • Dreamers. You’re about to see what a team with hardened experience are capable of under pressure. And if Dembele doesn’t play, the result will be a foregone conclusion. Offensive speed will count for nothing if he isn’t there to play deep and give your already shaky defence some confidence.

    1-0 Juve if he plays, 3-0 if he doesn’t.

  • I dreamt that we beat Madrid. I dreamt that we beat Dortmund. I dreamt that we drew at juve. I’m really good at this dreaming stuff!

  • 2 Guyver – that’s funny!
    Either way I think it will be a cracking match. Can’t wait

    Geofspurs: Nightmares are dreams too.

  • No doubt juve are World class team, but this is ours to lose. If we want to make a statement, let’s do this, all stats go out the window, this is down to concentration, mentality to win and don’t let the occasion get to us. Play to our strengths. Coys

  • Prima …. That’s true; and it should be a cracking game. That’s what we’re all looking forward to.

  • Not going to try and predict the score, but because Juve have to chase the game and will want to be at least two clear to make the game safe I feel they may have to play a pretty fast and open game, trying to outflank us or going over the top which would be great for us as it would leave the spaces in the third quarter of the pitch to exploit.
    Just as long as the clown isn’t starting we stand a good chance of going through.
    On an aside, when I watched the chelski game I saw in Willian what Dele could be, only better, if he can keep his cool on the pitch and please stop this trying to beat every player in front of him lark.
    We had a player like that in our team, he was amazing, could even skip most of the attempts to bring him down, but his one downfall was his greed and inability to know when to pass. He would even go back and humiliate someone by going past him again then lose the ball as he’d get crowded out when there were two or three players all in scoring positions. He never gave that part of his game up, shame, because that is the first thing he’s remembered for rather than his footballing talent. And we lost or drew so many games we could/should have won if he’d been more generous with the ball.
    Not saying that will happen to Dele, but if he is going to improve as an all round player then I think he has to lose this tendency of his to try and get past one player too many, he needs to look up, see the pass and make it happen.

  • I agree, Chris. Just a simple pass a bit more often would make a huge difference to the team. He doesn’t even have to change anything about his game to do it.

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