Date: 31st March 2014 at 8:17am
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Well, I have to admit, that pretty much went the way I feared it would.

Mothering Sunday, or the Mother of all Sundays. What an absolute shambles. I’ll start with Liverpool’s 3rd goal if I may, it goes a long way to explaining how weak we have become. It started in Liverpool’s box and ended in our net, all without one single challenge, not one tackle. Yes the defensive line was a touch further back, but it was still high enough. Does a high line not call for pressing and closing down?, where was that?. My old favourite’s, desire and passion, where they at?. Vert’s and his injury, sounds wrong, but his attitude is now so negative I wrongly find myself questioning did he really have to go off, or was it more that he’s had enough of this mess, a mess he is being paid very well to be part of.

Commentators remarking on our body language pre match in the tunnel, the casual approach, not looking pumped and eager for the battle. Tim said we would go to Liverpool and attack, got to love the guy, he told no lies. We scored in under two minutes. Beauty!. I’ll leave the debate as to who was to blame for that Vert’s or Kaboul to you guys. Siggy and Bentaleb as the defensive screen for the back 4. Really?, a 19 year old, still learning his game and a player who plays his best football in the attacking 3rd. I do not want to hear, Sherwood has no blame in this anymore, that decision alone should show how tactically inept Tim is at present.

This does not mean I dislike Tim, It’s just too soon for him to be given the reigns of a club aspiring to be a top 4 regular. The players have lost focus, Levy must share the blame also, was Tim just another cost cutting exercise?, the players need to man up, It’s embarrassing from top to bottom. Never before have I felt so low supporting Spurs, another 2 goal gift, stupid free kicks around the box, switching off when defending throw ins, no pressing, Flannagan showing men how to tackle, Henderson MOTM.

Tim got a touch line ban then?, I heard he sat in the stands so he could get a better view, might be an idea to actually get down on the touchline and bark a few orders after witnessing the shambles from his pedestal. Yes he got on the old mobile, but I want to see my managers on the touchline spewing fear if need be, not sat on their jacksie all nice and comfy whispering orders down a phone, save that for the sex lines.

Here’s the thing, have the players given up?, has Tim’s appointment been the catalyst for the apparent lack of effort from some?, are the players good enough?. You see, we have so many questions still, but we cannot decipher where the problems lie. Do we keep Tim, but get rid of those that appear less than bothered?, do we get a new manager in the hope that the issue was Tim’s inexperience?, or do we go all in and rid ourselves of both dud player types and manager?. Whatever the answer may be, I for one cannot wait for this season to end, add to this the fact that I do not even care where we finish league wise anymore, and you may just get to feel how disheartened I have become.

Yes Liverpool are a great footballing side this season, hence the need for the players to give 100% as a bare minimum. Did you witness that?. The silence from within the club is deafening, there’s no plan on or off the pitch. Shambolic, depressing, Delusional, Disgraceful, left here imprisoned within my mind left devoid of sanity. How can this be?.

On a positive, they only scored 4 this time. Against top 4 this season, we played 8 games, secured 1 point, scored 2 goals and conceded a miserly 27. Take your pick with the blame game, I know this much, that’ll never be top 4 pedigree. I love our club dearly, but enough is enough. This is no knee jerk reaction, none of this, I prefer one manager over another. This is more about being able to hold my head high as a Tottenham supporter safe in the knowledge that my club does its utmost best in all things football related. The club chose me, as it does with many fans. Football being played the way it was meant, the verve and passion, the crunching tackles, the fist pumping goal celebrations, dare I say, smiles on the players faces. All the things that attracted me to Spurs. Please sir……Can I have it back?.

Apologies for not really reporting too much, if any of the actual match. But let’s be honest, you’ve read it all before, and in a way, this article very much ties in with why the match maybe played out the way it did. Hope Vert’s and Soldado’s injuries are not too bad, and wish them well. I’m not that mean.

Written by Cider Spurs.