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Following on from GeoffSpurs article, Is Salah Taking The Pressure Off Of Kane? 80deg16minW says:

The 2017/18 season has seen the emergence of one of the most exciting players in the PL for a long time.

When it comes to Mo Salah, neutrals everywhere are extolling his virtues and avidly watching his every move. He really is a pleasure to watch. Salah’s head to head golden boot battle with our injured hero Harry Kane has Spurs fans buzzing with excitement.

The hope is that Harry’s ability to put up hat tricks on a semi regular basis will help secure the individual honour once more. With Kane very definite in his commitment to Tottenham, Salah is also a perfect fit for Real Madrid.

In search of new attacking options, there is absolutely no way that RM can overlook the Egyptian God. He is the perfect foil to Messi and Suarez over at Barca and his skill set appears to be perfect for their set up. Rumours have been swirling for the last couple of seasons about Ramy Abbas Issa talking to RM (and Barca) about Salah.

Salah, being 25 now, is ripe for his big contract move. And it is highly unlikely that any self respecting agent would walk away from a payday opportunity such as the one Salah is likely to generate. With Liverpool only winning one trophy in 10 years it would seem that for once, instead of Tottenham, they are in real danger of their star player moving to Spain.

After all, Suarez understood the club was lacking ambition and living on it’s history. Salah and his agent are probably of the same mind set. Harry on the other hand is bound and determined to win a trophy in our new stadium. I envision his statue in front of the new WHL in about 15 years.

Liverpool fans will be feeling their vulnerability as the rumours begin to pick up steam once again. The boot is definitely on the other foot this season.


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  • Why are we trying a tout a player from another team for Real Madrid? It’s the same as the pundits who constantly do the same with Kane & Alli because they’re jealous of our magnificent team. Salah only signed a long-term contract in the summer, so even if he did move on, it’s unlikely to happen now. Plus, he’s scoring handfuls and playing really well at Liverpool, who’s to say he’d pick up the same way elsewhere – it didn’t happen for him at Chelsea did it?

  • I disagree. If I were a Liverpool fan, I’d be really excited under Klopp as they are trending in a great direction. They are not a one man team with Salah, just in the same way they weren’t with Coutinho. They have increased the capacity of the stadium, pay the high wages and have invested heavily in Mane, Salah, Van Dijk along with new signing Naby Keita, one of the most highly rated centre mids in world football. Onto that Klopp has nurtured a new pipeline of homegrown players with Robertson, Alexander-Arnold,Gomez, Woodburn, Solanke etc contributing to the first team. Even the GK, Carius, is starting to get recognised as a top drawer keeper. They are clearly work in progress, in the same way we are, but whether we like it or not have closed the gap on us in the last 2 years. They now have depth in most areas of the pitch.

    I’d love to see Salah go to RM. At least that way, it’s one other club keeping their hands off our gem, Eriksen.

  • liverpool are very good, play very good football and havent missed Courtinho which shows you they have very good players. I would say they are definately better than us in their attack, they play with speed and exciting, but they are not has balanced as us when it comes to getting attack and defence right, hence they conceed and drop points from winning positions but the3y are improving on that side of the game and imo their project is further forward than ours and Klopp is one hell of a decent man ana manager. Can they get over the line and win smething not sure they are at the same place as we are, need that little bit more ‘knowhow’ but they are on par with us in many ways. I think they will get top four and deserve it and they are building but have spent as well. I think they find some gems, Salaah is doing fantastic and deserves credit and it will be interesting to see if he can do it next season, that usually shows how good a player is, once they have one good season can they follow it up, i see no reason why he cannot. Liverpool want sell him yet they are on the up and we need to make sure we strengthen next season so we dont fall behind.

  • Just listened to a video about Toby and it was saying he didnt get selected for At madrid and while he is one of the best defenders its hard to say how good he is because one his injuries in last two seasons have hampered him and also defending is about partnerships and while he is good with verts do we know how good he is on his own or with another! Personally I think he is gone in summer if he doesnt sign contract on Levy’s terms and quite rightly so. He is getting older, having injuries and its not good business to pay over the odds for someone of his age who has injuries. I am not too concerned now because I beleive Sanchez is going to be even better next season and if he is first choice with verts then that will do me although with Toby we would be stronger but no player is bigger than the club. if he goes only sell him abroad, i think he would be happy with that if the money is right and its a team who can win things

  • Salah is a superb footballer or at least on the evidence of this season he seems to be, he is even being hawked as a rival to Lionel Messi, which of course is ridiculous on the basis of one season’s achievements. Harry Kane on the other hand has shown consistent goalscoring form for 3 seasons and counting. Yes it is good that Salah is taking the limelight and easing the pressure off of Harry to win the Golden Boot and attract the attention of the press, and off of Spurs to keep him with apparently PSG, Barca, and Real all queuing to place massive bids for Salah, while Harry is indicating a wish to carry on his goal scoring prowess in the new Spurs stadium, so I don’t begrudge Salah his success, especially if it makes it more likely we can keep Harry at Spurs.

  • Is Salah another, along with Lukaku and De Bruyn, that “The special one” allowed to slip through his fingers at Chelsea. For supposedly such a great manager, particularly if you listen to his own opinion of his abilities and qualities, he has squandered some talent over the years.

  • Toby has seen his best years at Spurs. For the right price sell him now before the world understands that he’s just about to enter his decline. Hate to say this, because I’ve love his steady play for us, but better than we had him at his peak and RM or someone else can get him on the beginning of his slide. Ouch!

  • Salah won’t be taking the limelight from Harry at all, not in England anyway. He is just bathing in his own glory right now as well as Harry is in his.

    The small fact of there being a World Cup coming up means that the UK media and England supporters in general are and will be pressurising our man Kane to be the next Geof Hurst, the new, England Hero! …Harry, England, and Saint George… And all that nonsense!

    I presume that Egypt and Salah (outside of Egypt, Asia and Africa) will not be getting any such of the same kind of hype in the UK, as England and Harry will be, once this season is over and the WC starts.

  • Also, if Salah is soon to be poached by one the European giants, it doesn’t then follow that Harry is then suddenly persona non grata. He doesn’t become second best or half-forgotten just because of a goal here or there and a Golden Boot, or not.

  • Let’s hope Moura can have a similar impact for us but to be fair Sonny is already into his 3rd season and producing the goods regularly – Salah is in his 1st season so lets see how it goes next season. Alli is in his 3rd season and been quite quiet compared to last year and yet has still been involved in about 20 goals so it remains to be seen how Salah progresses and if he’s allowed to. I’d expect he’d have to do it for atleast another season before the likes of Madrid came knocking – guaranteed quality and product.

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