Date: 24th October 2019 at 6:25am
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Tottenham Hotspur desperately needed the performance and result we put in on Tuesday evening as we hosted Red Star Belgrade in the Champions League at White Hart Lane.

A brace for Harry Kane and Son Heung-Min, along with a solo effort from Erik Lamela gave us the comfortable victory on the night and it went some way to erasing the memories of recent results against Bayern Munich and Brighton and Hove Albion, but the question on everyone’s lips in the aftermath of the match is simply – was that the start of the corner being turned, or simply an angry (or lucky) aberration?

With plenty of struggles in the year of 2019, despite our journey to the CL final, we needed something to go for us, but we simply have to build on this now as we have again shown what we are capable of and we just haven’t seen it enough.

Liverpool will be tough on Sunday, especially at Anfield and we all know what the game means without taking a trip back to the summer, so the perfect way to build on Tuesday is by taking some revenge and hopefully, doing it in some style when it comes to the performance.

The question is simple – will we?

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151 Replies to “Liverpool Offers More Than Revenge For Spurs – It’s An Opportunity – But Will We Take It (Match Thread)”

  • God almighty – Aurier and Rose at full-back – we might aswell hand over the points already. Experience but so what – they’ve played most of the season and can’t help keep clean sheets. I can see why he’s picking Toby and Davy – both faster than Verts but just goes to show we need to sign a left sided CB desperately in January. Winks in for N’Dombele is another set back and Eriksen has been shite all season so why does he deserve to start ahead of Moura?! Not good enough – reckon we’ll be found out big time here – just hope it’s not another drubbing – we can’t take much more of this.

  • I know we are winning but this is an awful performance. Constantly giving the ball away. Giving needless free kicks away and being outworked by Liverpool. This is not the Spurs under Poch that I know. Eriksen once again an absolute disgrace

  • One up, but Winks, Dele and Eriksen were hopeless. Early changes will have to be made if we’re going to get something out of this. Not holding my breath though.

  • It’s a drubbing but so far we’re holding out – introducing Moura might be worthwhile for atleast part of the 2nd half – catch them on the break. Worried about Sissoko and Rose on yellow’s and the constant pressure Liverpool are applying. God I hope we can get the 3 points and kick start our season properly – what a confidence boaster it would be going into Winter…..!

  • Has Poch not watched Liverpool before. Their creativity comes from the full backs and we have Eriksen and Son marking them. Can’t control the ball and can’t pass the ball to a team mate. This is an appalling performance. Alli and Eriksen should never have started. They offer nothing. This is like watching Premier League against League One

  • I used to be a big fan of Pochitino, he really needs to go, picking this team has showed me he has go no idea left. I have to say Erickson, Ali, Aurier are awful, they are not premier league players. I cannot believe Real Madrid want Erickson, ha ha ha. Please take him. Poch tactics all wrong. We do not deserve to win this game. Clueless.

  • I have backed Poch until now but this team selection was almost a sackable offence in itself. How many chances do Alli, Eriksen, Rose and Aurier need before they are left out of the team. It’s one thing to haveEriksen mark Robertson(a really poor decision) but to not change it when it was so clearly going spectacularly wrong is utter madness.

  • Aurier total liability. Should never be on the pitch. Winks very weak and totally ineffective. Dele no longer a threat and looks lost. Eriksen drifting in and out. Liverpool better than us all over the pitch. We have many players to replace but it won’t happen.

  • Totally outplayed and outclassed. Its like top versus bottom. So many weaknesses. What on earth has happened to Dele? He is a shadow of the player we once had. Aurier shocking. Rose past it. Eriksen has left. Winks weak and tippy tappy.

    • I suppose losing 2-1 is an escape for this abysmal Spurs team, better than the stuffing we could, and perhaps should, have suffered. Does Pochettino put the squad names in a hat and draw any 10 out and a GK to start every game. It is patently obvious to anybody with a modicum of football knowledge that the likes of Aurier, Winks and the current Danny Rose are nowhere near good enough to compete at top PL level. If the official reason for Lamela missing the game are true, then it is time we looked critically at him, he is hardly ever fit, is too fragile and not up to it in the PL, where was Ndembele. We rarely if ever start with the same 11 for 2 consecutive games, and it’s not as if we have a broad array of talent vying for places in the starting line up, in fact the reverse is true. We are now in 11th place in the PL and regressing steadily, and highly unlikely to even qualify for the Europa League for next season. The tragedy is that if significant investment and fundamental changes at all levels in the club are not forthcoming, and they are highly unlikely under the current ownership, things will get worse before they get better. We need to take lessons from the likes of Leicester, who with a budget a fraction of ours have built 2 teams in the last 5 years both better than ours. The first won the league before the star players were sold on at huge profit, so they have now built another with the likes of Chilwell, Tielemans, and Maddison and others and are now top 4 contenders again, all this without a 62,000 capacity stadium and a 5 star training ground. What they have had are an ownership family fully focused on giving their supporters a team to be proud of, as well as financing amenities in the city, and were/are much loved by the supporters. I wonder whether our stadium would be buried in floral tributes if a tragedy befell Daniel Levy, I doubt it.

  • Well, not happy with the result, thought we deserved a draw at least. Why didn’t we show that last 20 minutes of intensity all the way through?? We always take our foot off the gas….Another Aurier penalty, isn’t Jack Clarke a right back? All in all happy with the performance, wasn’t happy Eriksen started but he surprised me (positively) with his effort.

  • Wentworth, how amusing our different takes on the game, thought we handled pool quite well personally, Aurier is a liability, we all know that. Shout out to the new GAzza (niga) what a game Paulo well done, he kept us in it

  • I feel like a broken record, but the last 20 minutes improved when Ndombele came on, he has that ability to play penetrating balls, he also shields the ball very well, the guy is a great launching pad for us. Winks didn’t have a bad game, he just offers us very little going forward.

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