Date: 21st November 2017 at 11:53am
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‘There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.’

Tottenham are Flat Track Bullies, right?

In the aftermath of the NLD, it was pointed out by me that we`d now not won a top 6 game in 17, I did however suggest that it was the draws and the very few losses that cost us the PL, and may even cost us a top 4 slot if we didn’t improve our results against them – many have taken that one stat to call us ‘Flat track Bullies`, ‘chokers’ and worst of all, ‘Spursey`.

Linekars dig on Twitter that Spurs suffer from ‘big gameitus` is also worth answering?(he has clearly forgotten our wins against Liverpool 4-1 and Real Madrid 3-1, or aren’t these big games?)

Even our very own Real Deal, a poster not easily led by the nose joined in and had this to say on the post match thread:

“The Argentine has a woeful record against fellow top-six clubs when playing away from home, having won only one previous fixture in the 17 league games in his time with Spurs. People can dismiss that stat if they want but it shows he isn’t as good as he is being made out and proves the players still bottle it in the big games?”

So what are the Facts?

Our record against the top six since the beginning of the 2015-16 season reflects pretty well when you compare against our title-chasing peers;

Firstly, we are the only club to have beaten all of the top six in the Premier League since the start of last season – that’s some record.

Since the beginning of the 2015/16 season we have taken 30 points against our normal top-six peers, more than Arsenal and Manchester City, and the same as Manchester United.

Two beat us in the points stakes; Liverpool (37) and Chelsea (34) have collected more.

But there is no denying that just one win from 17 matches shows we have to improve if we do have pretensions of competing for the title, that said just Liverpool alone took more than four points from trips to top-six opposition last season, During the same period we managed just two points from five top 6 games, which is more than Arsenal and the same as United.

The conclusion is obvious; these stats make it crystal clear that at home, top 6 home teams are heavy favourites to come out on top, and that hasn`t changed in a long time.

So whilst there is always room for improvement, the evidence doesn`t “prove the players still bottle it in the big games?”

Cough cough RD ?

Roll on Dortmund…


8 Replies to “Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics.”

  • Its all pretty much irrelevant anyway. League football is simple, the team that wins the most games will almost always win the title. Who those wins are against doesn’t matter, there are no bonus points for beating higher rated teams. You could get a scenario where two teams were very closely matched in terms of points won and then the head to head would matter. But generally in the premier league everybody drops points to teams they should beat.

  • I think I’ll be happy enough if we can, at the most, finish 2nd in a one-horse race. If City are that ‘one horse’ but Spurs eventually overtake them at the final hurdle, now that would be something to relish.

  • Whatever the results against the other “top 6” have been we did manage to finish above all but one of them last season. That was good enough for me…… It can always be worse. Eg., We could have beaten a very good Arsenal team but then go on to lose to a mediocre WBA. Swings and roundabouts and all that jazz!

  • Compare all the PL clubs average finishes over the last two seasons and we look pretty good! Top three this season wouldn’t harm the average either.

  • It’s not those top six results that damaged us it’s the dropped points especially at the beginning of a season when Kane can’t score and weven’t done our business early enough to get a good pre season and we start slow because of it, dropping points against lower clubs.

    the worse things about losing to top six clubs is bragging rights and the media having a swing at us. We have finished 3rd and 2nd and work on a lower budget so if we are lsoing against top six clubs those top six clubs must be worse than us who are losing to lower clubs as they finished behind us last seaosn other than one club.

  • The media went berserk with the Arsenal defeat, hysterically inaccurate match reports with some blaming us for the first goal as well! Obviously their attention deficit disorder that they suffer from suggests they’ve already got bored with us finishing above them (1 season vs. 20+) and are craving for Arsenal to retain their elevated position!

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