Date: 31st May 2018 at 7:00pm
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Inter Milan have been given an asking price by chairman Daniel Levy if they want to sign Mousa Dembele, according to the Corriere Dello Sport.

The Italian newspaper reports we have set a price tag of €30m (£26.3m) for the Belgian international, but the Nerazzurri believe this fee is negotiable.

We are said to be reluctant to let the 30-year-old leave but in the “frequent contacts” the two clubs have had over the last few days, Inter believe they can get the midfielder for a lower amount.

One of the reasons is that Dembele is said to be keen on a move to the San Siro, and while negotiations will be tough, the Serie A side are hopeful a compromise can be reached.

The Daily Telegraph have confirmed Inter’s interest but they actually put our asking price a bit lower at £20m. However, they say that we would prefer a sale to China rather than to Italy as we don’t want to sell to a rival Champions League club.


6 Replies to “Levy Reportedly Sets £26.3m Asking Price For Tottenham Star”

  • What the Moussa? If you consider the Woolwich wasted 30m on Xaka and we spent the same on Sissoko, how is Dembélé even considered close? Ideally I’d sign him up to a new contract, but if we have to sell, we need to be talking around 50m at least in today’s market

  • If I were Levy and had set a price and it has ended up in the public domain then that players agent would be summoned for a face to face meeting. If they could convince me it wasn’t them that leaked it then I would tell Inter that the price has now gone up. Only the players agent benefits from leaking that information if Dembele himself fancies more options to choose from.

    Sort of why I don’t believe this story at all. Nobody in the press has that information and it’s more made up nonsense.

  • All these news feeds should be forced to have a cessation during the summer. Bad enough the trash all new media smears across the face of decency, hourly, during the season. Without a shred of proof or rational. Then to see the acceleration of this turd fest during the summer break is beyond the pale of lunacy, full stop!
    The ultimate in gullibility and utter pointlessness. (Wish I could charge this site for the 3 mins wasted of my life)

  • SPURSSINCE82…spot on mate, tis the time to be ?, or the season of Spurs hating by the media. COYS

  • If this story is accurate–a big if–then the price is grotesquely low given the madness of the market. Even at 30 years, Dembele should elicit a much higher value.

  • The word ‘reportedly’ in the article title is the point at which I stopped reading. Hope I haven’t missed anything significant.

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