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“Tottenham Hotspur Stadium” it is then. There has been a lot of discussion about the naming rights for the new ground, but if Football.London correspondent Alasdair Gold is to be believed, we will not have an agreement in place for a stadium name for the start of the season.

In some respects, this could be seen as a setback. After all, it is costing £850m to build, and you need as many income streams as possible to pay such an amount off. Yet, we are not said to be in a situation where we desperately need a sponsor to make ends meet.

Daniel Levy has been adamant that the club’s financial situation means that a naming rights deal wasn’t integral to ensuring the stadium opened, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important for the long-term financial security of the club.

Rivals Arsenal took a long time to pay back what they owed for their new ground, and their contract with Emirates Airlines no doubt helped them to balance the books in a shorter period of time.

The building of our state-of-the-art ground took £340m from the club’s own coffers, including an interim financing deal which we drew £100m from. A new loan announced in May last year has seen us borrow £400m from lenders including Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs and HSBC.

That financing has been secured against the stadium itself, as well as commercial and match-day revenues. Naming rights is therefore still a key commercial revenue stream to pay off the 62,000 seater arena.

It has been suggested that we will wait for the stadium to be finished in order to impress prospective sponsors. With it being promoted as the most innovative and advanced sports stadium in the world, that may bring in a potential partner with a high, multi-year offer.

However, my gut feeling is this is again Daniel Levy playing hardball. He likely has some offers on the table already, but he is holding out for the best deal possible. In the minutes of the Supporters Trust Meeting in February, he hinted as much. When confirming talks with interested parties, he said they “will only contract when they are satisfied with the price, the tenure and the counterparty.” Quite clearly nobody has satisfied all three criteria as of yet.


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  • Not sure you can be ‘too clever’. He’s always going to do things his way …. and his way doesn’t seem to be too bad.

  • To criticise a business man for doing good in his business. You know, holding out for the best possible deals etc… Is akin to having a dig at Harry for scoring too many goals…

  • When Arsenal built their stadium by their own admission they made a lot of poor deals which were because they needed to generate immediate cash. They could only negotiate better deals once these run out. Levy seems to have learnt from that. However he has arranged the financing he’s avoided the need to make bad deals to generate cashflow. It makes sense that a fully functioning stadium will be more attractive to a sponsor than a building site.

  • We have waited nearly 20 years for the stadium to arrive, a few months extra for a name isn’t going to matter.

  • barney…spot on there, the new stadium will always be “The New White Hart Lane” esp to to us older fans, after all it is closer to White Hart Lane than the “loads of great memories for me” older one.

    Real Deal…whats a few months between fans eh!. COYS

  • “The long game” is Levy’s signature phrase, he is obviously adopting the same strategy to the stadium as he does annually in the transfer market. We were told that MP was hoping to do our transfer business early, but lo and behold we are adopting our usual stance, the fire sale on the last day of the window when the likes of Sissoko and Jannson and other assorted “left overs” will still be available. No wonder after 3 years we still haven’t found and signed effective back ups for Eriksen and Kane.

  • Frank I do agree with you but it’s pointless getting annoyed. Levy won’t ever change. I’m sure Poch is pissed but there’s jack we can do.

    We need to sell before we buy. Until we start getting shot of players nothing is going to happen.

  • Real Deal, why do we have to sell before we buy? Why are we any different to the other PL teams, many of whom are already signing players and strengthening. If we continue to wait for offers for our players, opposition teams can simply sit back and see the window out knowing we won’t be buying. We should do our business and then rather than scramble around for signings on deadline day, let others chase late deals to sign our left overs.

    • It’s the way we do business Frank. Every summer is the same. Our squad is filled to the brim, our loan lads are back,CCV, Onomah, N’Kou, Jansen. Making a 28 man squad. With 21 non home grown players if CCV counts as non home grown?

      We really must sell before we buy. I can’t see us hanging onto players on big money and not having them in the squad at all. Only City and United can do that.

      I expect us to loan a few players out. That will be how we get around the issue.

      We also must sign some home grown players. That’s why the Grealish rumour is probably legit.

  • I do understand the frustration of posters on here (Frank ). of late transfer activity. However this year the World Cup has delayed a lot of clubs in early transfers. Players are too wrapped up in their individual countries games and not really speaking to agents, which is understandable.. add the new WHL Stadium building at 24/7 and costs makes for Mr Levy’s (project management) and spurs transfers time schedule very difficult. We just have to be patient as usual…

  • We’re not alone so far in this TW, lads. Man City and Chelsea (among others) have no Ins yet as well…

    Should they also blame Levy? …

    This article is a bit premature anyway… Is it really so crucial to have the stadium naming rights finalised before its even finished being built and still a couple of months away from it’s opening match?

    We’re obviously not at all desperate, as a club. And that’s a good thing, isn’t it?

  • No HT but Man Utd, Arsenal, and Liverpool have already signed players in spite of the WC, the phases of the moon or any other excuse that people want to make. This window is no different to any other for us, we are the PL foot draggers.

  • One thing’s for sure: you can criticize Levy for the way he handles transfers maybe, but not the way he conducts business. Anyone remember not so far back the inspired double sponsorship with Investec for cup matches and Aurasma for Premier League. Don’t think anyone had ever done that before.

  • We are Tottenham, Super Tottenham
    We are Tottenham from the…?

    On Transfers:
    Who is the one player that we could buy (that is definitely for sale), whereby anyone on here can say; This is the guy to instantaneously make this Spurs team a much better one for next season? …

    At the moment we haven’t sold anyone. And if no acceptable offer is made or reached for any single one of our main players, what is Levy supposed to do? Buy a replacement before they have definitely gone and, just hope for the best?

    I ask these questions, not to be awkward or argumentative. But because I genuinely haven’t a clue, myself.

    If there is real uncertainty over 4 or 5 of our 1st team players (as the media and supporters have been referring to for a long time now), and yet no offers have been made for them that we know of or, those players just haven’t made their minds up as yet, one way or the other, then what do we do? (I mean if they are still undecided about signing new deals or wanting out, etc.,) And, especially if Pochettino wants to keep them all.

    I’m looking at this TW with a realistic perspective that is based on some of the crazy prices quoted for players that many supporters can’t even see sitting on our bench, let alone world class replacements or supposed upgrades… I’m also thinking of the Spurs players that are being regularly speculated on, about them possibly wanting out or, that are possibly not yet prepared to sign a new deal, if offered. I’m thinking that all of them, bar Wanyama, are still at the WC…

    Levy and Spurs have to live in and deal with the real world… Whilst us supporters will quite happily spend vast chunks of the clubs money, based mostly on football fantasy games, hype and endless media gossip that is, frankly, mostly bull…

    The TW is strangely treated as some kind of sport in itself, away from the pitch and so far removed from any sober sense of reality, it seems to me…

    But, personally, I have no concerns whatsoever about who stays or who goes, until I actually know the truth or who is actually (for real), staying, leaving, being loaned in or out or who Levy may break THFC’s transfer record for this time. Grealish or Bale, LOL? Berahino? (Google them)… Whether that is today in this TW or right at the last minute…

    I will still look forward to next season, the opening of the stadium and, of course… Wait for it… The football! I’ll still follow the Spurs’ every move and still want us to win every match in style. And preferably by 5 goals or more…The rest is all nonsense to me, for now, at least…

    As for this article and the naming rights for our stadium?
    Well, I suspect that there are some pretty big figures being discussed right at this minute… And as much as I expect Harry Kane to just keep scoring a load more goals. I expect that Levy will play a blinder too…

    We are Tottenham, Super Tottenham
    We are Tottenham, from the Lane.

  • Oh yeah…

    England 6-1 Panama!

    A Harry Kane hat-trick and Kieran Trippier, tripping the light fantastic!

  • HT…very good long post, totally agree with all all aspects and questions, but for the life of me I do not understand why you put ” its not to be awkward or argumentative”, you told me once its a forum for opinions and that its Vital Spurs Media, the post is your opinion, no slagging off etc, keep the good writing going and do not be apologetic. COYS

  • “Our Arry” attrick, what more can you ask?

    Who’s this geyser Kieran Trippier? near enough MOM in both games, some on here slag him off consistently, what now lads? Our future corner taker, take note Mr CE. COYS

  • England’s big bash on Thursday, what is best for us, finishing 1st or 2nd, for me finish 2nd thus a lesser team, ie Mexico, in the quarters, that’s if we win our first stage knock out game v a Group H side, though I think we will, finishing group winners again means if we win our first stage knock out game v a Group H side, we could possibly meet W Germs or Brazil.

    Mind I could be wrong here.

    So what do you all think?, whats the way forward for England? COYS & ENGLAND

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