Date: 13th June 2019 at 8:55pm
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Nobody seems to really know what is going on regarding Tanguy Ndombele and a move to Tottenham Hotspur this summer.

Whilst it is certain that we are interested in signing him, with Sky Sports claiming we have held talks about a switch, whether we have any real chance has been debated in the national media over the last few days.

The Independent seem to think we are in pole position in the race for the France international’s signature, whilst The London Evening Standard has suggested that the Olympique de Lyonnais ace would prefer a move to Real Madrid, Barcelona or Manchester City instead of joining us at Spurs.

Whatever happens in regards to his transfer will be anybody’s guess at this stage and it would seem this could be another one of those long drawn-out sagas that we have had to suffer in numerous transfer windows in the past.

But, it seems a number of our fans are already thought to have conceded defeat in their hopes of landing Ndombele this summer.

Plenty of them took to Twitter after learning the news about the other interested clubs and the opinion that they had no chance of signing him was shared by many of them, with one saying ‘it was fun whilst it lasted’.

Here are some of their reactions…

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7 Replies to “‘Levy Out’, ‘Was fun while it lasted’ – These Tottenham fans were not happy with update that ‘absolutely stinks’”

  • Another knee jerk reaction to a deal that had been puffed up by the media. Levy out is crazy do u people remember this club before him? Give me a break!!!! He had manufactured a club the size of Everton to a place that had seen the big 4 become the big 6. We just enjoyed our first ed dr. European championship final and it is the middle of June we have 6 weeks of transfer season to go. There is another team about 10 miles up the road if you would prefer to support someone else. Come on u guys u can’t just throw money to the wind and give every team top dollar or we will be bankrupt in a year.

    • actually Tielemans could be better, sooner with his Prem experience – French stars seem to have a way of not being that great when them come up against Prem teams – OK Loris is an exception but Nocluedo et al…..!

  • most team fans would be happy to have a CEO who had a reputation as as tough negotiator. Spurs seem to have a lot of fans who for years have derived their own pleasure from attacking & criti8cizing their own team, it’s players and it’s management. Times have changed but they continue to persist with their negativity. I would suggest that they need to change loyalties. Sports hacks who write about Spurs should also stop seeking out these whiners and their tweets.

    • I’m a Spurs fan and a British Jew. It does, as someone trying to be as objective as I can, seem to me there is undercurrent in some elements of British media in and general football community of anti-Semitism towards Levey.
      Yes he is prudent. He’s also one of the best negotiators in football, recall the sale of Modric and Bale.

      For all the good things people recognise that he has done for club many people will also say he doesn’t like spending money. That is the part that is focused upon.
      It’s a theme with him that constantly repeats itself. I.e he’s a Jew = A miser
      Nothing wrong with running a club properly. I would also like to add that funds have been available in past to transfer windows but Potch wasn’t happy with what was available and don’t want to spend for the sake of it. He also believes in value for money yet Levey got a large brunt of criticism for it. I would like to add that many often just repeat what they read and hear and mean nothing sinister by it.
      However, others in my opinion are fully aware of what they’re saying when they call Levey stingy and intend to be either subtly or overtly anti Semitic by It. It pisses me off how often this is thrown at him. Many business people seek value for money, not just Jews and there’s no shame in this..


  • As a Glaswegian Spurs supporter I’ve had the mick taken out of me for years by my mates down hear as being tight, personally I’ve never thought it racist as I prove it wrong many times over and take it in the comedic way it is meant. I can’t speak to you’re personal experiences but I don’t think it’s anti semitic to call Levy tight as duck’s arse. Personally love what he’s transformed us in to but we’ve been amazingly lucky to have a guy like Poch to make him look better. With that I say look at the proof, last season bidding 12 mill for a 25 mill player in Grealish. Bidding 35 million for a 60 million player in Lo Censo. Bidding 40 million for a 70 million player in Ndombele (an absolute beast and a must have, please Daniel). He’s a great business man but I genuinely fear we will lose out on two great players BECAUSE LEVY IS TIGHT, the facts speak for themselves Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, Scottish, Argentinian or a little green fella from the planet Zog. He is tight, sometimes at the wrong moments. The proof is there for all to see. I hope that changes this summer and in the future I fear not though, but they we are still in dreamland for spurs supporter certainly in my time, 40 years a Lilywhite. And that is thanks to a great team of players, a great manager and a great chairman who is definitely tight, who can really argue?

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