Date: 30th October 2017 at 9:55am
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Lewis Hamilton won his fourth world title to become the most successful British driver in F1 history
30 October 2017

Saturday`s game has been diced, sliced and mashed by just about every poster on both the front page and in the forums.

I have nothing sensible or even insensible to add.

Unfortunately for me I spent the weekend ensconced in a hospital with a loved one and was unable to watch the game; but every cloud has a silver lining; once the result was known, I was not and I`m still not in a rush to watch the recording. I may do it later, I may not.

Sometimes if I could not get to a game, and if we lose, I don`t watch it at all. I have that sort of feeling about it this morning.

As it has been argued and debated to death, I thought we could take a moment to look at some real winners, winners that if you are English and perhaps even if you are not, might put a smile on your face as they could and should act as real examples of how to be a winner.

It was hardly what you would call a great champions win, but Lewis Hamilton will have not cared less; he is now beyond a doubt the greatest ever racing driver in British history.

It was his forth title, and already I`m wondering if he`s still got the fight for more, (my suspicion is he has). Winners simply cannot stop themselves, and being the greatest ever may well be a realist target for him.

It hass been a long while since we saw him finish as low as ninth, in fact it was at the Brazil GP in 2013.

But it was enough, he was World Champion yet again, for the fourth time and still only 32.

He maybe the driver, the public face of the team, the pinnacle of all that they work for, the one that gets them over the winning line, but I wonder, does that make him a one man team, or just a winner that gives a team effort the edge?

And as I`ve decide that I`ve got nothing sensible to say about our loss to United; I would like to congratulate and celebrate the spirit of England`s U-17`s – a real lesson to any team at any level.

We were 2-0 down against a Spanish side that had beaten us on penalties in the UEFA U17`s championship just a few months ago, it looked as if mentally they had the upper hand and were imposing it on us, the curse of penalties seemingly extending all the way down to our youth ranks.

But we then showed character and bit by bit never letting our heads dropped, 2-1 we were back in it, then 2-2 and then 3-2 we were flying, and we kept at it.

Please note Tottenham; we did not try and see the game out, we put our foot on their neck and broke it, all resistant was crushed and we run out eventual 5-2 winners.

That is what teams with spirit and teams with a winning mentality do.

No matter how many times we come up against this Spanish group of players, they`ll never forget how they were crushed and beaten,from now on we will own them.

My hope and wish is that sometime over the weekend the Spurs players watched both these events` as one displayed the single minded pursuit of a champion with a winning mentality and the other displayed a mentality you can`t buy, it`s either in you or it isn`t; they played for pride and their futures and they played for the badge on their chest.

Our own Tashan Oakley-Boothe played his part, and it was an outstanding part, he got better and better as the game went on, he and his midfield partner went on to dominate the midfield.

Poch will have watched the recording and he would have been impressed – I am certain he`ll be making a full appearance in the not too distant future and he will soon be yet another joing the ranks of ‘one of our own`.

Start practicing a song for him.

He is going to have a very impressive future with us, he doesn`t do anything flashy, he just does all the basics exceptionally well, slightly understated but also clearly very talented, he has the capacity to be a top class ball playing CB or a top class Defensive Midfielder, although I can`t say yet which position I think will be his best.

Two fantastic winning examples to compensate for a loss.

I hope all the Spurs team were watching and saw the never-say-die, finish-them-off, winning mentality I’m celebrating this morning.


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  • Interesting that 2 clubs provided most of the talent in the U-17’s -Man City & Chelsea;2 clubs who are not known for playing their in-house youngsters! Poch would be playing them in the first team now.

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