Date: 27th November 2017 at 10:05pm
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Firstly, excuse my potential rustiness of my writing, but Spursex, uncovered a few incriminating photos of me wearing an Arsenal shirt as a young lad, and has blackmailed me into writing a few articles or the pics hit Twitter! Mind you, it didn`t do Harry Kane any harm..

Have I become spoilt in feeling that unless I hear the Champions choir fill my ears, its just not quite the same feeling of midweek football, but a defeat tomorrow, could be very bad news for Mr Pochettino and our already declining title hopes, though in reality were they more a dream over reality anyway? I believe its still all about those top four spots and lets worry about silverware, as and if it happens.

Will Poch look at this game as a means to rest a few and make minor rotation? Perhaps returns for Aurier, Rose, Sissoko and maybe one or two more will be a nice opportunity to rest bodies leading up to the festive period, whilst I also think that getting minutes in the legs is a huge benefit to allow a player to hit the ground running as and when needed. Don`t get me started on those that criticise Llorente for not being sharp, when his chances have been so fleeting.

Main interest of course may well be the return of Erik Lamela, who may be seen in a Spurs shirt for the first time on 13 months. Sure his best hope is probably a place on the bench, but that for me increases competition and aides our creative options, which may well make the likes of Dele Alli up their games a little.

Its not lost on me that Spurs perhaps miss having one of Wanyama or Dier protecting the defence. Does that make us more vulnerable defensive? For me, Dier has been excellent at the back, but do we need that shield regardless of who and what formation we use? Dembele, Winks and Sissoko are all excellent, but does playing a deeper role truly suit them or the team? Not for me, Get well soon Victor!

Last season`s superb 6-1 away win for Spurs and the Harry Kane four goals, might have been one of those freak results, but we seem to do pretty well on our trips to Leicester. Three wins and a draw in our last three seasons is better than our home results. But has Claude Puel already confounded his doubters in a bright and positive start at the club, whilst also showing he is tactically brave and willing to switch things to counter a strong opposition.

The reality is that Spurs really have to start showing their best football on a more consistent basis and look at playing at a higher and sharper tempo. Can we beat teams that sit back or like to play on the counter? We may find out a little more as Vardy and Co and bound to want to test us with their sitting on our defenders shoulders and going one to one. Could this be a real test for Dier and Sanchez and their recovery in particular and could it also be a sensible pick to look to Aurier and Rose in the wide roles with their greater pace?

Anyway, Its good to be back (for now at least) and please be gentle with me on my return to writing?.

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  • Welcome back Ox. Hope you bring a change in PL luck for Poch and the boys. Hope some of the other missing posters make a return too.

    As for the game, We generally have less of an issue on our travels, simply because the home team wants to start on the front foot, we like a proper game!. I think Poch needs to start wielding the axe on players that are below par and be ruthless with his selection, because whatever pre-match talk he gives, hasn’t been working in the PL. Davies and Tripp on bench please, let’s give Rose and Aurier a go. Lamela ain’t gonna be ready to start, so may be 10 – 15 mins. Hope fans don’t expect Lamela to be like a new signing. IMO, it will be at least January before he can make a meaningful contribution….that’s if he remains fit and injury free. Tough one to call as I don’t know whether our players have already given up on PL. I think it has a 1-1 written all over it.

  • If Leicester come at us trying to win then we will beat them, but if they funnel back, defend well, and then hit us with quick counter attacks, then they will almost certainly win. It is now becoming very difficult to forecast how and how well we will play, as we are struggling for consistency in PL games both in tactical preparation, and performance.

  • Nice to see you, Ox. Now you know how it works on VS. If we don?t get three points someone has to get the blame! So it?s probably going to be you because of your article. Just warning you. 🙂 I?m going for a result of 0-3 with the goals coming from Kane (1) and Lamela (2).

  • Yo! Oxford Bro! Did they dig you out or dig you up? I think its time to go back to the coaching manual and look up the “How to break down an organised defence”. I am beginning to wonder whether some of our players have the right mental attitude for games like West Brom. The first 20 minutes on Saturday I sat in the lower tier west side and wondered if I was watching MK Dons certainly Delle looks like he could play for them right now! Poch is not a hair dryer style manager but he is going to have to put some heat under the backsides of his players the day they start thinking they just have to show up to win are over! 13 points behind and its only November! Mind you if I spent £1bn on players I would expect to be 13 points ahead but it still doesnt excuse gifting the teams around us 9 points already. I hope this is not going to be the season when we go back to being flakey! New Stadium next year Champions League Qualification is a minimum!

  • It is never easy to break a determined team down when it knows how to park-the-bus and play not to lose. Reading many of the comments lately I get the feeling that we are the only team that finds this difficult …. which is far from the case. Only City are significantly in front of us at this stage of the season which suggests that the other ‘top’ teams find this problem just as difficult as we do. We are still in the mix for a top four finish. Having said that, I agree that we do need to find an alternative way of playing against some of the lower clubs.

  • Well Poch’s gonna have to eat the humble pie and bring Rose back in to the fold. May as well maximise our returns whilst he is still with us.Feel a tad sorry for Harry Kane, seems frustrated with the dross around him.Here’s hoping the A team brings it’s A game from the off. I am gonna scream if I hear that ‘we started slowly’. It’s a recurring problem and Poch’s responsible for getting their mindset correct from the outset.

  • Critical_Spur, we do have a contracted sport performance scientist/specialist whose job is to mentally prepare our players both on a continuous and pre-game basis; I can’t help feeling that either the players aren’t listening anymore (and he was credited for changing the squads attitudes in the last two seasons), or he’s given up!

  • This is it Spursex. Clearly someone is not doing their bit in preparing the team. This has been evident for a considerable period now. Once in while we start the game at full throttle, but invariably a slow pedestrian approach. I am no psychiatrist but a mere mortal fan who can see this. Whilst Poch acknowledges it, I don’t see him doing much about it during the game. His pensive demeanour on the touch line seems to allow the players to carry on in the same vein. The winners like Pep, Mou, won’t allow that and you’d see a very animated and vocal reaction from them.

  • Well, I’m not going to pretend that I know exactly why we had a problem breaking down WBA but I could see that the Baggies did an extremely good job of making it tough for us. And especially after seeing them score that early goal. Still, It certainly wasn’t the disaster that many seem to think it was. Losing 4-0, now that would have be a real worry. We gained a point and I’m over it already.

    It’s another day and another tough match is on the cards.

    Are the Foxes to be seen as yet another team that we ‘really should be beating’? I certainly think we are capable of beating them all but realistically, that ain’t going to happen. They do like a draw so far this season and have won just 3 PL matches. We have drawn 3, lost 3 and won 7. I believe we will make it 8 and I refuse to be negative in advance of the match. But perhaps, that’s just me.

    After the many miserable post mortem’s and over-analysing (as I see it), since Saturday, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Tottenham’s players show us all that they are not at all knackered, not at all lacking in pace and by no means out of any top 4 race. Then again… ?

    Watford play at home to United tonight and I think they have a good chance of beating them. If they do and we win, it’ll be the United supporters that’ll need reviving from their misery. And, Spurs will then be just a mere 2 points behind Jose’s men and just 3 points off second place.

    Well, that’s the way I’m going into the match tonight. Hopefully both the Watford and Spurs players won’t let me down.

    You won’t like me when I’m miserable. Even more so if you already dislike me for my optimism.

    Up the Spurs!

  • Well H-T another miracle may be in the offing. A high tempo start, 3 quick goals over and out. Geof?s prediction comes true. Who knows? Depends which Spurs team turns up.

  • Either way, depending on which side of the fence we sit, it will certainly be a ‘Spursy’ performance!

  • I will (safely) predict that it’ll be the rather good first team that turns up tonight, and not the U-23’s or Ladies eleven. Although they’re also not too bad themselves.

  • It’s a funny old World, I have no confidence at all that we’ll get the result we need tonight, but I’m still going for us to win 2-0 and Kane to get both…

  • I don’t feel confident because we are not on form and I still feel that ‘spursy’ feeling, after decades of blowing things and inconsitency. It was starting to go but I admit, it’s still hiding in me.

    I am however very excited about Lamelas return. Ok he may not be at his nest for some time, but what it may bring and I hope it does is a realisation to other players that they have to up their game, its been too long now that Dele, Eriksen to some extent have not played well but got the nod every week. Dele imo has been fortunate to play as often as he has, I think due to Son’s slow start after missing pre season Dele has got away with being picked when he clearly has been awful at times, but Son looked at his best against WBA and now we have Lamela returning both Dele and Eriksen need to up their game, this is what I hope will happen. I also think Lamela eventually will bring that energy to the team that has gone, the high press which I hardly see now days, yes they play high but Dele and Eriksen don’t really press high effectively.

    I think if we had Wanyama, Toby, Lamela and Rose back to fitness and Aruier match fit with some weight loss we would be much better equipped to keep players on their toes, but too mnay injuries have meant players getting away with poor form imo. It’s that lack of depth that has cost us as well, imagine if those players were fit and we had a bench of Son, Lamela, Winks, sissoko, llorente, and either Dembele or Dier depending who would partner Wanyama in midfield. Seriously that is a good bench if you consider our starting 11 as Lloris, Aruier or Trips, Sanchez, Toby, Verts, Rose, Wanyama and either dier or Dembele, Eriksen, Dele and Kane, and there is also Trips or Aruier and davies to add to the bench and that is without Foyth and GK. Just too many injuries and out of form players not being drooped, so welcome back Lamela and can’t wait to see Toby and Wanyama back, then we will have serious competition. Add Barkley please and then I will be even happier.

  • I want to predict a score but I am not going to. I predicted a 5 – 0 win against WBA and look what happend when I was positive and optimistic 🙁 so I will just keep a open mind and wait and see. Enjoy the ride if you can. COYS

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