Date: 21st August 2019 at 9:00am
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It’s the transfer story that just won’t go away, yet even with the window now closed for English clubs, Christian Eriksen has still managed to find himself at the centre speculation.

The latest update surrounding the Tottenham playmaker from ESPN claims that the Premier League side are confused by Eriksen’s desire to leave the club this summer for one of Real Madrid, Barcelona or Juventus, with the main reason for this bemusement from Spurs being that there has been no genuine interest from either of these sides in the Danish midfielder as of yet.

Indeed, Manchester United were reportedly in talks with Eriksen according to BBC Sport, but the midfielder has is heart set on one of Europe’s top clubs, namely a side in La Liga.

This latest update comes at a bad time for Tottenham fans, who recently watched Eriksen give a lacklustre performance against Manchester City in the Premier League, and the general consensus around supporters with the 27-year-old is a simple one. Better to sell him now and let him sour the mood any further at the club.

With a year left remaining on his current deal and any attempt to extend that beyond this summer likely to be quashed by Eriksen, Spurs face the real possibility of losing a player with a Transfermarkt valuation of £90m walk for free. Yet with how the Danish international is dealing with the situation, some fans might be fine with him walking for free.

There is no question that Eriksen has been a sensation for Tottenham since joining during the great spending spree of 2013, but the playmaker is facing a real possibility of leaving Spurs as a figure that fans no longer support despite being one of the best players to represent the club in the Premier League era.

Indeed, whilst north London rivals Arsenal saw a similarly important player in Aaron Ramsey run down his contract and leave for Juventus for free, fans of the Gunners still adore the Welsh international and wished him well due to the manner in how he left the club, which is to say with respect and still putting in a shift on the pitch despite a transfer away looming.

Eriksen faces throwing away his once immaculate reputation away at Spurs, and if the Dane continues to play up a move for a transfer, fans will be glad to see him go once that day seemingly comes.

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3 Replies to “Latest transfer update is seeing Tottenham star’s once immaculate reputation crumbling – Opinion”

  • Erikson is a liability on the pitch recently, I doubt any of the big teams in Spain would want him even for free. Get him out now, we neither want or need him. Danish 2nd division is his standard while his sulking

  • Give the guy a break, he’s saved us enough times! If he wants to go then let him, and none of this ‘true colours’ nonsense. We as fans should wish him well and move on, especially if his heart’s not in it.

  • I really hate reading all this bitter nonsense about Eriksen damaging his reputation, or people calling him a liability? God you people really need a reality check, and to show a greater degree of respect for a player who has been magnificent for us over the years. Of course it’s a little sad that Christian has decided to look elsewhere, and him leaving now is just a question of when and how, but if he really wants to go then I think it’s important now to respect his wishes and aim to make that departure both as amicable as possible for all concerned whilst making the transfer as profitable as possible for Tottenham. Its pointless trying to keep a player who wants to be elsewhere, and I think all things considered Eriksen has shown a great deal of dignity and respect, its high time now we did the same,

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