Date: 11th March 2017 at 8:08am
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Should Tottenham Hotspur cut their losses (thinking about Vincent Janssen) and make enquiries this summer into the availability of Manchester City’s striker Kelechi Iheanacho?

I don’t want this article to sound like a Janssen witch-hunt, albeit in my eyes he’s still a bone of contention, and so I’ll focus my attention on the title header, Kelechi Iheanacho.

Harry Kane is our out-and-out striker (no **** Sherlock) but our forward line resilience can sometimes leave me scratching my chin, especially when Harry’s injured. Yes, we have Son but he blows hot and cold more often than my wife’s unreliable 20-year-old hairdryer.

Kelechi Iheanacho

Not one of Pep Guardiola’s favourites it seems. These days the 20-year-old appears to struggle to even make the bench, never mind City’s starting XI. And with the arrival of Gabriel Jesus (I know he’s injured, probably until the end of the season) and goal-machine Sergio Aguero way up in Pep’s pecking order I have to wonder if Tottenham should take a punt in trying to entice the Nigerian away from the Etihad?

Would Kelechi compliment Kane?

Iheanacho 2016/17 stats

Premier League apps: 16 (11 starting as a substitute)
FA Cup apps: 1
EFL Cup: 2
Champions League: 2
Goals: 4

Iheanacho has another four years left on his contract but you never know if a cheeky little £10m bid might be enough to tempt City into selling.

Kelechi Iheanacho must be worth a punt, surely?


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  • We’re at the stage where we need to do a bit more than ‘take a punt’. There are no guarantees when it comes to transfers but I think it’s pointless to go for anyone who hasn’t shown he can perform to the standard we require in the PL, based on one full season in that competition, at least. Has Iheanacho shown that? I’d prefer to use home grown players if we’re not going to buy a ready-made player …. at least we know what we’re getting.

  • In my opinion, yes! He seems to know where the net is… IN THE PREM!
    Always looked good when I have seen him. However, my worry would be……would they sell him to a ‘rival’ without wanting a ‘favour’ in return other than ££££ (Kane, Dele etc) COYS!

  • Agree with Geofspurs re foreign players, Janssen’s problem is he has moved from a minor league to the hardest league in the world and unsuprisingly is struggling. Maybe we need to look in the championship. Dele Ali jumped two divisions and made an instant impact but he’d already had 150 games in English football by that stage even if it was at a lower level. There’s also the question of what sort of striker we are looking for. Janssen was clearly bought as someone who could lead the line in a similar fashion to Kane. Is that still what we are looking for ? can someone like Iheanacho do that ? Of course its always possible that by next season Janssen has adjusted to the demands of the premier league anyway, though I’m not holding my breath.

  • There’s always that ‘box of chocolates’ element, with strikers, as in you never know what you’re going to get? Not really, there’s no guarantee, every striker ever signed, presumably, had a reputation for finding the back of the net but sometimes that most endearing of character traits can desert a player. Another quality goal scorer would be a big part in building what is already looking like a squad capable of making some use of the trophy cabinet, a club facility I’m sure we’d all agree hasn’t seen nearly enough action over the years. Obviously, another Dele would be ideal, 5 million (was it? Don’t quote me on that), lower leagues experience, + ‘belongs’ from the minute he steps foot on the pitch. As mentioned before, + to really push our luck, a nice easy name to spell/say, too, so, a young kid from League 1 or 2, scores goals on a bad day, no more than 10 million, surname ‘Hill’. That’s a best case scenario, failing that……….hmmm, I’m not sure? That’s why they don’t pay me the big bucks.

  • Completely agree jod. Wycombe game as an example … dele came on a Nd dictated and got us the win … he knew how to play the lower teams to perfection. … Janssen was a gamble, it seems to of not worked out … maybe 1 more season … unless we get a decent replacement then I suppose he must stay…. i know he’s getting on but still fit and faster than loads … a championship player next season … a fellow called Defoe might be a good back up frontman from the bench. I don’t know much about this defoe fellow mind

  • Having come up through the Man City academy, I believe Iheanacho does qualify for homegrown status. 12 goals in 42 PL games, at age 20, and mostly as a sub, isn’t bad. It depends on the price and if Man City would even sell, but I think it could be a risk worth taking. He’s already got that bit of EPL football under his belt.

  • Whilst he is a foreign player, he has 2 seasons under his belt, so not sure what a homegrown player has over him as he has EPL experience at a top 4 club. Any concerns should be reflected in the max fee we pay for him. He is only 20, so he is already showing more promise than Kane did at same age. He has international caps and goals…. I doubt City would sell anyhow. But I do think that we should be thinking of signing some 20 year old striker to complement/back up Kane, Son, Janssen – OR wait for Harrison to step up.

  • I guess it depends on whether we think Janssen is ever going to make it or not. If the club thinks that Janssen is eventually going to come good, based on what they see on the training pitch, and if he has already made progress, then I think that we should actually be looking at an Ibrahimovic type deal, ie a short term rental of an older player – whether we can get a player of that calibre remains to be seen, but a proven goalscorer at international level who wants to play in the PL for a couple of years. That would give us a short term solution while the others continue to learn, and we’d have Janssen as a medium-term solution with Harrison also in the mix (although I still haven’t seen anything from him to make me believe that he is going to impact the first team, like Marcus Edwards could one day). If the club has seen enough of Janssen to make us believe that it’s probably never going to happen for him at Spurs, then it’s probably best to move on from him sooner rather than later (like we did with Stambouli) and do a better job next time around.

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