Date: 28th November 2019 at 6:10am
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It’s been a lively week for Tottenham Hotspur with the departure of Mauricio Pochettino and the arrival of Jos Mourinho, but there’s certainly some renewed confidence going into this Saturday’s Premier League clash with Bournemouth.

Whilst it hasn’t been plain sailing in either of Mourinho’s opening two matches so far, there have been positives and we have registered back to back wins against West Ham United and Olympiakos in the Champions League.

Eddie Howe’s side will be tough though, especially given our form, but with White Hart Lane behind us, we should be looking to make it three wins on the spin and push ourselves further back up the table.

Will our 14th League game of the season see a fifth win? Points might be everything but I can only imagine Mourinho will be looking for significant improvement first when it comes to our defensive play – we’ve shown again what we can do it in attack, it would be nice if we didn’t have palpitations at the back. A 90 minute performance would be welcome here rather than our tale of two halves.








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  • I will judge Mourinho on one thing and one thing only: results. I think his press conferences are a media circus most of the time. He does have a few good one-liners (“The conversation between Christian and me was only for us – and Amazon” 🙂 ), and he is quite full of himself. But I will tolerate all of those things if we win.

    If we don’t, then I will be calling for his head – but just as I probably would do for any coach not delivering acceptable results.

    As for the Bournemouth game, I also think that Jose is unlikely to change much. However, I do believe that players such as Sessegnon, Lo Celso, and Foyth deserve an opportunity to show what they can do. I am also very curious to see what Jose is going to do now that Jan is available, and I’ll be monitoring Eriksen’s minutes too.

    Based on what Jose has said regarding Eriksen’s playing time going forward, imagine if Eriksen was to start against Bournemouth – what a signal that would be.

  • Regards our saviour! JM, I think when he was at MU he got to his lowest ebb ever, thus so many disliking him and once he was sacked out come a few home truth’s and then he looked in the mirror and did not like what he saw, thus the change and maybe we are seeing that, to our betterment, so who knows?

    Lets just back him and see where it takes us, some of the still doubters might be pleasantly surprised, and this is from a once JM hater and NO THANKS to him being appointed as our manager, I will say it again, give him a bloody chance.

    HT….good thinking on the lines of our wins, 10-2 v Chavs I’ll have some of that lol!

    V the Cherries I can see a clean sheet coming. COYS

  • Interesting how Jose ( first name already !! ) has won over so many of you after 2 games !!
    People appear to be only interested in the here and now and generated by money esp from Levy .
    Although Poch appeared to lose it towards the end he did initially have a plan to develop and have a conveyor belt of youth coming through.
    I wait to be proved wrong but I feel that JM is out for himself and using THFC as a way to re establish himself after the Man U fiasco . Is the Academy really important ?
    I hope that I will be seen to be wrong !! Pigs flying ??

  • PY that’s exactly what it is JM loves the Circus/pantomime of it it all. However he does get results. Love him or hate him people still talk about him. Just like Fergie he seems to bring a bit of luck with him.
    As BS says judge him on results. I’ll show my age here all the other teams are singing Do you know the way to beat Jose.

  • PY of course this is what JM loves the theatre/pantomime/circus of it all. However he is a master tactician unafraid to make decisions to affect the end result. He has the knack/luck similar to Fergie that seems to get a result (look at our first two goals on tue nite). It is a honeymoon period at the minute and he is playing with (for him) an untried squad hence the reliance on more senior players.
    I think as BS said we need to judge him on his results. Let’s see who he retains in January and who he signs, how the Christmas schedule goes. Glad to see some other subscribers are noticing HK10’s value as captain. I’ll show my age here all the other football clubs will be singing a new song.
    Do you know the way to beat Jose.

  • PY I agree JM loves the circus/theatre/pantomime of it all. It cannot however be dismissed that he is an excellent tactician. He also gets the occasional bounce of the ball (look at our first two goals on Tuesday nite luck or inspiration?) I was glad that someone else picked up on the value of HK 10 as captain (was it block 108).I think at present he is relying with senior tried and trusted players whom he has seen in opposition perhaps as manager of ManU. This is a honeymoon period give him time see who stays, leaves and comes in in January and after(hopefully) a good Christmas we’ll know how the land lies. I’m with Allan however would love to see Sess at LB.

  • PY… But Spurs are a top pro PL football club. Not a crappy, unfunny, camp musical comedy theatre group!

    Oh no we’re not!

  • The thing with the way Jose has set up the defence is its asymetrical. By that I mean that while the right back has licence to bomb forward the left back is supposed to sit and become a third centre back in a three when we are attacking and the right back is upfield. Its a bit odd but seems to be working so far. But while it works with Davies and would with Vertonghen once he’s fit it is tough for Rose. Its just not his game. If Mourinho wanted he could actually reverse the set up. Have Foyth or Dier as the sitting full back/centre half on the right and play Rose or Sessegnon on the left as the attacking full back. We’ll see if the manager keeps playing the formation but as I say, so far it seems to be working.

  • Problem, Vital page is telling me 37 posts but all I am getting is 25, 25th bring my last post yesterday, anyone know the reason. COYS

  • Ohhh hold on, in Chrome all the posts are there, I’ve got issues with Opera. I shall forward on fine folks of Vital Spurs.

  • Would be good to see Foyth, Sess, N’Dombele and Lo Celso involved as busy December coming up and they’ll surely be needed through-out the month so why not start already tomorrow?! I think once this little lot get given their chance they’ll take it so looking forward to seeing them in action sooner rather than later and not 1 is over 23 so bodes well for the future.

    Foyth at RB makes every sense especially if Sess to be played at LB because Foyth can tuck in and help his CB’s whilst Sess bombs forwards as he is naturally inclinded to do as was seen at Fulham on a regular basis indeed he ended up being played as a winger. Not convinced by either Aurier or Rose anymore so would love to see Foyth and Sess tried out – think Bournemouth at home is as good as any – only a decent mid table side so why not?!

    N’Dombele just a matter of time until stakes his place and hopefully Lo Celso can challenge Dele/Moura and keep them on their toes in the 1st team and decent rotation can take place to keep everyone skilled and as fit as possible.

    Like that JM is not being as stringent in training especially fitness wise and relaxing the schedule so players can arrive at maches re-freshed and less likely to get injured aswell both in training and matches.

    Also excited not just about these 4, but also the likes of Tanganga, Skipp, Clarke and Parrott and what JM has planned for them.

  • well I dont know what to make of all this……I sat there and watched one of the most abject and totally non-sensical displays on Tuesday and God knows I have seen a few in my time…..Pulling Dier has been portrayed as a great piece of management ….seriously! Dire is Dire…he is a yard slower than the boy he was 5 seasons ago….how he got picked I do not know…Aurier ! What a two faced piece of work he is…I watched him against SHff U …he was not even trying…JM comes in and suddenely he wants to play again….poor old Poch he had players who just didnt care….JM is an arrogant arse but he’s got that X factor that I really like….he could be very good for us and Levy has to listen to him …but tonight my thoughts are with the people who got injured at London Bridge. I’m in Borough Market for lunch with some of my family on Sunday all I can say is ….for those who had a pop at the maniac who stabbed 5 people in a restauarant in London Bridge ..well done lads!

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