Date: 28th December 2017 at 9:42am
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Yep, the sales have started early. The Red Scoucers have signed Van Dijk for a reputed £75 million, with earning stated as around £180,000 per week.

As I read this in The Times today, my heart sank a little. If Van Dijk can command £180k a week what would Toby’s agent be demanding?

I’ve watched Van Dijk, good Centre Back, but another who strikes me as flaky as hell, is he really worth a World record fee for a defender?! If they have any sense, they’ll also spend big on a goalkeeper too.

What of Roses demands to be ‘paid what he is worth?’ Now that the window approaches will he now rock the boat and start spouting off again, or is he going to knuckle down and cement his place in the English squad at the end of the season?

One signed before his near 10 month lay-off, a deal he was at the time ‘delighted with’, the other has held out with his agent going public about being paid what he’s worth – or else…

With Alli stepping up his Spanish lessons and Dembele becoming increasingly like your prized wedding crockery – only bought out for special occasions and even then hurriedly put back under wraps incase it gets chipped, we have a need to do business.

It’s clear we have some business to do and may have already lined three deals up, but the gap between the end of the season and the start of the World Cup will leave little time for slow starters as we have painfully been too many times.

There will be even less time after the World Cup before the season starts to integrate new international players, let alone returning ones.

Poch’s recent plea to get our business done early is still ringing in my ears, I just hope that Levy was listening and not just stoically sitting at his desk cocking a deaf ‘un as the good old London saying goes…

The questions are; who should we buy, who should we sell, who should we loan?

Of course the great unknown is what do we have to spend? Looking at recent Jan periods isn’t a smart guide, my instincts and agent friends tell me they’re expecting a massive month, perhaps the biggest on record, I just hope we are part of it..


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  • I think it’s pretty clear we need a deep lying playmaker in the Modric mould, Dembele is now struggling to play regularly due to niggling injuries and anyway, in my opinion, doesn’t actually create many goalscoring opportunities, he’s very exciting to watch when he is driving forward towards the opposition box but then hardly ever shoots and generally loses the ball cheaply allowing the opponents to counter attack. I like the idea of Barkley filling this role and do believe Poch and his team can improve his game and fitness. A major benefit would be that he will be fresh for the second half of the season but may take a while to regain match fitness following his injury.

    The other requirement is for a ‘disruptive’ advanced midfielder/winger, someone who can pull defences around to create spaces for the Dele/Erikson/Kane to exploit. We have been linked with a move for Zaha for a while, and some have suggested Mahrez as a good option. Todays press is reporting that Athletico Madrid are prepared to let Yannick Carrasco leave, could be one worth considering, isn’t he Belgian? If so own fellow countrymen could be influential if we were interested.

  • Dembele definitely does not look the player of the last 2 seasons. Looks to be a yard behind the pace, hopefully he will get the match sharpness back in the second half of the season. Lloris, capable of stunning reaction saves and of stunning reaction howlers at the moment. Perhaps needs some pressure as has become too comfortable, but bear in mind he was behind the best defence for the last 2 seasons. Clearly we are missing Toby. Sanchez has been awesome but Verts has been on another level this season for me, he has been outstanding. We are also missing Wanyama, I hope he is back and 100% ready to go soon. The Trippier/Aurier saga is still ongoing. Trippier was providing assists last season, his crossing seems to have deserted him in many games this season. Aurier has all the tools and sometimes acts like a tool. He seems always 1 slide tackle away from a yellow. Dele has kept his head down in the last few days and seems to be playing better, good for him. He is the perfect partner behind Kane and maybe Poch should shield him a bit more until he is got that spark back. When he is on a high, he is superb. When things are not goung his way, he gets frustrated and we know what happens. That is experience and he will learn. Son is a suer player. He deserves more praise. I said a long time ago that unless Lamela turns into Ronaldo, I can’t see how he gets ahead of Son. Eriksen, quiet, goes about his game with no fuss. Technically, our best player but he has lost the ability to score from a free kick. What happened? Good to see Rose back and bombing down the left, we have missed that. If he stays, I’m happy. If he goes, we need someone who can do the same. Kane?? what is there to say, name the new stadium after him! I don’t especially see the need to get rid of anyone in January. If we are bringing in, they need to be better than what we have. Ross Barkley is a no brainer as the cost will be low. If we can get Ryan Sessegnon form Fulham, we should do the deal and loan him back if we have to. If Moussa Dembele is leaving Celtic for 18m, could be a good deal if Janssen is to be sold. The position that stands out for me is midfield. We need a midfield general, box to box dynamo to replace Dembele. Kondogbia has been mentioned, I also think Savic from Lazio would be an awesome signing. The chance to sign Isco or any young Madrid player has gone but what about Modric. He is still as good and could be an inspired move for a season and who better for Harry Winks to learn from? I cannot see Bale happening. As much as I would love him to come back, his injury record for one and his wages are beyond us. So my wish list would be Sess, Barkley, Savic, Dembele. Those are my observations of this season. Happy New Year everyone.

  • If there is one deal that i believe will help spurs in the jan window it’s Marhez. Spurs are crying out for another wide attacker and Marhez ticks a lot of boxes. I think spurs have enough options in midfield, and doubt Barkley would make a significant impact now, however, worth a gamble like wise sessegon, however, they can come in the summer.

  • The trouble is everyone is talking about buying players who will make an instant impact, its not what we normally do. We buy for the long term, players who will get better over time. We also try not to throw money away. £75m for Van Dijk ? I’d argue Sanchez is a better player already and he’s definitely one we signed for the future. There’s also the problem of blocking players. If Poch thinks Winks can become the next Modric the last thing you want is to bring in someone who will stop him playing and getting the experience he needs. The one clear problem we have is the same one we’ve had for the past few seasons, no back up for Harry Kane. Janssen didn’t work, Llorente doesn’t look like he’s working, a bad injury or burn out for Kane and we are in trouble. No doubt there will be lots of talk about wingers. We keep signing them, they keep failing. Yes it would be nice to have more pace in the squad but I’d rather we brought in a quick striker or another player like Son. It looks like Barclay will be arriving at some point. Personally I don’t rate him but Poch clearly does and its his judgement that counts. We’ll see how he works out.

  • A bit off topic but I cannot help but wonder why Alan Shearer continues to proffer that HK can go to RM or PSG or Barca. A gentleman who spent his career at Newcastle (after spending his formative years at Southampton and Blackburn Robers), you would think would be encouraging our home grown players to show loyalty (once the pay is certainly improved) to their club. Come on Alan support your league and country. (No disrespect to the man meant).

  • jvd – What Shearer actually said was that they would inevitably try and sign him but he wouldn’t necessarily want to go.

  • Mahrez? When he’s good, he’s very, very good. When he is bad, he doesn’t really bother to turn up and play that well at all for almost an entire season. (2016-17). – We (Spurs ‘supporters’) slag our existing star players off for supposedly not caring or bothering to turn-up or make the required effort in just a handful or less matches… if they have dared to show just a slight dip in form or even just make the odd misplaced pass or two and, that’s in a winning game. (Hugo, Kane, Eriksen, Dele, Dier, Rose, Son and yes, (even Walker, once upon a time), and the rest, frequently get it in the neck…. Mahrez wouldn’t last the course for very long before he realises that THFC means graft, hard work, closing down, more hard work and ALWAYS putting in a shift and, for much more than just a single season or for the odd moments of magic. Ask the 21 year-old Dele Alli. Ask Kane (In August) or if he fails to score for 3 or 4 matches on the trot. Mahrez is a sly but essentially lazy Fox and will never make it as an all-action, never-say-die, fighting Cockerel. Not on Pochettino’s shift, anyway.

  • Mahrez is good but imo, not good enough for Spurs. – Again, who does he replace in our 1st team? Mind you, he probably wouldn’t mind sitting on the bench to play the odd 5 minutes in place of Son or Lamela, for over a hundred grand a week.

  • Barkley? Being crocked on top of being unfit on top of playing for Poch? Get him in on the 1st of January 2018 and he should be about ready for action in the January after the next one, after this one coming.

  • Liverpool can spend all the money they like on defenders….. Hell, why not sell ’em Rose for 85 million! I think the ongoing problem they have in defence is more a tactical one than anything else.

  • Hot Tottingham
    28/12/2017 12:23:00

    A man that understands how we play, what we expect and who and who won’t likely fit in it – Mahrez does have skills, but ask any leicester fan and if you ask how good he is, they’ll tell you it depends on what day of the week it is, whether he’s had his weetabix and if he fancies trying, which isn’t always as often as you’d think …in short, a great post Tottingham 🙂

  • Spursex. Thank you. …..I would however like to apologise for my drunken sarcasm and foul language on the Saints thread, Boxing-day, night. I had had a hell of a lot of alcohol that day right through to night and it was all a bit embarrassing I’m afraid… It was all intended to be in good humour but probably didn’t come across as such. So, sorry to all and anyone that may have been offended. – Happy New Year to everyone.

  • Maybe we should think about bringing Mahrez in to cover August. He only has to work hard for four weeks and then he can do what he likes. Mind you, I think our current lad will be focused on breaking his own records and will start next season in a blaze of glory! Since his first goal in a Spurs shirt he has become the idol of the ‘football gods’ and can do no wrong. Quite nice, really!

  • Defies belief that Liverpool are paying 75m for VVD. The money has gone crazy and all it is doing is creating a bigger gap between the elite clubs and the rest. Football cannot go on like this. We will end up losing the whole foundation of football in this country because of it, the lower leagues, the smaller clubs. Its not good for the game. There needs to be something in the deal whereby a percentage of all transfer fees filter down into the lower leagues.

  • vicspur. It is crazy. But what is just as crazy is when so many Tottenham supporters insist that we should or indeed could currently be much closer to competing with the top paying clubs at that extraordinary level of finance. … Just 2 1/2 years ago, Toby cost us a mere £11.4m. And, Dele Alli (3 years ago) was just a paltry £5m. And yet Levy is considered by many a Spurs fan to be particularly inept at the transfer game. I beg to differ.

  • That’s all fair enough HT. Transfer fees are one thing, but the eye watering wages that accompany it are another and that should be every Spurs fan’s concern. Great to have found all these gems at such paltry sums, but to be able to retain them for the lure of mega bucks is another. How many of our current players will be looking at it like Rose and wanting the so called going rate of remuneration?. Our success rate on finding more el cheapo blokeys is not great since those early purchases. It’s how we retain the current crop and supplement at an affordable rate. Levy will have his work cut out.

  • Would Moussa Dembele of Celtic be a good sub for Kane? He’s young ,brave,fast & direct.Poch would make him even better. I like Zaha too. What a dynamic pair to have on the bench.

  • Levy and Poch must be on the same page of transfers in and out. So I would say that there shouid be no surprise buys in the last days of a TW. (VDV was an exception) Usually they do not work out for us, and cost mega ?m’s for THFC bank accounts. Dealing with players transfers.. Levy is a skilled operator, as we have seen many times. So in Daniel we have to trust.. with a guiding hand (read player req. list) from Poch.

  • The fact that janssen and seemingly Llorente dont look like Spurs types begs the quesion as to whether we just opt for players with speed and mobility to cover Kane. Son is still probably Pochs preferred pick of HK didnt start a big game, with Lamela taking his slot. Should we therefore look to someone like Zaha, who I still believe Poch could develop into a more central striker given time, whilst also offering a serious option alongside Kane

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