Date: 14th July 2019 at 7:20pm
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Times are changing in north London. Following Tottenham Hotspur’s breathtaking Champions League performance last season, coinciding with the unveiling of the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, it is time to look forward – that means replacing and improving players in the squad.

There was a certain individual who struggled to make an impact in the 2018/19 campaign for Spurs, and it could be time to part ways and focus on restructuring and improving the squad; that individual is Dele Alli.

The 23-year-old scored five times and registered three assists in 25 Premier League appearances last season, falling way short of his expectations and the statistics he has produced in previous seasons.

The Lilywhites have found themselves in a situation where they are poised to succeed and compete at the highest level, and Dele Alli is not the answer to help deliver that.

You cannot overlook what the England international has delivered for Spurs over the years, and that should not be discredited. However, times change, and with the transition the north London club are going through, it is time to reshuffle and reassemble to give Mauricio Pochettino the best possible platform to succeed.

Dele Alli has been a fantastic servant to the club, netting 53 times and registering 49 assists in 184 appearances for Spurs, but is he really the answer for Pochettino? Despite still being young, there are far better options out there in that position, and if the club are serious about their ambitions and targets, they must move on and replace Alli.

Last season, we saw an exciting Tottenham outfit, all of whom bought into Pochettino’s philosophy and beliefs – but does Alli suit this style? Personally, I don’t think so.

The English midfielder lacks the ability to dictate play in the final third, often slowing down any fast-paced attacks Spurs are trying to develop. Last season, Alli only produced 1.1 key passes and was dispossessed 1.2 times per match on average.

Pochettino is assembling a fast, ball-playing attack, and although Alli has the technical ability, he doesn’t use it enough to have an impact on a match.

There are also question marks over Alli’s work-rate, and despite producing moments of brilliance, it is something of a rarity; consistently producing magical moments and impacting matches is something the England international needs to improve on. He committed, on average, 0.9 fouls and was dribbled past 0.8 times per game.

Spurs have landed themselves in a fantastic position. Reaching the Champions League final last season was an over-achievement, and Daniel Levy has sensed that this is the perfect opportunity to push on, hence providing Pochettino with financial backing in this transfer window.

Opportunities like this do not come around often, and you must take full advantage; selling Alli and bringing in a top-quality playmaker would be a worthwhile decision for the club to make.

Tanguy Ndombele has been brought into the club to improve the quality of their starting XI. Spurs have some excellent talent in central midfield with the likes of Harry Winks and Moussa Sissoko, but when there are better options and opportunities to improve, why wouldn’t you? The same applies for Alli – a good player, but there are better options who could improve and bolster Tottenham’s chances of achieving silverware next season.

Again, this is not to discredit what Alli has produced for Spurs. He signed from MK Dons and has helped the club progress and compete with the top four. However, Spurs may never get a chance like this again, and with the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United all seemingly struggling, this is the perfect time to improve and head towards the Manchester City and Liverpool bracket.

The fans are thankful for what Alli has produced, and rightly so, but this should be the summer where they part ways and allow the club to demonstrate just how ambitious they really are.

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24 Replies to “It’s time for Spurs to show real ambition by replacing 53-goal man with someone better – opinion”

    • You need to learn to a lot more research before you write stuff like this. This guy got injured twice last season or had hamstring problems which affected his form and returns. We at Spurs we love him.

  • Let’s judge Alli next season after his summer rest .He had a truncated season ,late back from the World Cup and months out with injuries .I’m confident he’ll recover his best form playing in his best position -just behind Kane -rather having to fill in further back as he did towards the end of the season.

  • Fortunately, you have nothing to do with and no influence on Tottenham’s player choicers. Tottenham had many players contributing far less than they were capable of last season. We got less than half a season of contribution from Kane. Dele, Trippier, Eriksen and many others slipped badly by being used up playing pointless International football. Players like Dele were also used in differewnt positions to attempt to shore up the destruction that International football wreaked on our club. Kane’s injuries and loss of form caused by his devotion to Southgate led to other form breakdown across the team. It was a great year for Spurs but could have been the “best ever” if it hadn’t have been for rubbish International tournaments.

  • While admitting Ali was very inconsistent last season , ( did have some injuries too ) he deserves his spot in the squad . However just like Erikson, he needs competition for his spot and I would be delighted if two of LoCelso , Zaniolo, Ceballos, , Donny Van Beek or Malcolm came in and put pressure on those two . Lamela is supposed to supply the competition however, he too is injured too often and very inconsistent .

    I think Deli will have a bounce back season and will continue to improve. Last season he did play much deeper than usual but with Winks and Tanguey available he can play next to Kane where I think he is most effective .

  • Probably one of the most overrated players in the premier league.

    He has some skill and audacity to try tricks. He is also good at getting into good goal scoring positions. That is about it.

    Unfortunately he lacks pace, slows down Spurs attacking play and loses the ball too often. He also goes missing more than any other player in the Spurs team.

    I agree with this article that Spurs could get a much better player. Alli is probably more suited to the level of a mid table side like West Ham.

  • Ali was woeful for spurs all season, and has been one of the worst performers in an England shirt for a while now too. Terrible in the world cup, agreed he slows down build up play and does nothing in possession of the ball and contributes very little in way of assists or goals for both spurs and england

  • What Ali gives to the team is not nearly enough I feel we are playing with 10 when he is on the pitch sell

  • His stats say it all. For me Lampard wasn’t a brilliant footballer but got goals and assists which are the things u need to win things. Dele does the same. For his age he is miles ahead of any other English midfielder in prem era for goals and assists but u want him out…..

  • No Way. Are you Crazy? Are you an Arsenal Fan or Something? Deli had injuries. We need to keep him.

  • Most young players have dips in form, more likely with injuries too. Saying that, Dele at times last season was frustrating to say the least.

  • Think your comments on Dele are absolutely wrong. Sure he didn’t have a great season but the long England champagne and injuries did not help but does need to buckle down. We should be more concerned with at least replacing Eriksen and Eriksen if they are leaving and then improving the outgoing Janssen, Llorente and Nkoudou to improve our squad. Remember Ndombele only replaces the brilliant Dembele whom we we increadibly sold in January and we are yet to see if he can match or better the Belgium?

  • Totally agree. He drops out of games for long periods of time, slows things down by “warming” the ball, no real impact in the last third…….underperforming and yet overrated, the perfect combination for Levy to get a premium price for a dispensable player!

  • Is this a joke????
    He never got the goals and the assists because he was covering more defensive roles because of the injuries to our squad. He himself had a couple of injury problems.
    He’ll be back to his banging best this season with Tanguy beside him #COYS #TTIFD

  • What an absolute load of bullpoo. Harry Kane didn’t have the best of seasons last term, are you suggesting he should be sold? I’m sure that you would have got rid of Sissoko after his first season. I’ll leave those decisions to Poch. He’s the expert, (that’s why they pay him so much and they don’t pay you a penny)!! He sees them in training every day and he decides whether he can turn them into a worthwhile addition to the squad. Leave it to the professionals.

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