Date: 19th November 2019 at 6:25am
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With the close of the November international break, Tottenham Hotspur stars should come back in relatively good confidence – certainly our England lads will – but all that matters is we see a spike in our own performance levels and results as we look to turn the corner on what has been overall disappointing form in the year of 2019.

Going into the weekend, Spurs find themselves sat in 14th place in the top tier table with only three wins from our opening 12 matches. Top four looks a long way off at this stage, but we’re only seven points off last place.

Having drawn a line under recent defeats with back to back draws, not only will manager Mauricio Pochettino want to see us stay unbeaten, but we want all three points and although Manuel Pellegrini’s side will be no pushovers, they are a point behind us in the table with struggles of their own.

It’s all to play for in Saturday’s early kick off at the London Stadium…question is, do we turn up or not?

West Ham V Spurs?







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242 Replies to “It’s Time For Spurs To Face The Hammers Again – Match Thread”

  • I think it’s most likely been done now so that the players can be addressed in person by the club very soon after Poch’s dismissal, sacking him just after the players went away on international duty and not being able to get them together for two weeks to give an explanation wouldn’t have been a good idea in my opinion.

    • Very fair point TQ2 – I’m not saying I agree given phones and those still at training ground, but yes, I can see some sense to that.

  • Sad but glad. This is no dip, it’s a collapse. I have never rated MP’s game management and he has clearly lost the confidence of the team. It seems to me that Moussa Dembele’s departure last Xmas was pivotal. He had been the heartbeat of the team when he played and a big influence when not. He did not want to leave I’m sure and we can only guess what effect his exit had on the group. Benites would be my choice.

  • Had to get something done one way or the other.poch seemed to have taken us as far as he could.much respect.
    Much rather have benitez than mouhrino whose name is being bandied about as favorite.
    Knowing levy he would have already spoke to someone.possibly by tomorrow we’ll get a pleasant surprise or a shock.
    Poch himself wasn’t showing much passion during games of late,so obviously there was a he can go to Bayern or Madrid.

  • Just like everyone else I’m shocked by the announcement tonite. I thought he may have been given longer to turn things around. However some (tearful) behaviours around CL semi finals with comments (of leaving) after the final coupled with his statements of being just a coach not a manager did not make him look like a top manager. Perhaps he has reached his zenith with us at Tottenham. We may need someone else to take us to the next step. Look at Liverpool and Brenda Rodgers good but not good enough. Like many I’m disappointed by Levys tactics. I would like to see Benetiz or even Klinsmann come to the club.Thanx for the ride MP The King is dead long live the King.

  • In my opinion only 1 man can replace Poch who could be seen as a step up and who can get us out of this mess and moving in the right direction – a serial winner in major leagues – it’s Mourinho and no shame in saying it. A manager of his pedigree does not become available everyday so I would be happy to see him take the job and see what can do with it – hopefully if he does take it though it’s for the long term.

    Have to say though thanks to Poch who helped put us in a position to attract a Mourinho type in the 1st place.

    If not Mourinho for me there was no point in sacking Poch so I hope it is Mourinho after all.

  • Like so many I am utterly shocked/taken aback at what happened yesterday evening, though quietly I did expect it, by xmas to be exact if things did not change on the pitch, lets be honest between Levy, the senior players and the media Poch never stood a chance, he was, to be truthful since Jan this year a dead man walking.

    Also, as has been said by many he really did not help himself, comments in interviews, team selection of continuous changes , some bloody awful decisions substitution wise and many more.

    As for Moaninio, a big NO THANKS, he may have been a serial winner, of course done with plenty of dosh to spend, but I believe in all honesty modern day football has left him behind and he most certainly will not play the “Spurs way!” as demanded by the majority of fans, I say be careful what you wish for.

    I thank you Poch for an interesting 5 years, so all the best to you.

    Who’s next? I have no bloody idea, Levy probably has someone lined up, we wait with bated breath. still COYS

  • Just switched on the TV and seen the news…

    What next for THFC?

    Personally, I can’t bare the thought of having Jose at our club.

    But what if he does arrive and we then win a trophy for the first time in a long time?

    What if we play boring, park the bus football but, then go on to win the FA cup? Better still the CL trophy?

    Is it all about winning or more about winning in style? Or not winning but at least playing some good, exciting and entertaining football along the way?

    Well, whomever may be our next man in charge, one thing is for certain. Spurs have mostly stopped playing good football or even ‘winning’ football, under Pochettino.

    Personally I am not gutted that MP is no more. But, I dread to think that Mourinho may be next…

    Oh well… A win at WHU is needed either way…

    Up the Spurs

  • Jose or not Jose? That is the question………

    It’s looking very much like Jose is to be the new main-man…

    If so, then I will just have to then give him the benefit of all my doubts.

    After all, I know nothing! My initial reaction to when Pochettino arrived, was that I didn’t want him at Spurs either. He proved me wrong up to a point. To this point!

    I will still back the next man to do his very best for THFC (even JM). And, that is simply because I will have no choice………

    WHU 0-4 THFC!

  • It’s Jose! It had been officially confirmed by Levy just before I was writing my last post.

    Farewell Mauricio… Welcome Jose!

    What a funny old game, eh?! HAHA!

  • Now I know that it’s Jose I will now amend my scoreline prediction to Hammers 0-! Spurs!

    And, for the rest of the remaining matches this season? Spurs to win 1-0. Every single match. 1-0! That’ll just have to do…

    LO Bleedin’L!

  • Oh well, maybe some boring but winning ways are what is needed this season. January should be interesting as can’t see Jose that won’t have agreed some funds.

  • This appointment is a marriage made in hell.Mourinho is a winner most certainly but with huge amounts of money to buy players ,Porto being the outlier. Now riddle me this where does levy and his no spend ,youth development fit with Mourinho as manager.Very easy answer it simple does not.This is what you get when you are run by Property,and profits corporation.stand up you levy apologists with egg all over your faces.

    • Pauric, as a former happy clapper who supported both Poch and Levy for the first 4.5 seasons of Poch’s tenure i can attest that I have no egg on my face. Since Jan/Feb of this year I have watched Spurs play woeful football, especially away. I have watched as we exhibited the same tactics over and over but just getting less and less effective with each passing game. I have watched certain players being sidelined and some villified by fans for playing when clearly out of form. About 6 weeks ago with the rot deepening and it being obvious that a significant amount of players, showing by their body language and game displays, no desire to play (lack of press, horrid passing) the Poch style, I grudging changed my position to one which called for change.

      It is useless ranting about Levy and ENIC going. They are the owners and aren’t going anywhere. And for those who are saying let them take their avowed profit and leave. They have never made that promise or statement. Levy’s intent is to build a major footballing powerhouse of a club and he is almost there. I certainly expected more out of last year but I was certain it would be this year. However somewhere in the last 6 months, Poch lost the plot and after the CL final loss, totally lost his desire and drive. It was apparent in the disgraceful condition of Ndombele after a full preseason under Poch. It was also apparent that Poch let his emotional ties to players get in the way of his desire to win. This was apparent in his continued selection of Eriksen, when clearly CE’s heart and form was not in the game. Gone was the ruthlessness which he showed at the beginning of his tenure, where having no ties to the players he was able to rid the club of sulkers and layabouts. Other players who could see those unfit and uninterested get selected began to drop their efforts and their productivity and the entire team suffered. They all looked like they were in a depressed state.

      I don’t think Levy had much choice at the end. As much as I have loved Poch and will always be thankful that he Managed Spurs so well I honestly feel his heart was no longer in it. He just didn’t seem to have that strength and optimism to go through the hard task of rebuilding.

      Jose Mourinho brings a winners mentality, a pedigree. I see many people saying he plays negative/defensive football and parking the bus, etc.. I don’t remember that brand of football when they were beating us continuously and Drogba and Anelka were scoring against us. If he brings some tactical changes to the way we defend (which at the moment is, to say the least, dismal) then that can only be an improvement. I suspect that some want-away players may even be right now having second thoughts and no doubt Harry Kane, despite his feelings for Poch will see that the club is showing some ambition to winning trophies. I for one am certainly now, more than ever raising my expectation that we can return to winning ways and win something over these next two seasons.

      Thank you Poch for what your have done for us and I wish you all the best (except when you play us) in your next opportunity. May you have success where ever you go.

  • If true that poch has been refusing to discuss squad selection with the players and been absent regularly from training then levy had no choice as it points to him losing the respect of players.
    Seems he planned his way out.
    Would have preferred Rafa but here’s hoping jose comes it or not he loves winning and shows real passion….so let’s go Jose…coys

  • My son just said ‘if someone told us yesterday, that this time tomorrow Pochettino would be gone and Mourinho would replace him, we’d have laughed ourselves silly’! Forget about laughing, I’m struggling to find something to smile about. But I’m sure the football gods are laughing at me because. somehow, I have to get my head around the fact that I now have to support Mourinho! Who bloody said, ‘you gotta love football’?

  • Great appointment considering the situation poch has put us in, he was never strong enough to make tough decisions as a manager. Let’s see what happened with Jose, forget what he happened at United, he’s spurs manager now. We might start been better at defending, oh wait for it we might actually win something Tues win a cup, also Jose is putting he’s reputation on the line, so he will want to make it right, COYJoseS

  • Levy will definitely spend money on behalf of JM, that is for sure. Why wouldn’t he? It will then be up to Jose and his coaching skills and staff to get Spurs to win as many matches as we can and perhaps a trophy or two. Then in 2, 3, 4 seasons from now we’ll probably be kissing Jose goodbye… Win or lose!

    Jose is one of THE most successful football managers of all time. Let’s hope he can be a success at Tottenham. After all, it’s what we all want as Spurs supporters. Success!

    I may even grow to like the man… But, I really don’t need to like him. However, I do like to like the football we play. We’ll just have to wait and see. Starting on Saturday…

    Up the Spurs!

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