Date: 19th November 2019 at 6:25am
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With the close of the November international break, Tottenham Hotspur stars should come back in relatively good confidence – certainly our England lads will – but all that matters is we see a spike in our own performance levels and results as we look to turn the corner on what has been overall disappointing form in the year of 2019.

Going into the weekend, Spurs find themselves sat in 14th place in the top tier table with only three wins from our opening 12 matches. Top four looks a long way off at this stage, but we’re only seven points off last place.

Having drawn a line under recent defeats with back to back draws, not only will manager Mauricio Pochettino want to see us stay unbeaten, but we want all three points and although Manuel Pellegrini’s side will be no pushovers, they are a point behind us in the table with struggles of their own.

It’s all to play for in Saturday’s early kick off at the London Stadium…question is, do we turn up or not?

West Ham V Spurs?







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242 Replies to “It’s Time For Spurs To Face The Hammers Again – Match Thread”

    • Ohhhh bugger – I don’t know if I can. I’m just pleased I didn’t have any Poch stories on timer for this evening, I don’t normally need help looking daft! lol

  • When the manager publicly tells the media and everyone watching and listening to him he’s not the manager he’s only the coach alarm bells where ringing all over except off course the levy loving accountants in there levy cult. This manager has got this club to the champions league 4 years in row .Enic have given Poch pittance and left him high and dry,.

  • Poch has taken us backwards over the last year, he won’t change he’s ways, he’s to weak poor team selections and poor subs making. He’s won nothing just like I said. Time to move on, fair play to levy if we kept poch things won’t change, to dare is to do.

  • How long do we expect the likes of Harry Kane and Deli Ali to stay around now that their mentor has gone, and any success remains unlikely, how much money do we expect to be made available for new signings after MP’s pay off comes off of the budget. I wait with pregnant anticipation for Levy to appoint his next victim. I wonder if he has done another back street clandestine deal for a replacement in the style of the One day Ramos appointment before he had actually sacked Martin Jol. As has been said MP was the nearest to a success of the many managers Levy has appointed, I wonder how long it will take everybody to realise that it can’t be that all these coaches are wrong, and that the common denominator throughout the whole period of this Spurs era of nearly but not quite seasons, remains blameless and untouched. The sooner that ENIC fulfill their prime objective of selling the club at huge profit and Joe Lewis and his prodigy ride off over the horizon the better. One never knows the next owner may even be interested in football rather than property development and will take us forward on the pitch. I still stand by my prediction that by the opening of the Jan window we will be in the bottom 6 at best, hopefully.

  • shit. turmoil at N17. Will old patterns repeat: Tim Sherwood to take over as some sort of temporary care taker? Turmoil indeed. No one could have predicted the decline since January. CL final truly misleading moment.

    Make HK player-manager. At least that might keep him at the club.

    As to ENIC, the next owner is not guaranteed to be any more interested in winning than the present owner, Frank. Why would one expect better from some capitalist owner who is just as apt to strip the club and leave us worse rather than some wonderful owner who loves us and will give us all sweets for Christmas? The owner we don’t know is apt to be far worse than the one we don’t like now.

    To me the interesting question is how Poch lost the team so quickly after having them steadily improving since he arrived. What the eff happened to have it all go downhill so rapidly as the calendar moved into 2019.

    • Can only think too many in the squad took umbrage at his squad comments over the summer about strengthening? Either that, or after so many years of arguably overachieving, the lack of reward for them + we had to dip at some point, just caught up?

  • If DL hires Mourinho, I’m going into semi-retirement in terms of following the team for a while. Mourninho is a Faustian bargain at best, and giving up one’s soul to the devil is one hell of a bargain at best. I’d rather see Tim Sherwood back. Please no Mourinho. That would be a sin against everything our club has represented for over a century. I’m on strike as a supporter if Mourinho shows up at our club in any official capacity. Relegation is preferable to Mourinho.

  • Utterly ridiculous. Best manager we have had since Billy Nick. Levy HAS to go. He is toxic and a disgrace to our once glorious club. Hopefully there will be a big demonstration against Levy. HE IS THE PROBLEM. Get rid now.

  • There is no money to spend. With players leaving for nothing or very little in the next few months and no champions league income next season the next manager will undoubtedly be a yes man who will be the coach and not a manager.
    I hope it is not Ancelloti or Allegri. Allegri has only done well at Juve and Ancelloti is way passed his best. No way do I want Mourinho at the club either.
    I would like Rodgers but no way will he leave Leicester where he has the total support of the board.
    What a sad day for the club. Five great years, one bad spell (albeit a long one) and he is gone. The big problem is ENIC and Levy. More than anything I wish they would sell up and go.

  • The timing here is very odd. Why not earlier in the transfer window? I reckon we have already got our next manager in.

    Thanks for the memories Poch, but our form over the last 11 months in the league has been a bottom 5 team.

    The right decision has been made. Fingers crossed Levy gets the next manager in quickly and most importantly it’s the right one.

    Roller coaster ride time here we come again.

  • Frank ,your so on the money levy is the common denominator in this shambles.If Harry Kane wants to lift titles and cups then he should leave this summer because this lot haven’t a clue .

  • OMG only just got in and stunned.
    I have been a critic of Poch but would have given him till the Jan TW at least.
    However as we discussed earlier in the thread much more was going on behind the scenes and perhaps players opinions were taken into account ?
    Levy is unbelievable . He simply can’t keep his fingers out of anything at the club and how eventually could MP do his job simply as a caretaker of the team?
    Surely Levy wouldn’t sack Poch without a replacement lined up ?
    Again turmoil at the club !!
    How many managers have we had since ENIC took over .
    Crazy !!

  • Lucky club that appoints Pochettino.I will applaud him when he comes and chant his name. Watch out Spurs…we could be in line for a right dumbo like Allardyce,Capello McClaren,Sven Eriksson. Watch this space. This could be a horrendous season dragging us into the Championship and losing Kane,Dele and Son. They must be pig sick. GET RID OF LEVY.Utterly useless. Shameful.Miserable, tight bu66er with no interest in football only making money. Our club is now a joke. Poch has been let down badly. No doubt, he will come back to haunt us as we struggle to buy bargain basement,unknown players. Only a few weeks to go to transfer window in Jan….going to be fun watching the moths come out of Levy’s wallet so we can buy some hasbeens at Jan sales price. Goodbye Spurs; I have enjoyed the ride with Poch. Lovely guy…he deserved better. LEVY OUT!!

  • Levy cited poor results for the sacking. The thing is, Pochettino warned him the rebuild needed to happen and it would be painful. Yet Levy not only failed to sign the right players when we were on top, he hasn’t managed to sort out player contracts will have clearly effected our perfomances ON THE PITCH. Levy got lucky with Poch, i am hoping lightning strikes twice.

  • The club could be far worse off with a differs owner of the club. On the other hand I feel Levy should have pulled the trigger the summer before last on transfers. He really let Poch down.

    Porch’s sacking was the right move unfortunately. He clearly lost faith before the season. His odd statements and demeanour said it all. Imo that is where he lost the dressing room. You can’t expect your team to be committed to the cause if your manager is not.

    We need a manager to get us through this season only. I would be disappointed if Jose was given a contract any longer than the end of season, otherwise it wouldn’t be a bad appointment imo.

    I think Poch is a great manager and I hope he finds his feet again perhaps back in Spain.

  • Don’t understand it myself – thought he had until Xmas atleast – I mean given the tough run of matches until then do we have a replacement lined up already or who the hell is going to take over for the next 1.5 months or even longer?!

    Maybe it’s to give the new manager some time with the squad with a view to the transfer window in January and what will be allowed to get upto.

    25 points from 25 games suggested he had to go and there was investment in the summer – perhaps too little too late but there was some minimal investment at last. Not been backed properly especially in comparison to the other top club’s we have been fighting with for top honour’s so goes with a very well respected record even if didn’t actually win anything – worked some magic nonetheless.

  • JOSE MOURINHO, JOSE MOURINHO – hope the Portugeeza takes over – a pure thoroughbred winner as his record shows – doubt it though – wages for one already an issue and as other’s have stated would he put up with Levy’s/ENIC’s money/investment policy?!

    We’ve still got some excellent players but are in need of a clear-out and re-build meaning it might be another 5 year project and can’t really see Mourinho as wanting to do that – he would want a club that’s probably going to challenge straight away and then some decent investment also to make the squad his own.

    Dunno will wait with baited breathe and see what happens.

    • I really hope that’s the case EJ, that is we don’t have a big enough transfer budget to attract him.

      BBC Sport have bee running a poll since the news broke and for every one vote for Moaninho there were two against. He would without doubt be an unpopular choice.

  • The saddest aspect is Poch never won us a trophy. A lot of instances it was his own fault, i think of the CL final when he played an unfit Kane, or the semi final in the FA cup a few years back when he decided to play son as a wingback.

    • If he had won us a trophy I think he would have earned the right to see out the season and carry on the rebuild.

      Like it or not he had a very good squad at his disposal. He just didn’t quite have what it takes unfortunately.

  • Maybe I’m just being slow – but why tonight – why not day one of the break where newbie could at least have longer to work with the squad?

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