Date: 20th November 2019 at 8:20pm
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The news from Tottenham Hotspur on Tuesday that Mauricio Pochettino and his team have parted ways with the club has made it official. This era is dead. Long live the next one.

Personally, I was very saddened by this news. There are many contributing factors which came together for the club to make its decision. All of these factors have been brought up and discussed on VS for many months.

The reality is that it is rare for a team to stay together for more than five years. It changes for many reasons and eventually team building starts again. Ideally, there would be changes to the playing staff during the five years that keep the club moving forward. This has not happened at Tottenham due to (as many have pointed out) a lack of TW business.

There is little doubt that Mauricio has made mistakes over the last twelve months but I believe that what he achieved throughout the preceding five years warranted a stay of execution…a bit more time to restore normal service. But, of course, football clubs no longer work that way or have the necessary patience. Results on the pitch are far too critical. Add to this a similar lack of patience by supporters and the result is inevitable.

Where we go from here will be a major turning point in the history of THFC. But, whatever happens, I believe that the same history will record the previous five years under Mauricio’s management as a period where supporters will look back and realise that they were treated to some of the finest football ever witnessed at the club…despite failing to win a trophy! It’s certainly how I will remember them.

There is a great deal of media speculation about Mourinho replacing Mauricio. (Now Confirmed) I have to say that the only time I have enjoyed Mourinho’s performance is when he gives a television interview after losing a game! It’s never his fault! I loved those interviews. Sorry, but I just don’t like the man and I don’t care what trophy success he may have had in the past.

It would be reckless of Levy not to have a plan ready to implement as Pochettino departs. I suppose we will soon be privy to that plan. Whoever comes in will be facing a huge responsibility. They will be expected to start a new trophy-laden era for the club.

I thank Mauricio and his management team for the enjoyment they have given me during their time at the club. It’s been an awesome journey. The end of every journey leads to the start of another one. Whatever the outcome will be, one thing is sure…gotta love football!


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117 Replies to “It’s Officially The End Of An Era At Tottenham”

  • JOD – if JM uses Sess as a LWF then that’s fine and he did explode at Fulham in that position so I’ve no problem with that. Saying this though I feel we would need to be looking for a couple of full-backs in that case either side and a left sided CB if we are going to challenge for the title next season.

    A top DCM and a back-up striker also.

  • A decent start to the Mourinho era in spite of the last 20 minutes when we nearly wrested defeat from the jaws of certain victory with instances of Spursey defending, which must have alarmed JM. Looking at performances, Ali had an influential, quality performance when playing back in his proper position. Son showed his true quality, Aurier had one of his occasional good games. Moura made a welcome return, scored, and missed a real chance. At the back both WH goals were totally preventable, particularly the second which resulted in a glaring U14 CB error by Sanchez, sadly he tends to have 1 per game, together with giving away the occasional penalty. I feel that JM will look to sort him out, or leave him out, very shortly. The news that Alderwiereld may be looking to reconsider his contract position must be welcome as he is still a quality defender. Eriksen still seems determined to leave, so the sooner the better, ship him out and go full on to sign Fernandez as a replacement. Ali looked good playing in his proper position at last and Son as usual was quality, and Moura’s return was welcome. If we have immediate problems as well as Eriksen, it is at FB where none of our candidates on either wing are really convincing, so need replacing. One thing about JM he will sort out the defence one way or the other, and there may well be casualties.

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