Date: 20th November 2019 at 8:20pm
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The news from Tottenham Hotspur on Tuesday that Mauricio Pochettino and his team have parted ways with the club has made it official. This era is dead. Long live the next one.

Personally, I was very saddened by this news. There are many contributing factors which came together for the club to make its decision. All of these factors have been brought up and discussed on VS for many months.

The reality is that it is rare for a team to stay together for more than five years. It changes for many reasons and eventually team building starts again. Ideally, there would be changes to the playing staff during the five years that keep the club moving forward. This has not happened at Tottenham due to (as many have pointed out) a lack of TW business.

There is little doubt that Mauricio has made mistakes over the last twelve months but I believe that what he achieved throughout the preceding five years warranted a stay of execution…a bit more time to restore normal service. But, of course, football clubs no longer work that way or have the necessary patience. Results on the pitch are far too critical. Add to this a similar lack of patience by supporters and the result is inevitable.

Where we go from here will be a major turning point in the history of THFC. But, whatever happens, I believe that the same history will record the previous five years under Mauricio’s management as a period where supporters will look back and realise that they were treated to some of the finest football ever witnessed at the club…despite failing to win a trophy! It’s certainly how I will remember them.

There is a great deal of media speculation about Mourinho replacing Mauricio. (Now Confirmed) I have to say that the only time I have enjoyed Mourinho’s performance is when he gives a television interview after losing a game! It’s never his fault! I loved those interviews. Sorry, but I just don’t like the man and I don’t care what trophy success he may have had in the past.

It would be reckless of Levy not to have a plan ready to implement as Pochettino departs. I suppose we will soon be privy to that plan. Whoever comes in will be facing a huge responsibility. They will be expected to start a new trophy-laden era for the club.

I thank Mauricio and his management team for the enjoyment they have given me during their time at the club. It’s been an awesome journey. The end of every journey leads to the start of another one. Whatever the outcome will be, one thing is sure…gotta love football!


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117 Replies to “It’s Officially The End Of An Era At Tottenham”

  • Great interview. That’ what a winner sounds like.

    The brief is simple. The new objective is to win trophies, make a shed load of money through our box office manager and pay off the 600m debt.

    Who better to do that than Jose?

    Some rumours doing the rounds our naming rights for the new stadium will be announced this season. If true we will have the money to compete in the transfer market next season.

  • RD I like your optimism with regards to the special one lol but naming rights won’t bring in as much as many think – look at Arsenal – £3-5m a season only I believe – it’s money but in the grand scheme of things peanuts. We haven’t even got a sleeve sponsor which could bring in upto £10m a season, as I’ve read it’s around 20/25% of the main shirt sponsor and our current deal for that is now £40m a season.

    Looking forward to having the special one as our manager – I’m half Portuguese so loving it in fact – hopefully he can bring the glory days back to us finally. Granted I liked Poch but was never confident of winning anything but with JM despite not expecting miracles starting to get my hopes up especially for next season.

    • It will be very interesting to see what the final deal is with the stadium rights.

      The Nike deal is worth around 30m a season. The AIA is around 40m. TV money, a top 6 finish should be around 140-150m. CL all depends on how far you go but we made around 100m last season. Teams make around 50m by getting out of the group stages. Revenues from the stadium, ( football only )should be around 125m a year. NFL looks like we are earning 1m a game.

      Not including naming rights we should make around the 350-400m a season. We won’t catch the big 5 anytime soon, but the rest we will be able to compete with within a few years. Stadium debt or not we are in good shape.

      You don’t pay a manager 15m a season if you are small fry.

  • Real deal,I would lay a heavy bet with you that the money poch had to spend was pittance in the real scheme of things,I would also bet the players he was offered up to him fell way short of the quality that was needed,or wanted. TQ2spurs, what about levys great project of youth and doing it differently than city,Utd,or Chelsea is that in the bin now???? Leopards and spots mate

    • In the Summer of 2018 we only needed 2 players. A DM as Dier and Wana looked finished or disinterested. An AM as Alli and Eriksen needed cover. Apparently we had a 60m transfer budget. According to EX. Are you telling me in the entire world we couldn’t get anyone that would improve our squad?

      Like I said at the time if Poch genuinely believed that he couldn’t then he was never good enough to manage us in the first place.

  • Love Poch. Hate Levy. Jury out on Jose. Don’t really like him. If he can beat W. HAM in fine style, I might be convinced and grow to accept him. Anything less and I will blame Levy and Jose for taking us into relegation zone. We will be in deep $hit.

  • Real deal,we needed a completely new midfield,Dembele was on his last legs,our fullbacks where not good enough ,levy couldn’t even get the grealish deal over the line from a championship club he tried his smart arse tactics and he fell flat on his face.

  • TQ2spurs,what I mean is levy panicked bringing in Mourinho in that he’s the complete opposite to levy vision of the club .Thats why I say it was a panic appointment ,why not go after a manager that fits in with his spend as little as possible and promoting youth??? That’s all.

  • Pauric …. According to some media reports Levy wanted Jose a couple of years ago, in which case Jose has been in the frame for some time. There is no panic in this appointment from Levy. He’s just moved on to his plan ‘B’.

    wentworth ….. How on earth can you blame Jose for us being in the relegation zone? He hasn’t even managed Spurs for one game yet!

  • Pauric……a manager as you describe who spends little money and promotes youth (especially our current poor academy offering) isn’t going to win the silverware that you and many others crave!

  • When you hire one of the most successful football managers of all time, that is definitely not a panic buy. That is a coup for Spurs! We have never hired a man of his standing in the game, in the clubs entire history.

    It happens that Levy has apparently been after getting JM since after his first stint at Chelsea. Since as far back as 2007 when Levy tried to compensate Chelsea for him.

    I didn’t want JM at the club. I have said that many times, over the years. But I can’t now say that Levy has made a huge mistake. Well, certainly not before JM has even had his first week at the club or named his first line-up.

    I hope it’s the right decision. I really do. Because I’m not a man that likes to say, “I told you so”. I want to be the man that has to admit that I was wrong about Jose…

    It’s funny because I was wrong about MP. I didn’t want him at Spurs either. But then I was right about MP in the end… In a funny kind of way… In other words who knows what the future may bring.

    So, as a Spurs man I now find myself backing Jose Mourinho as the Spurs manager and as the new man to take Spurs forward and hopefully upward. Strange but true.

    AND, I see no reason to panic… Not yet!

  • Here are my thoughts on that 1st press conference/interview as Spurs manager by JM yesterday…

    What I saw was a rejuvinated man, going back to what he was like when he was first introduced to the Prem lge as manager of the Chavs, I quite liked him then.

    Back to the witty, driven and confident breath of fresh air, gone is the hateful, loathed self important person he turned into.

    He looks younger since his sacking by MU 11 months ago, so maybe in that 11 month sabbatical he has looked at himself in the mirror and did not like what he saw, thus the changes.

    I think these changes will benefit our Spurs and of course benefit himself.

    I really do believe we will see a “new rejuvinated we can do this team”, the players though they also loved Poch will be excited and will be as keen as hell to start playing football again for themselves and us fans.

    I also believe we will start playing as well as the original Chavs did those many years ago, maybe even better, once JM gets his feet firmly under the table, I also think through JM’s persona changes we will not see his negative type play we all hate, ok time will tell for the negatives/doubters.

    As much as I loved Poch, with a tear in my eye when he was sacked, I have done my mourning and believe’s a new broom sweeps clean, so lets all get behind JM and support him as we do our beloved Spurs. COYS

  • Ps, some will come back with a Leopard can’t change his spots, fair enough, but he did between those first heady days at the Chavs to the sacking by MU 11 months ago, so why not now.

    On our Poch, I believe as does happen with a couple, regards Levy and the team/squad itself, taking things for granted had set in, thus time for a change and what a change.

    Lets all get ready and excited in the next step of the mighty Spurs becoming one of the greatest clubs in Europe, it will be like a funfair ride, so as I said before strap yourself in its going to be an adrenalin rush. COYS

  • Oh yes, maybe I have just posted 2 of the worst/crap posts I have ever written, but I have been up all night with my charge, the life of a carer hahaha. COYS

  • Sorry I’m not saying Mourinho is desperately bad appointment I’m simply saying he’s the complete opposite to what Mr Levy’s so called vision of how the club is run.Now can someone tell me how these complete opposites of people be a success.Mourinho has spent more money on transfers than Enic have ever spent.If your seriously telling me that Mourinho will put up with what Poch had to your deluded,or are you’ve seriously telling me Levy is going to change a habit of a lifetime and go on a transfer splurge .holy shite pigs are flying . I will absolutely give Jose a fair crack of the whip. Levy might well have wanted Jose years ago but seriously how on earth would that have worked .well Jose Mourinho I want you to be our manager and you have 30 million to spend on players and I tell you who we sign. Delusions of grandeur.

  • Pauric …. Not sure if your post was directed at me but, if it was, I think you put a lot of your own words in my mouth. I wasn’t telling you anything and I have no answer to the questions you posed. I’m not actually interested in what has or hasn’t happened in the past as much as what is happening now. I was simply pointing out that the appointment is not one made out of panic, as you stated.

  • Allan – “I read it on the internet so it must be true” isn’t a credible response. The way dealing works is party A asks too much, party B offers too little then they haggle and may or may not reach agreement somewhere in between. When no one makes an offer at all that means they aren’t interested.

  • All this talk of how bad JM’s appt. is and how levy won’t spend on transfers…. I have already said levy and JM are similar personalities and Levy has built the stadium and refinanced the costs. So he does have money for transfers, my ITK who knows Levy / Joe Lewis for many years has said a few times poch refused to sign players he could have.

    As everyone knows Jose mode of operandi so I expect Levy and JM have spoken on this before he was offered and signed a contract. It is just common sense for a business guy like levy to get this transfer funding question at top of the list on contract talks. So we have to wait and see… Levy has backed all his managers at WHL in transfers so money is not the problem, its how they spend it.. AVB HArry Redkn. Poch. etc.

    Now..we have a must win game tomorrow, we all need to back the players and Jose. I expect a basic 433 system as this worked for Jose at previous clubs, with some fluidity using the fast passing and movement players we have COYS

  • I seriously doubt Mourinho has come to Spurs expecting a blank cheque, Levy will have made that clear. He made all the right noises at the press conference and won’t be whining about not being able to sign players unless it all starts going wrong and he needs an excuse. At that point you would want to get rid of the manager anyway.

  • Pauric – “we needed a completely new midfield”, really ? Ndombele is a class act, Lo Celso is beginning to look good, Winks reminded us playing for England what he is capable of, Sissoko remains the power player he was last season. Add to that the prospect of Dier returning to form after his debilitating illness , the briefly glimpsed potential of Sessegnon and the fact Lamela is staying (relatively) fit. I would argue the midfield is actually the strongest area of the squad. The problem there is not players its organisation and motivation, setting up a midfield structure that works and getting the players playing to their potential. The defence on the other hand is almost non existent. Toby and Jan look like they will be gone at the end of the season so I would argue our top priority is a quality central defender who can organise the rest of the defence. When you have a limited amount to spend “he’s a good player, lets buy him” doesn’t cut it. You strengthen where you are weakest.

  • Morning all, have had a kip.

    b108s and Jod, a couple of very well written making sense posts, am in total agreement there.

    We are off to the “Council Tip” sorry park tomorrow, can’t wait to see the response from our team/squad of players, a good win will make ALL! of us smile again, well maybe some still won’t lol! COYS

  • Geofspurs….am confident in your predicted score for tomorrow, oh we haven’t had it yet, wakey wakey in a number of hours lol! COYS

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