Date: 20th November 2019 at 8:20pm
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The news from Tottenham Hotspur on Tuesday that Mauricio Pochettino and his team have parted ways with the club has made it official. This era is dead. Long live the next one.

Personally, I was very saddened by this news. There are many contributing factors which came together for the club to make its decision. All of these factors have been brought up and discussed on VS for many months.

The reality is that it is rare for a team to stay together for more than five years. It changes for many reasons and eventually team building starts again. Ideally, there would be changes to the playing staff during the five years that keep the club moving forward. This has not happened at Tottenham due to (as many have pointed out) a lack of TW business.

There is little doubt that Mauricio has made mistakes over the last twelve months but I believe that what he achieved throughout the preceding five years warranted a stay of execution…a bit more time to restore normal service. But, of course, football clubs no longer work that way or have the necessary patience. Results on the pitch are far too critical. Add to this a similar lack of patience by supporters and the result is inevitable.

Where we go from here will be a major turning point in the history of THFC. But, whatever happens, I believe that the same history will record the previous five years under Mauricio’s management as a period where supporters will look back and realise that they were treated to some of the finest football ever witnessed at the club…despite failing to win a trophy! It’s certainly how I will remember them.

There is a great deal of media speculation about Mourinho replacing Mauricio. (Now Confirmed) I have to say that the only time I have enjoyed Mourinho’s performance is when he gives a television interview after losing a game! It’s never his fault! I loved those interviews. Sorry, but I just don’t like the man and I don’t care what trophy success he may have had in the past.

It would be reckless of Levy not to have a plan ready to implement as Pochettino departs. I suppose we will soon be privy to that plan. Whoever comes in will be facing a huge responsibility. They will be expected to start a new trophy-laden era for the club.

I thank Mauricio and his management team for the enjoyment they have given me during their time at the club. It’s been an awesome journey. The end of every journey leads to the start of another one. Whatever the outcome will be, one thing is sure…gotta love football!


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117 Replies to “It’s Officially The End Of An Era At Tottenham”

  • What people like or don’t like and what people think or don’t think, is up to them. we all have different opinions about many things in our lives. None of us should expect other people to think the way we do, or knock them for it when they clearly don’t think the same way.

    As far as the current situation at Spurs goes I guess the jury is out for a while for most supporters. That will change by the end of the season. In the meantime it’s just a matter of COYS.

  • HT that is the pragmatic view and nothing us supporters do or say will change the events of the last few days .
    If we get a win on Saturday and new managers often win their first match and we begin to climb the table then the period of mourning will soon be over even though a bad taste will still linger for a little while

  • Allan – I’m curious. How do you make it impossible to sell a player like Eriksen when no one actually makes an offer to buy him ?

  • Yes geof and in a perfect world we all agree to disagree… But then we really wouldn’t have anything much to say, debate or argue about.

    Thing is people will often agree with others in their slagging off of someone. Simply because they agree with their reasoning and hold the same or similar opinion.

    But if someone else chips in and has a dig at that person by disagreeing with them at having a dig at someone else, then it’s somehow wrong to dig… ?

    It’s human nature to try and convince others we are correct and that they are wrong. Just as it is to let them know when we agree.

    Personally I see a lot of hypocritical talk from those that like to moralise and moan about the world and its people. Telling us how others are nasty, evil or whatever extreme, whilst ironically (bitchily) being particularly nasty about them… As opposed to just not liking them.

    I mean none of us have to like Jose’s public demeanour but it doesn’t tell us a thing about the real man in his private world. And it is being no less arrogant than JM himself to insist that one has the moral high ground on him… Or anyone else for that matter…

    I grew to like MP as boss of Spurs. But who’s to say if I would like him in private? I got to stop taking notice of JM after a while after initially being intrigued by him. I started to see him as a fool. But who knows? Maybe I would love the man in private… But I never will know him and it doesn’t matter to me his personality, as long as he can get Spurs playing good, winning football. If he doesn’t, I’ll not be taking it personally. And it’ll be goodbye Jose! Hello ?

    But unless he starts a war or sleeps with my partner, I don’t give a toss about whether I like his PUBLIC persona or not.

    Not sure why I felt the need to write this but I did… No one was harmed….

  • Loz, you say that MP is probably too nice to be in football. That made me smile…

    Did you ever watch him play the game? He was a typical hard-nosed Argentinian defender. He took no prisoners, I can assure you. He is not soft. So why feel the need to be soft on his behalf?

  • HT …. I know what you mean and agree with what you say. Life is so simple, yet we make it so complicated. Go figure. : – )

  • Jod ref your post 11.47
    I take your point but am reporting a tale from a red top !!
    However Levy may have placed too high a price on Ericsen’s head which detered possible suitors ?
    We have evidence of Levy being difficult esp with Alderwiereld’s transfer price .
    Mind you were we aware of any interested clubs which Eriksen might have been interested in joining ?

  • Geafspurs….thanks for the article.

    Some interesting reads on this article today, loathing, hatred, suicidal even a bit of love, bleedin hell JM is a man who earns a few bob being successful in football, he isn’t the devil or satan incarnate, just a man.

    I have said NO THANKS and that I dislike him, but being honest its the TV persona or what the media write that drives that, I/we really do not know him, for me he plays the TV/media like a fiddle, and is at this time of year a “Pantomime” bully/beast, BOO! lets give it a rest with our drips/moans, but lets also give the man a chance and support him as we all support our Spurs.

    On wards to the Council Park on Saturday. COYS

  • Can we play “name that team” on this article, JM first team for us visiting the “Council Park” on Saturday.

    Ows about this one.


    Foyth Sanchez Toby Rose……reasonably strong ans quick defence

    Sissoko Winks N’Dombele……strong midfield

    Dele Son…..all 3 = pacy, intellegent ball playing, goal scoring


    Am just trying to change the mood because I have accepted the decision that has been made in the last 48 hrs COYS

  • I have to say the comments re JM really make me smile – ‘pact with the devil’, ‘the club has sold its soul’. Get a grip lads. I have been a supporter since the early 60’s and crave trophies – at any cost? probably!!

    I have no doubt that JM will deliver – he is a serial trophy winner and I look forward to celebrating the first piece of silverware that he delivers.

    Let us not put Poch on too higher pedestal. The first 4 years were were magnificent but the last year (apart from the somewhat flukey CL final appearance where we didn’t actually turn up) were dire.

    24 points from the last 25 league games speaks volumes. Poch had lost the plot, lost the dressing room and obviously did not want to be at THFC any more.

    So what was DL supposed to do? – leave it be, hope for the best and watch relegation fever grip us all?

    No – he has made a bold if unpopular in some minds decision.

    Let us get behind Jose – whatever you may think he is now the leader of our beloved THFC.



  • BY….well said! and that’s from me a Poch rater and JM hater, Poch will always be in my heart with thanks but now is the time of JM, we begin anew.

    On wards to trophies and success. COYS

  • I though he spoke well in his first press conference, just need to see him put his ideals into practice now, with passion yes, but also in the calm and reasoned fashion he presented today.

  • I’m not disputing the fact that the manner in which MP was dismissed is wrong, on some level. He was a good servant to the club and he deserves our respect.

    This being said, looking at the situation rationally, maybe what this team needs right now is a Mourinho-type manager. We always say that the club is bigger than any player, well the same should be said about managers. The club is bigger than MP, and some good may yet come out of appointing Jose. I personally am looking forward to what he can bring. It’ll be different – for better or worse, but at least it’ll be doing something about the situation.

    Mourinho’s style is abrasive. There is no getting away from that. But the track record is undeniable and to throw everything away would be throwing away the baby with the bath water. Some good may yet come out of his appointment. Let’s wait and see.

  • Numerous people have rightly made the point that since last January our form has been really poor and the team has gone stale and are now throwing poch under the bus ,he was the problem??? Well not for one second do I believe that to be the case,Mauricio Had to put up with that little classless toad of a dictator Daniel Levy . Off course the team went stale that’s what happens when you give the manager sweet f all in transfer funds ,how could he reinvent the team or squad with proper financial backing ,I have been saying this for over 2-3 years on this site along with numerous others but hey where only negative people.So where is the great plan of Levys now because Mourinho is the complete contradiction of what levy outlined how this club would be run???.what really pisses me off is certain people biggin up levy ,’levy has the balls’ would you please do yourself a favour your heads are brainwashed bye levy he’s like your cult hero sometimes I wonder if you support Tottenham football club or Daniel levy club ,Levy sacked Poch because its cheaper to sack the manager rather than actually build a new hungry team for the manager. Mourinho should be given a chance but this looks all the haul marks of a panic appointment.

  • …well lets work on the ironic supposition shall we? ….we dont make 4th place for the CL but JM takes us to the final and we win it this season! further irony DL gives JM a war chest to buy players in the January window…! Anyone seeing any pigs flying past windows yet? ……….! After seeing the chosen one’s press conference this afternoon i wonder what effect his appointmnet has had on the lads? …will Eriksen and Toby and Verts all sign new contracts ? More irony….the only thing i will agree with so far is…….. that the Jury is out otherwise, its gonna look like there has been another stabbing in N17 ………again!

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