Date: 20th November 2019 at 8:20pm
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The news from Tottenham Hotspur on Tuesday that Mauricio Pochettino and his team have parted ways with the club has made it official. This era is dead. Long live the next one.

Personally, I was very saddened by this news. There are many contributing factors which came together for the club to make its decision. All of these factors have been brought up and discussed on VS for many months.

The reality is that it is rare for a team to stay together for more than five years. It changes for many reasons and eventually team building starts again. Ideally, there would be changes to the playing staff during the five years that keep the club moving forward. This has not happened at Tottenham due to (as many have pointed out) a lack of TW business.

There is little doubt that Mauricio has made mistakes over the last twelve months but I believe that what he achieved throughout the preceding five years warranted a stay of execution…a bit more time to restore normal service. But, of course, football clubs no longer work that way or have the necessary patience. Results on the pitch are far too critical. Add to this a similar lack of patience by supporters and the result is inevitable.

Where we go from here will be a major turning point in the history of THFC. But, whatever happens, I believe that the same history will record the previous five years under Mauricio’s management as a period where supporters will look back and realise that they were treated to some of the finest football ever witnessed at the club…despite failing to win a trophy! It’s certainly how I will remember them.

There is a great deal of media speculation about Mourinho replacing Mauricio. (Now Confirmed) I have to say that the only time I have enjoyed Mourinho’s performance is when he gives a television interview after losing a game! It’s never his fault! I loved those interviews. Sorry, but I just don’t like the man and I don’t care what trophy success he may have had in the past.

It would be reckless of Levy not to have a plan ready to implement as Pochettino departs. I suppose we will soon be privy to that plan. Whoever comes in will be facing a huge responsibility. They will be expected to start a new trophy-laden era for the club.

I thank Mauricio and his management team for the enjoyment they have given me during their time at the club. It’s been an awesome journey. The end of every journey leads to the start of another one. Whatever the outcome will be, one thing is sure…gotta love football!


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117 Replies to “It’s Officially The End Of An Era At Tottenham”

  • Since 1992 we have had , including caretakers , 20 managers !!!
    Perhaps Levy has begun to get it right with Poch being employed for 5 of those years.
    JM could be another correct appointment to take the side to the next level ?
    I just hope that JM understands the modern player power and improves his man management abrasive style.
    However I doubt whether he will really , whatever he states , change his spots .
    Smacks of desperation from the board. However hope it works .
    All will be revealed on Saturday with his team selection .

  • This whole scenario developed so fast. I woke up yesterday to the news of MP’s sacking. When the shock of this subsided I thought about this for a while, wrote the article, and submitted it. A couple of hours later I checked my computer and found that Jose (yes, we’re already on a first-name basis) had been employed to replace Mauricio. Therefore the speculation at the end of this article was no longer speculation.

    This morning I woke up (always a good start to the day) and read some quotes from Jose. The thing that stood out was that he was saying all the right things …. whether he meant them or not is a different story. He was full of praise for the training centre, the stadium, and the squad of players he has inherited. Well, let’s face it …. he is no stranger to any of them.

    His first major hurdle as I see it is how to find a team that really works from within the current squad. Nobody else has been able to do that so far this season. He needs to find the spine around which the team comes together.

  • It will be interesting to see if he uses a 433 formation in which case we would likely see Ndombele, Sissoko and Winks in the middle with Son, Kane and A.N.Other up front. I think the back 4 will come down to who wants to commit to Spurs under the new manager!

  • Well written article Geof.

    I also noted Jose was saying all the right things and found it interesting how much he bigged up the squad and academy and suggested it was better than at previous clubs.

    When it comes to Mourinho, I’ve never been a big fan and always felt it’s more about his personal profile and success than that of the clubs he has managed. However if you take his comments about the squad at face value, arguably the apparent lack of talent at Manure on his arrival and size of the rebuild required could explain his failure to succeed.

    If this is his implication, I would expect to see him do wonders with our amazing team from day one and not need to buy more than 3 first teamers to add to the current squad in January.

    Following this logic, I would also expect him to be trying to convince Jan, Toby & Christian to stay whilst also promoting our talented academy players and giving them a chance in the first team, butttt….

    … I struggle to believe him fully. Hopefully he proves me wrong, but I will take some convincing.

    I hate his egotistical bull, which may suit Chelsea, but not us! Can’t stand the thought of having to try sift through his nonsense to separate the truth from the BS. If nothing else Managers at Tottenham have traditionally been Gentlemen, or at least the better ones have. Mourinho just doesn’t fit the Tottenham mould as far as I’m concerned.

    Maybe it can work as a short term start/bridge to longer term success, but I hope he goes by the end of his contract without ripping the club to shreds in the process as he seems to have had such a talent for doing elsewhere!

  • Hi TQ …. Yes, it will be interesting to see what his initial formation looks like. It might well change as he gets more used to the squad he has at his disposal. I thinks there’s little doubt that the next three months will be the most important period for Tottenham since Mauricio first arrived. Life’s never dull in N17!

  • Shameful of the club, players and now some fans. Soon got over MP its fickle. Worse is people rather have trophy at any cost than have a decent human being manage the club. Lifting a trophy with jose will mot feel the same has lifting it with MP doing it the right way. The club have sold their soul and gone back on what was described has doing it a different way which i was so proud of.

    MP would not have been in this situation had he not been let down by the club and players the situation of running down contracts and lack of investment took its toll this season. We had a plan, a direction and finally after the stadium he could concentrate on building the next phase but the rebuild didn’t happen and he was lumbered with a group of players running their contracts down and the players he brought in too late and injured. It was an impossible situation and he has been made the scape goat and everyone lets it happen. Move on and gets excited because a couple of trophies are coming. Even though they have shat on a decent man a decent manager and brought in a big ego to get it. Shameful.

    After 50 years of supporting this club today i have lost respect and love. They did it to Jol brutally and now MP ruthless.

    So what direction what’s our identity now? Its a short term fix to satisfy our desires and greed. Jose never lasts more than 3 hears and we have just ripped up a good working plan which we were admired and which we were doing it the right way for instant gratification. All everyone is talking about is trophies are coming. So shallow and so pathetic. Rather win nothing but do things the right way and treat people right.

    Well i hope fans enjoy the trophies although i want at all. How can anyone enjoy it when they know they have treated MP so bad along the way to get it. It doesn’t feel right to me it want bring me joy and as it stands im not sure i can get over this and love spurs anymore or football in general. I feel my hearts been ripped out, but really its the reminder once again just how brutal and ruthless people can be and its ugly. A reflection of society, and it doesnt sit well with me.

    When MP gets a job and spurs face his team possibly in CL i hope we lose and his team win especially if its the CL final. Yes i said that because its right, he deserves it after the way he has been treated. I dont see it being right to be rewarded when you behave like this club has and the players have and now the fans. So MP go and get your next job and come and show this club what mistakes they made. Your too decent a human being to be in football imo but its your passion and i get that and you deserves better and im sure you will get better and i really hope you turn us over when your team meets ours. Im 100 percentage behind you when that happens.

    Its a sad day and i have no idea any more about the direction this club is taking and what’s its identity. When the honey moon period is over and the jose era ends with or without a trophy i hope lessons are learnt. Nothing to be proud of supporting a club who does what they have done to MP and employing a big ego who has left clubs in a toxic way. My oh my, what people do to win.

    I am off now

  • Loz …. I love your passion and agree with your sentiments. Your sentiments reflect many of the less agreeable aspects of the modern-day world. But we know that football has become totally ruthless because of the business/money factor. It is so sad, but there is nothing supporters can do about it …. except not to turn up for matches. And that, obviously, will not happen. THFC have had many peaks and troughs in its long history, as have most clubs. All we can do is enjoy the next journey as much as we can and hope for the best. We have no choice. And there is always the optimistic thought that, for our club, it could end well. Who knows? : – )

  • As I have said yesterday… I understand the sentiments of posters on VS of the events this week. Geof is right, modern era football is big business now, and clubs need to have silverware and titles to show for all the funds spent. Example…THFC new WHL stadium / training Ground…This also has the effect of keeping / attracting top quality players. Which in spurs case, means retaining our best players HK10 sonny etc. and not revisit the past of selling our best players to R Madrid (Modrick /G Bale), Barca. Man Utd (Berba. Teddy S.) other top class clubs, as players wanted to win trophies, and these sales input funds we needed to replace these players and be successful.

    So looking back 5.5 years poch has brought us forward to be a top European team, for which I thank him and coaches for this. As we have not won anything despite going very close (CL FInal) unrest and problems started. The players were clearly unhappy and results showed. So Levy who had an input towards players problems (contracts) had to act, we could not risk relegation, or lose £50m and prestige of CL qualification.

  • b108 …. That’s all true but I think we’ve already lost the prestige of CL football for next season …. unless we win it this season.

  • What next for Pochettino? The man who still hasn’t won anything.

    Mourinho is a bold gesture from Levy. What next for Spurs?

    My natural optimistic outlook can see a cup or two on the horizon. But I thought the same with MP in charge.

    The big difference now is that we have a man who has a long list of trophy success behind him to boast about. So, if I thought we were good enough to win stuff with Poch, I suppose that I have to be much more confident that we will indeed win stuff with Jose…

    Pochettino would often talk in riddles. Jose has his own form of confused babble. Albeit he is more direct and can be very harsh. Especially when things haven’t gone so well.

    But, I have never concerned myself too much about JM’s personality. Other than when he first arrived in the UK, I quite liked him. I found him to be witty, funny… But in more recent times it was his attitude to the way he set up his teams to play the game of football that took my notice. And I have found it to be very negative. But when he was first at Chelsea, it wasn’t so. The football was good.

    I don’t no what version of Jose we will get but it’ll be bloody interesting to watch it all unfold. (Or possibly unravel)…

    Levy has. either made the best managerial decision of all his time at Spurs. Or, he has made the worst one ever. Perversely, this makes me excited for the rest of this season and for now, I am positive.

    Unfortunately, Pochettino had me questioning him more and more about his decisions and his ability to turn things around. But, I was willing to wait and see. But I don’t have that to think on anymore and I’m not the sentimental type.

    So, thank you and good luck to Poch. But even better luck to Jose…

    Up the Spurs!

  • Like some others I’m sad to see Poch go. At the same time I can’t deny there have been problems for some time and no sign of the team being turned around. I’m not a huge fan of Mourinho but ironically given our biggest problem seems to be our defence (or lack of it) his approach, short term anyway, may be just what we need. I don’t think for a moment Levy has agreed to spend money we don’t have, its up to Mourinho to prove he can manage without the deepest pockets in the league. After United he has something to prove so he’ll have motivation. Whatever happens if I was Levy I’d already be thinking about our next manager, Mourinho never stays anywhere long. I see there’s still this fantasy league mentality going around. I’m losing count of the number of people criticising the club for letting players run down their contracts while none of them explain how you prevent them doing it. Probably because its impossible.

  • As things unravel I’m beginning to wonder whether some of us have been a bit too quick to castigate the supposed ‘wantaway’ players.

    Events are suggesting to me that the issues around the club may have been more about Poch with the possibility that the players have been refusing to extend/sign new contracts because they were no longer buying into his training methods and philosophy.

    We’ll soon find out if/when they sign up to new contracts or not……that’s assuming JM wants to keep them!

  • Why is it an issue with sacking a manager that has under performed and a manager that has clearly engineered a move away from the club? Poch’s heart hasn’t been in it since we rejected move to Madrid 18 months ago. He even said as much in an interview last season that he was gutted. Then went on about walking if we had won the CL. He should have resigned after the final.

    He is not this sweet innocent man. He is a very sly man and I’m surprised so many can’t see through the smoke and mirrors.

    As for Jose, after Fergie and probably Pep there hasn’t been a better manager to manage in the Premiership.

    Those of you turning you’re noses up at him just because you don’t like him is very funny. Who cares, he is one of the best managers of all time. Get behind him. This is a massive coup for the club. Levy deserves massive credit for this move.

  • Football can bring out the whole gamut of human emotions in us supporters. (See Loz’s post). It’s probably why we can get so addicted to it.

    But with a sober head and a calm heart I can’t see how the firing of Pochettino can be seen as being particularly brutal in anyway. I’m sure MP knew the score. After all, in interview after interview he would never fully commit himself to THFC. He would also never rule out going to certain other clubs anytime in the future. He would always say that this was out of his hands. And that it would depend upon results and whatever decision Levy would ultimately feel the need to make in the interests of the club. And that it may be nice for him to eventually end up at such and such a club, blah, blah…

    MP is no fool. He will also be handsomely paid off as well. He may even be all the more happier for it. Especially if he lands a bigger and better job. He has my thanks but I certainly don’t feel the need to feel sorry for him… Why would I?

    Mourinho is arrogant and has an almighty ego. So what! As for his traits as a human being outside of the world of football? Well maybe he is a good and generous man. Maybe his family are as much in love with him as MP’s are with MP. Maybe not. Who knows? Who cares?

    It’s easy to believe the worst. To think that there is evil at hand. (Evil? A bit OTT isn’t it?) Truth is, they are all just folks trying their damned best to earn a living by winning football matches/running a football club. That is all we need to really know. The rest is all pure emotion and passion. But this doesn’t tell us anything about them. Levy, Jose, Poch. We can all speculate about this that and the other but it don’t mean we are right. All we can really do is sit back and watch some football. If we don’t like what we see and/or hear then we don’t have to watch it or listen to it, do we?

    I’ll save my emotions and passion for the next 90+ minutes ahead. In between times I’ve got my own life and woes to concern me. Meanwhile, Poch is probably already planning his next move whilst Jose is busy thinking bout how he can motivate his new team of lads to knock the Hammers out of the park… Life goes on….. Come on you Spurs!

    • Well said HT…poch wanted to go obviously,for his dream job,so why wait on his time of choice while we suffered…well done levy.jose might split opinions but wait on results.jamaican proverb,”tan an see nuh pwile nuh dance”.
      Means waiting and observing wont do much harm…coys

  • Didnt take long for everyone to accept the new manager and shrug their shoulders regarding Poch. Bye Bye Mo Po hello Moaning Meeno….fickle aint the word! Just when you think Levy had changed his spots he does it again! about 5 players retired from football whilst on the pitch ! their contracts were not addressed when they should have been and as the summer drew to a close it was obvious that purchasing Ndombele and Sessignon and Lo Celso was never going to be enough – Poch needed more reinforcements and now he gets the chop because of Levy wanting to control transfers and contracts leaving Poch in an impossible situation with the players …. I watched Aurier walk back to his position against the Blades the other Saturday it was Dier who covered him while Aurier just saunted back up the field and what was worse that not one of the coaching staff or Poch screamed at him to shift his derrier ! Poch had all but given up with some of his players he was in a no win situation …literally! So here we go again! Jose will be here with us for 12 months he’ll fall out with Levy and then the Managerial Merry Go Round will start again with yet another 10 years of ENIC Lewis and Levy changing Managers every 18 months …. back to the bad old days ….unforgiveable… unaccpetable Mr Levy! lot of very very unhappy Spurs fans out here at te moment ………. enjoy the next journey ? I’ve been on too many of them! Spurs have spent too much time taking Journeys thanks to Levy. We had a great manager in Poch he’s been let down by his players and he gets stabbed in the back by Levy ……….I dont think the name Mourinho and the words …”might end well” go together somehow…!

    • Oyveh – totally agree.

      We had direction, we were doing things the right way, we were admired, we were developing and we had a manager who got it, the clubs history, fans passion. We were proud. MP was thrown under the bus by the club by allowing these contract rebels to happen and not shift then on. By not refreshing the squad. Even this summer two players arrived injured and unfit with no pre season, we got 1 player arriving for pre season. You can’t work in these circumstances and thrive, MP warned the club, got prickly about it, frustrated about it and yes fed up who wouldn’t. It was an impossible no win situation. So Levy reverts back to his old self and throws him under the bus and the players have been doing that slowly the last 18 months.

      Toby and Eriksen gave been having their eye on their next club running down their contracts for 2 years. Rose has been a spoilt brat since Walker left. Add so many other factors ive already mentioned it became impossible for MP. The club and players brought this on they should be ashamed of themselves.

      Going to take me a long time to get over this , not sure i will, i was appalled at how Jol was treated and now thus it feels too much, gone too far this time. I say this MP is too good a decent person for footballing world.

      • In an effort to console you about what has happened with Poch and then you relating it to what happened with Martin Jol…

        Jol still speaks fondly of his time at Spurs. He also speaks highly of Levy. He insists that they got on well with each other.

        He of course wasn’t happy with the way he was axed. But he bares no grudge. And Levy told him that he regretted the whole affair.

        Jol is always welcome at Spurs and he and Levy are not at odds. It’s just grown-ups being grown up, I suppose… 🙂

        I wouldn’t be at all surprised if MP will feel in a similar way to MJ at some time in the future, if not quite yet…

  • Oyveh, there is all kinds of speculation and opinion out there from many that know no more than I do. It’s thier living to come up with stuff.

    Personally, I will use my own mind when it comes to making up my mind. It’s not about being fickle it’s being realistic and pragmatic. And the bottom line is that MP is gone and Jose has arrived. AND, it’s still all about whether or not we can win the next math of Football… The rest is all hot air and mostly nonsense…

    You say there are a lot of unhappy Spurs fans out there. When we get our first PL away win for ages on Sat against the Hammers and start climbing the table tell me what will there be to be unhappy about for most of them. It will be those that are mouthing off about how bad it is right now that will be seen as the fickle ones once they first start to chant JM’s name.

    If not and it does all turn sour, then we will all know for sure, the score. Meanwhile, all we can do is hope for the best… And who knows, it may be the best we’ve seen for a long while…

  • Oyve
    That is not the only article to be written ref the way Levy and the board operate.
    If the stories are to be believed then Levy made it virtually impossible to sell the out of contract players in the Summer much to Poch’s frustration .
    Levy is a ruthless and quite unpleasant employer so him and the new coach will get on brilliantly ??
    I don’t hold much sympathy for Poch since he has gained a fantastic golden handshake and will soon be in charge of another club
    I can’t wait for Saturday

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