Date: 12th June 2018 at 5:09pm
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Recently, an article that appeared on this site, Click Here, suggested that the new deal signed by Harry Kane, a deal that saw our prized asset see his salary dramatically increase, heralded the dawn of a new era at Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.

Our article also suggested that, on the back of the Harry Kane deal, the likes of Christian Eriksen and Dele Alli were also likely to be offered more financially lucrative deals, in order to keep them at the club.

Today, the local London media vehicle, the Standard, are suggesting that the latter of the two players we referred to, Dele Alli, is set to agree a new deal with the club.

Although 22-year-old Alli only put pen-to-paper on a new six-year deal in September 2016, the deal only saw Alli paid a salary around about the £60,000 a week mark.

The new deal will see the midfielder get a substantial pay increase that will see his weekly salary rise to close to the £100,000 mark.

Now that may seem a significant increase but is it sufficient?

Whilst accepting that Tottenham Hotspur have to operate under certain financial restraints and obey the Financial Fair Play regulations, Alli’s new deal is a long way short of what players at other Premier League clubs are being paid.

Furthermore, with Alli considered one of the most valuable assets of the Spurs side, should he be paid more?

If I were to look in from a neutral perspective, I’d suggest that Alli has been short-changed.

Continuing with the arrival of a new dawn inference, perhaps it’d be more apt to suggest the new dawn may be with us but the sun isn’t shining, currently, as brightly as we perhaps hoped for!


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  • I guess some people just love moaning for the sake of moaning. Whatever happens they will just keep right on, nothing will ever be enough, the real world will never put in an appearance.

    • Yep! Some people are so negative. I bet a pound of shit to a dead rat on a shovel he voted remain. Lol

  • When Dele decides to put in the work and effort that are required (along with ability) to reach the level of the likes of Kane and Bale, perhaps he’ll get paid on par.

    Until then, yes, it’s more than sufficient.

  • How much is Sanchez on at Man U? £500k a week?

    If Levy is genuinely serious about keeping Dele at Spurs and paying him what he is truly worth, (the going rate)… Then surely no less than at least £600k a week will do!

  • It never ceases to amaze me the number of so called Spurs fans who write articles about the club bemoaning the slightest thing. Surely if reports are true regarding an increase in Alli’s weekly wage, it’s a step in the right direction for the club isn’t it, not a backward step. FFS, stop moaning and knocking the club, it’ll only give the anti Spurs morons another made up story to deride the club.

  • Is that £100k with bonus or is that just the base salary element? I believe Kane’s bonus element is as much as £50k within the quoted £200k. That could mean Dele is on nearer £150k.

    • It seems he is on around 50k basic at the moment. He will certainly double that with the new deal. I think your bang on the money there Mutters.

  • A portion of the Spurs faithful has been weakened by the agenda to derail the club with suggestions of this sort based on guess work.
    We don’t know the full picture with bonuses etc.. and yet the players are deemed to be not being paid enough despite the fact that that they sign the deals and are happy at the club.
    Nobody is putting a gun to their head and yet all and sundry go along with the media mantra.
    It will take a long time to undo the program that has been put in peoples heads and it wont matter what the players are paid, the mantra will be the filter with how people base their ‘opinions’.
    When younger star players like Kane, Alli etc.. (as opposed to older ones wnating a final payday before their legs go), literally say they want to leave rather than sign a new deal due to wages offered are an insult, then we should have the opinion that they should be offered more.
    Whilst they sign and smile we need not worry.

  • Definitely a step in the right direction but the reality is that we need to start winning to keep hold of the likes of Ericksen and Kane. It’s not just money, trophies aswell come into it – they are good enough to play for the biggest team’s in the world and win everything with them whilst being paid handsomely to do it – so what’s going to stop them?! Loyalty – perhaps they owe it to themselves and their families, etc to seek further afield and reap the necessary rewards for their hard endeavour. Not to mention we’ll be adequately rewarded financially when they leave and that in itself is proof of their loyalty – not doing a Sol Campbell, etc.

  • When are our “early” signings going to materialise. I know we are not allowed to criticise, but why make statements that are simply nonsense with no intention of putting it into practise.
    Of course they are some who will say we don’t need to sign anybody but until we have top 4 standard cover in every position, this is simply not true.

  • Frank – for a team that don’t have top 4 standard in every position, we’ve finished in the top 4 for 3 consecutive seasons. Not bad eh? 🙂

    I do know where you’re coming from though. Been totally underwhelmed with the transfer links in the last week or so. We’ve consistently signed players like Toby, Wanyama, Dele and Sanchez over the last 3 seasons who have made an immediate 1st team impact. We need that this summer rather than more stocking filler squad players.

    The World Cup starting isn’t relevant anymore as every player has boarded the plane and are in country preparing for the their first games. We’ve missed that boat. It’s now about when each county exits the World Cup and when our potential signings are available. It’s also about first week in July when pre-season starts again.

  • Do your site a favor and leave this clickbait rubbish to HITC and their dreary new derivative, The Bollocks Room.

  • In fairness Muttley I didn’t say we didn’t have world class players in our team. What I said was we needed a top 4 standard player as cover for every position. We won’t achieve this in one window, if we ever manage it, but that must be the aim, by a process of ” continuous improvement” by signing and selling every window you improve the squad, once you stop this process and stand still you effectively go backwards. Yes we have finished top 3 for 3 seasons, so the objective must now be to finish 2nd or even 1st, and to compete for and win a trophy, any trophy, this would show progress. To achieve this we need to strengthen the squad in one or two areas.

  • Frank …. Doesn’t the fact that we have finished in the top four for the last three seasons suggest we already have ‘a top 4 standard player as cover’? Now, a top ONE standard player cover is a slightly different story.

  • It’s now top 3 standard cover we need. Before 3 seasons ago it was known as top 6 cover.

    What we also need is CL and FA cup quality cover to go with our PL cover. Then we’re cooking!

    Imagine both Bale and Modric coming off the bench? Or, Messi in a fight with Kane for the no.10 shirt?

  • It might not have been the ‘brightest dawn’ but, boy, the sun’s come out and the light is blinding!!

  • Jod as usual what you allege against me is totally untrue. If you bother to check you will find that when the club does well I am as willing as the next person to heap praise on the club and the individuals concerned. What I am not,as you appear to be, is a slavish disciple of Mr. Levy, who in your eyes can do no wrong. I maintain that the club take an over cautious approach in the transfer market, and Levy’s approach wanting to sign £1 worth of player for 50 pence, and trying to ring outrageously inflated fees for players sold on which makes every deal a ” Forsyth saga”and indeed causing us to miss out on occasions. Consequently we often end up with last minute buys such as Sissoko who was a joke signing for a top 4 club, as were Jannson, Soldado, Best, Lloriente, and the likes of N’Jie, N’Koudou. I will maintain my stance that recruitment is not one of our strong points. I also unlike you doubt Mr. Levy’s ability to walk on water.

  • To be fair, I have read both positive and negative comments about Levy and how we do business, and Levy in general, from most posters. Some will lean more on one side, others on the other, but a case can be made for having a “measured” opinion about things for most posters.

    Frank is on one end of the spectrum, but he has certainly praised certain deals, or certain actions, on several occasions.

    I don’t think I have ever seen jod highlight any shortcoming, ever. When there’s an opportunity to praise the club’s management, he’s front, left and centre. When things aren’t going so well, he goes AWOL.

    After a while, it becomes difficult not to question certain posters’ ability to judge a situation objectively.

  • I cant stop laughing at some of these comments….. I think the whole world know your stance Frank, you never miss an opportunity to let us know.

  • BS, maybe you aint been around long enough, if you have never seen Jod highlight any shortcomings, you didnt used to read his articles???

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