Date: 17th August 2017 at 9:11am
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There are only two weeks to go until the transfer window closes and like most Spurs fans (Dele-Arri excluded), I am wondering what an earth is happening.

After a flurry of rumours in the last few days everything seems to have gone quiet. Is this going to be one of Levy’s classic windows – ‘I tried to get the deals done Poch but I just couldn’t get them over the line’ – or is there some real intent from Levy.

To sum up…

Sanchez – we haven’t bid enough.

Diop – outbid by the financial muscle of Lyon Martial – surely not a serious bid.

Sessegnon – I can’t believe we bid £25m.

Aurier currently banned from entering the country!

Barkley – now injured and could be out for around three months: Personally I would put in a low bid now. As his price will inevitably drop in January, there will be other suitors.

Balde – this one has now gone quiet.

The latest one is now Suarez from Barcelona.

Just how real are all these bids?

Several of the above have reportedly said that they want to play for Poch but for whatever reason they all seem to have stalled.

Where is Coopsie when we need him? I mean, there is no better man to separate the reality from the nonsense.

Does anyone know what is happening – as I have said there are only two weeks to go and we most certainly need reinforcements?

Are these bids real, does Levy really intend to spend big or are we being set up for one of those transfer windows that are likely to end in the usual disappointment?



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  • Very little of what is reported is accurate. A lot of the time the writers just make it up, so for example every year there is a story that we are selling someone to United, only the name of the player changes. Personally I just switch off until the window closes then make a judgement on what has actually happened.

  • Keep the faith Guys, – Our esteemed Leader is about to ‘Pull The Trigger”
    All together now: “Shake your Hands, Shake your Breast’s, Our Levy is the Best” :))

  • And on the last day of the window Levy pulls it all out of the bag and signs Aubameyang, VVD, Mbappe, and Diop. Spurs then go on to win the Champions League and Premier League!

  • Let’s face it, this TW is another disaster. I’m glad we haven’t signed a load of £8m nobody’s from the French league as we usually do but to have started the season without strengthening is ridiculous. Jansen looked utter dog in preseason but we don’t seem to be targeting any forwards. Whilst KWP was impressive against Newcastles non existent attack he would get his arse royally handed to him against the better players. Lot of work to do with him yet and no where near ready. If Sanchez is picks no1 target why not just pay the extra £8m and get the deal done??

  • The answer to your question Doncaster is absolutely nothing. An example is the “Sanchez saga”, we have allegedly agreed terms with the player, were supposed to be announcing the deal every day for the last 3. jod is right, the media have a field day composing fake news re Spurs transfers every window, precisely due to the lack of real news. We remain as the only PL club not to make a signing. Is this because we already have the best 25 players in the league, or that we kid ourselves that we have adequate top quality seamless cover in every position in the team, we can cover every instance of injury, fatigue or form fluctuations and we will be able to make a meaningful challenge in the PL, FA Cup, League Cup, and of course the CL, is it our ambition to actually venture further than the group stages unlike last season when we threw all the cup comps except the FA cup to protect the 13/14 players who we rely on. Do we seriously consider that we have no need to improve at all. It could of course be that we are hell bent on building our property empire for ENIC’s rather than THFC’s benefit, and that providing we stay there or thereabouts, the step up to actually winning things is too expensive and unnecessary, providing we can continue to sell match tickets. It is fair to say that Levy has surpassed his own high standards in this window, with at least £50M coming in from the Walker sale and minor deals, and zero going out. Yes I know the window won’t close until 31/08 but do we seriously think we will yet make the 2 or 3 signings that it is patently obvious that we need. Joe Lewis will be doing hand stands on his sun bed in the Bahamas with yet another TW profit in his back pocket, and Daniel will cop another fat bonus. Incidentally I see Levy says that “Deli Ali is not for sale for £150M, does he mean that, or is he trying to court an offer of £150M to test his claim.

  • I’d love to be on that transfer committee – Deli Arri. I’ll think i’ll write to Levy and apply. I certainly agree about the ITK’s. There are only two of those – Levy and Poch. The rest are just winging it.
    Typical response from Frank and hard to disagree.

  • I feel like we do enquire about some very talented younger players, but when a team names their price, we refuse to pay it. Sometimes justified, but other times I wonder why we attempt to sign players that we know other top clubs are interested in, the price is naturally inflated. Sanchez, Keita Baldé, Cancelo, Pereira, Aurier, Schick, Sessegnon, Diop, even Barkley, these are all big talents that top sides are interested in. We simply will not get them cheap. I think we may sign Aurier. Sanchez, Barkley, Diop, Sessegnon, Schick, Keita Baldé….we could sign any of them if we paid anywhere near the price tag, really does depend on the players for me and how much they want to move. It’s encouraging but at the same time extremely frustrating. I actually think we need 5 players, we have almost no depth. 5 players off that list would be perfect. But totally unrealistic unfortunately.

  • It’s the same smoke & mirrors from Levy that we get in every tranfer window.Will Daniel pull a rabbit out of his hat on the last day or a dead rat?I think we all know the answer to that. The ambitious clubs have already got the business done & integrated their new players into the squad,while Joe & Dan pretend to be interested in players so that we shut up until the deadline has passed.The only thing that motivates these men is money & with Wembley seats not selling well & sales of shirts dropping off through disillusionment of the fans they may yet come to regret their parsimony.

  • I disagree! I don?t think it?s gone at all quiet over here. In fact I think VS has livened up quite a lot in the last few days. Good to see. Just an example on how we can interpret article ?Titles? differently and still run with the ball. Sorry! lol

  • Greaves, it’d be interesting to see how much of Wembley is filled. Yeah, CL footy they were giving away the tickets with all sorts of deals. The prices for the PL games are no where near what one could pay for a CL game. Might just put paid to the notion that that we have a huge waiting list for season tickets if we struggle to fill or 3/4 Wembley. We need to create an atmosphere to make Wembley our ‘home’ but I am not convinced the pricing and attendance will help.

  • Regardless of who we bring in now, the player won’t be up and running until October at the earliest, so that has to be a negative. That aside, I would still be happy with the TW if we brought in one or 2 key additions (there is no need to sign 5 players). Even if we do sign Davinson Sanchez, that would likely trigger the exit of Wimmer, so that’s a wash really and not an addition. We still have no cover for Eriksen, and I’m still reluctant to trust Janssen to score lots of goals when called upon. The depth at RB is a milder concern if MP is convinced that KWP step up (Sanchez, if bought, would help there and I still think Sissoko could get a shot there too).

  • As for the article, we’ve gone from ‘calm’. to ‘must buy’ to nearing ‘panic’. Expect another Sissoko type deal. At least preparing for disappointment leaves me a lot of leeway for optimism!

  • Dele – wasn’t a dig at KWP. He did well against Newcastle and got the motm so no complaints. There were a number of times where he dropped out of position, got caught too many times in a 1v1 situation and I’m not saying he didn’t deal with it but against a better player he may have been undone. Like I said it was a cracking debut but im just saying he’s hardly up there with the walkers and alves just yet! Poch needs to work with him in an attacking capacity too as to be quite honest he offered little going forward. He was probably a bit nervous and I know I’m being a bit harsh on him.

  • I don’t want to depress you anymore critical,but we could have 10 years of disappointment ahead of us trying to pay off the world’s most expensive football palace.Shades of Ceaucescu’s palace here.Well, we all know what happens to demagogues in the end.I’m just having a little laugh here.I don’t really think Joe Lewis is a deranged dictator!

  • We haven’t had a better team since KB ruled The Lane, – and still you guys are overly depressed.

  • Frank, you say it is ‘patently obvious’ where we need to cover, but I don’t think it is as the players we are going for are covering our strength, not our weakness. Where is obvious in your opinion? If we go for Sanchez, it covers Jan/Toby but we have CCV and KW already and Dier. If we go for Aurier we have Kieran and KWP as cover. That is one which may strengthen us agreed. HK and right winger and centre mid are the ones in my opinion that needs better back up but we are not looking at players in those areas. Should we spend 35 mil per player as back up cover? I wouldn’t.

  • AllanDK we’re not really depressed mate,we just feel that this is possibly the best team we’ve had since the Double & if we add 2 or 3 class players we can seriously challenge the big money clubs. In life you musn’t rest on your laurels or you are wearing them in the wrong place.We can do better if we have courage & take a calculated gamble by going into the red for one season & see how great this club ,that we love, could be. This is our moment to push on ,not stand still.

  • Perhaps you guys have forgotten what we have achieved during the past two seasons?
    You want ‘Household name’ signings? If so why? Haven’t Poch, which I believe to be the best Manager in the PL, proven what that it is possible to challenge at the very top of the PL with the squad already on book? That being said, we need bench cover which can challenge our first eleven. And I believe that before this window shuts down, – Levy will be bringing in Poch’s choice of players which will be able to do so. Believe@COYS

  • Greaves …. Me too. But he has shown signs of improving and seems to be making a more determined effort.

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