Date: 5th November 2018 at 7:00am
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It’s that kind of midweek again for Tottenham Hotspur and we are back in Champions League action on Tuesday evening against Dutch side PSV Eindhoven.

Maybe it was a misspent youth but despite the individual quality that Holland has produced in football players such as true greats like Johan Cruyff and many others, I can’t not think of the Dutch Netherlands without ‘smoke and a pancake’ coming into my head before we go through flapjacks, cigarettes, cigars, waffles, pipes, crepes and finally end up at a ‘bong and a blintz’ – but Austin Powers has a lot to answer for.

Showing my age there aren’t I!

Anyway, getting back on track, 8pm Tuesday night and PSV is an absolute must win for Champions League hopes as we can still turn the competition around but we can’t keep that hope alive unless we pick up three points.

The Wolves match gave positives and negatives going into this one and each fan would’ve taken their own on both scores.

I’m just going to sit back with an alcoholic miss direction for 90 minutes and what will be will be as a Fat Lady once claimed.


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  • If the last PSV match was a must-win but we drew it then, this must be a must, must win, mustn’t it?

    Play the Kids, the Ladies, the bestest and fittest players available, a combination of all! Must Just Win!


    THFC 5-0 PSV!


  • Bring it on! We’re going to win this one properly!

    I hope Foyth starts and plays the full 90, as would be good for his confidence after the 2 penalties on Saturday (he’ll have learnt a lot from that – hopefully!).

    Based on Saturday’s selection, you would assume Dele and Eriksen will definitely start and probably Son also.
    Lloris is banned so Vorm will probably start, though Gazzaniga probably deserves a shot:

    Trippier, Foyth, Sanchez, Davies
    Dier, Winks
    Lamela, Eriksen, Son

    5-0 to the Yidos
    Kane (2)
    Lamela (1)
    Eriksen (1)
    Son (1)


  • Made a # of that one: Lamela = Dele then. When all fit, we do now have an embarrassment of riches in that behind the striker attacking role.

  • I will stick to my opinion that the CL campaign is probably beyond repair now. I’d rather see us focus on the game against Palace.

    This game should serve as a good opportunity to give young players a first taste of CL football.

  • Belgian. What if we win and Barca win tomorrow? (i.e. its back in our hands)
    Would you change your view then?

  • Never write anything off until the proverbial lady sings as PY would say!

    Glimmer of hope, nonetheless hope there is.

  • As for Foyth, I too would like him given another start, but can see Sanchez back in this ‘must win’ game. It’s the senior payers that should be nurturing him and not throwing him under the bus ala Trippier.

  • Of our CL squad, I don’ think there are any young CL ‘inexperienced’ players for Pochettino to consider playing, except in goal… And even given our injuries, there are still plenty to call on that can be utilised and are more than good enough for a match v PSV, without MP neglecting thoughts for the Palace line-up…

    MP has been rotating players a lot this season, and mostly through necessity. He will no doubt have Palace in mind for some players because a few of them do still need reasonable recovery time, whilst coming back from quite bad injuries, (Lamela and Winks for example.)

    Maybe a team along these lines:

    Aurier Sanchez Toby Davies
    Sissoko Winks
    Lucas Eriksen Son

    By the way, Dele has been declared fit and Wanyama is back training and may be okay for the weekend.

  • Foyth will be unavailable as he is not in the CL squad… But, after a thought, maybe Skipp is a choice. But I can’t really see Poch starting him in this one…

  • Parklaneyido….here bloody here, good post.

    C_S….My proverbial “fat lady” is going to do some singing mate. lol!

    HT….That is a great choice for the side tomorrow and you are probably in well line with that team.

    Me am looking for a back lash from Spurs tomorrow so the 5-0’s forecasts by others looks good to me. COYS

  • I wonder what Poch will do, reaching the next stages are so remote, but winning this game will almost certainly give us 3rd place and a place in the EL.

  • There is winning ugly and there is what we are doing right now. If all CL matches so far had been 75 minutes long we would have drawn at Inter and won at PSV and been close to 3-3 against Barca. I have absolutely no idea what is going through our defences minds when we reach the 80 minute mark but Poch and Jesus have to do something to secure our defensive approach and mind set. We have to get two Banks of four sorted out and squeeze the space available in the last 3rd! Our man marking at the back and the lack of sheer common sense is robbing us of results. Trippier in particular has just lost the plot in the last two games, the amount of pressure we are putting on ourselves is so unnecessary, look at the Lloris kick out of defence against Man City straight to a City Player. Its bizzare and very unlike Spurs given our Defensive record in preceding seasons. I would prefer Aurier for this one. Sanchez has to play because Foyth isn’t eligible but with Vorm at the back that doesn’t bode well. We are defo missing Verts at the moment but our front line is looking strong with Lamela starting to find some form Poch has a nice choice to make with Delle Lamela Son Moura supporting Kane but jeez were lacking in midfield with Moussa out looks like a Winks Sissoko double act again !!

  • I think we’ll put in a top notch performance tonight, regardless as to who’s on the pitch. Poch should have them fired from the start, while the players know what’s at stake under the lights at Wembley, and I think we have a deeper squad than some may assume.

    If all fit and on form, only Harry, Verts, Alli (Sissoko?) and maybe Hugo wouldn’t have direct replacements, with Foyth and GNK as potentials. Add KWP, Skipp and possibly Edwards. Lily White and bright now and future!

    Barca, with whom we have historical philosophical ties, to do us a favour ripping Inter a new one and blow it open for us in a massive Matchday 5!

    I’d like to see KWP and GNK get a bit of a run out too, if possible, so hopefully a few early goals from Kane to get him off by 60 min mark with Palace in mind.

    3-0 at half time, 5-0 at 90mins = Consensus 🙂

    @HT, maybe KWP and GNK don’t have much CL experience, I’d think, but the rest have played 1 Europa and 2+ CL campaigns, so I’d agree with your XI, although swap Vorm for Gazza, which I think he’s earned. COYS!

  • Having seen Sissoko many times making errors and getting criticism from everyone on here and beyond. It seems he is better as DMF as his physical presence and power will be more suited to this role. As Jan Verts. did say last season, sissoko is better in the middle of the park.. So as we are down on 3 DMF injuries, poch could give him a go there, as he did Dier.

  • Block D, Sissoko has done well of late, but still lacks intelligence when getting himself in to an advanced position, i.e., no end product. If he gets that part right, he could the player that we had hoped to have signed.

  • On mentioned note, Sissoko, while “not as good” as Dembele, Wanyama, Alli, Eriksen or Son, if we assume they’re starting XI players, appears to be the more versatile than any, including the next XI.

    Solid performances from a “squad” player when called upon. Let’s hope he can continue with this form.

    It was refreshing to hear Poch make a statement about every squad player being a big player when asked recently.

    Plaudits to both he and Moussa.

  • Hi MelloSPUR,
    I also wouldn’t mind seeingGazza play and maybe Poch will indeed pick him tonight. But, the teams I put up on here is always me trying to second-guess MP’s choice and not necessarily who I’d like to see in the team… But I don’t have a problem with Vorm playing, if he does. But perhaps it will be Gazza’s time to step up. After all his form has been good and he aint no kid. On the other hand, it could be Vorms greater experience that Poch will look to…

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