Date: 9th November 2018 at 7:00am
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With manager Mauricio Pochettino being unable to strengthen the Tottenham Hotspur squad over the summer as we became the first club in Premier League history to not add a single player, West Ham’s Declan Rice has been a favourite link for the media, but now it’s being claimed we are set for a raid on Arsenal.

Rice ticks a number of boxes in my mind when it comes to Pochettino’s more modus operandi as a gaffer and with the huge stadium outlay, there’s certainly nothing wrong with looking for bargains when it comes to contractual situations and looking to capitalise on that.

However, the same can’t really be said to be true given links to Arsenal striker Danny Welbeck.

Admittedly, the link comes from the Sun and their ‘exclusive’ appears to rely as much on unstable betting markets as it does the sauce they found in the staff canteen for the story.

In short – January – soon to be out of contract – Arsenal would accept £10m.

Given the options we have up front, I’d eat my hat if this was in any way true and Welbeck doesn’t bring anything new to the party for me – he’s not suitable cover for Harry Kane. A quick search shows the paper has already linked him to two clubs with just enough of a re-write to pass muster, so I guess that answers a lot.

It did set tongues wagging on social media though.


10 Replies to “It Might Make Sense For Spurs To Look For Bargains In January But This Would Be An Unnecessary Gamble”

    • £40m for a soon to be out of contract player? Given the bloated transfer market, I quite like Rice as well, I could easily see normal circumstances would mean nothing less than £20m – maybe even £30m – given development potential. But not with his contract situation Cb.

  • I really get fed up with this kind of stuff. “he’s not suitable cover for Harry Kane” but of course you don’t say what would be suitable cover for Kane or who could provide it. In other words you don’t actually say anything.

    • That’s because I was covering the speculation about Welbeck and not writing a piece focused on who might be willing to play second fiddle to Kane because Harry wasn’t the subject of what I chose to cover. It was a throwaway line where I expressed a tiny opinion. I am allowed.

  • “He’s not suitable cover for Harry Kane” could just mean he is crap and we do not want him, esp as he is a Gooner and we do not want their rejects lol, but I do have to ask who or what is suitable cover for the worlds greatest striker. COYS

    • “Suitable cover” purely in the sense of goal return from me. I actually like Welbeck and appreciate what he brings to a side, but we already have players to fulfil that role in my humble, so unless there turns out to be some truth in rumoured departures ie Sonny etc, I don’t see him as being an improvement. The issue is, a more prolific striker isn’t going to want to play second fiddle to Kane.

  • Danny Winter – Goal return, curious. Welbeck before his injury the other day had scored five goals. Although he’d been on the pitch sixteen times he’d only started six games. I’m wondering just what kind of a strike rate you are expecting from a back up , I’m not surprised you didn’t suggest anyone as the player you want probably doesn’t exist. In any case goals aren’t the whole story. While all centre forwards are strikers not all strikers are centre forwards and Harry Kane is currently the best centre forward in the world. If he doesn’t play we end up changing shape, probably with Son playing as a false nine. If we want to maintain the same shape we need a replacement centre forward not just a striker. We’ve tried centre forwards who need the ball in the air (Janssen, Llorente) and it hasn’t worked. So we need someone who can play more like Harry and play the ball on the ground. Someone like Welbeck can do that. He’s not as good as Kane obviously, no one is in that position. But a back up isn’t supposed to be as good as the first choice, he simply allows the team to keep playing the same way. Its academic now with Welbeck’s injury but sooner or later playing Kane with no proper cover is going to hurt us.

    • Kane – 181/128
      Son – 174/71
      Moura – 188/57
      Llorente – 180/88
      Welbeck – 128/44

      League career starts & goals (no cups or sub showings).

      I don’t believe he holds a candle to Kane – either in goals or style of play, and I don’t believe he’s an improvement on options we already have which was my point.

      I’m not dismissing him as a player – if we didn’t have existing options I’d actually quite like the idea – but we have those options.

      The lack of cover is Kane, and whilst his goal return is difficult to replicate, I don’t believe Welbeck’s style of play lends himself to that position either. I see your point about playing on the ground, but again I don’t see Welbeck as being disciplined enough to hold the CF role and bring others into play – he’ll be looking to turn rather than hold and lay off as that’s more his style.

      As I said, it was a throwaway comment, Welbeck was the piece of news and he’s no Kane (goals or style) and nor is he an improvement on what we have in my humble and that’s all I was saying.

  • And still no suggestion as to who can actually fulfil that role. So why bother writing something just to slag a player off if you have nothing to say ?

    • You are struggling with the fact I rate Welbeck, but just see no role for him given options we already have at the club aren’t you. And still struggling with the fact I was covering the rumour linking us to Welbeck, and not ruminating on who would make sensible back up to Kane. The clue is again in covering the rumour which was news, and I wasn’t the only one to pick up on it.

      It wasn’t your idea of news, you’re entitled to that opinion, others are entitled to disagree. There is a sense of irony here in you constantly banging on about I suggest no alternative and have nothing to say, when all you appear to be doing is offering no suggestions of your own and banging on with nothing to say as well, other than barbing at me.

      I find that to be a shame. But I won’t lose sleep over it and unless you can develop this conversation in your response, I’ll bow out Jod.

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